Monday, November 29, 2021

The Dread Zone: November 29, 2021

Audio Active - "Happy Shopper" (Play it All Back) On U Sound 

Mark Stewart - "My Possession/Possession Dub" (Metatron) Mute Records

Cosmic Rocker & Zeb feat. Harmony - "Dub" (Babylon is Ours: The USA in Dub) Select Cuts Records

Alewya - "Ethiopia" (Panther in Mode) Because Music - new release!!!

King Tubby and Soul Syndicate - "Great Stone" (Freedom Sounds in Dub) 

Lutan Fyah - "Cry Freedom" (single) Highetous Productions

Bill Laswell - "Echo" (Possession: Africa Dub) Sub Meta Records

Marcos Valle - "Gotta Love Again (Kaidi Tatham remix)" (Remixes: Jazz is Dead) Jazz is Dead Records - new release!!!

Black Devil  - "No Regrets" (Disco Club) Anthology Records

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats - "Survivor" (The Future) Fantasy Records - new release!!!

Edrix Puzzle - "Eris Fall" (Rise to Eris e.p.) On the Corner Records

Innerzone Orchestra - "Timing" (Programming) Planet E Records

Marcus Gad - "Tempo" (Brave New World) High Records - new release!!!

Zap Pow - "Sun Shine People" (Last War: Best of)

The Specials - "Concrete Jungle" (The Specials)

Betty Padgett - "It Would be a Shame" (Betty Padgett) Luv 'N' Haight Records

Sweatson Klank - "Closer to the Essence" (The Off Switch e.p.) - new release!!!

The Orb - "Because/Before (Sibirische Musik) Kompact Records 

Rootsman - "Into the Light" (Essentials 1996-98) - new release!!!

Ruts - "Babylon's Burning (Mark Wallis and Dave Ruffy mix)" (Babylon's Burning Reconstructed) Echo Beach Records

Tanamur City Audio - "Denny" (Tanamur City) Cultures of Soul Records - new release!!!

24 Carat Black - "Foodstamps" (Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth)

The Altons - "Tangled Up in You" (single) Penrose records - new release!!!

The Dynamics - "Dum de Dum" (First Landing)

Nora Lee King - "Until My Baby Comes" (Classic Blues from the Smithsonian)

Gil Scott-Heron - "The Vulture" (Small Talk at 125th and Lenox)


Monday, November 15, 2021

 E. Vax - "Anything at All" (E.Vax) Because Records - new release!!!

The Ruts - "Jah War" (Wild Dub) Select Cuts Records

Tappa Zukie - "2" (Dubbing with Horns) Jamaican Records

Sun Ra - "Images" (Space is the Place) Impulse Records

DJ Nu Mark - "It's Bigger than...." (Run for Cover) new release!!!

Budos Band

Tiken Jah Fakoly - "Tonton d'America" (Coup)

The Specials - "Doesn't Make It Alright" (The Specials)

The Pop Group - "Thief of Fire" (Y in Dub) Mute Records - new release!!!

Edrix Puzzle - "Lapetus" (Rise to Eris e.p.) On the Corner Records - new release!!!

Charles Mingus - "The Clown" (The Clown)

African Head Charge - "Dervish Chant" (Songs of Praise)

Betty Davis - "Anti-Love Song" (Betty Davis) Light in the Attic Records

Gary Bartz - "Soulsea" (Jazz is Dead remixes) Jazz is Dead - new release!!!

Kondi Band and Sweatson Klank - "It's Gods World (So Don't Do Bad)" 

Monday, November 8, 2021

The Dread Zone: November 8, 2021

 Matumbi - "Raindrops" 

Wackie's All Stars - "To Africa Dub" (Creation Dub) City Line Records

Biggabush - "Don in Studio One" (Biggabush in Dub) Echo Beach Rcords 

E.Vax - "Kolkata" (E.Vax) Because Records - new release!!!

Rahasan Roland Kirk - "Volunteered Slavery" (Volunteered Slavery) Atlantic

Edrix Puzzle - "Lapetus" (Rise to Eris e.p.) On the Corner Records - new release!!!

Solomon Jabby - "Minor Prophets/Run Come Purify"  (Zion Gates)

Rootsman - "Spirit of the Nile" (Essentials) - new release!!!

Lief - "Wake Up Now" (9 Airs) - new release!!!

Freddie Hubbard - "Polar AC" (Polar AC) CTI Records

Uffe - 'Krasnik Boogie" (Words and Endings) On the Corner Records

Scientist - "Invaders/Landing" (Dub Landing)

The Pop Group - "We are Time" (Y in Dub) Mute Records - new release!!!

King Tubby - "Zion Dub" (Crucial Dub)

Common Saints - "Starchild" (Starchild e.p.) - new release!!!

Soom T - "Original That's Me" (The Arch) X Ray Productions

Bro David - "Feel Free" (Modern Music from Belize) Cultures of Soul Records

Rakoon - "The Flow" (Something Precious) - new release!!!

The Specials - "Rat Race" (The Best of) Disky Records

Sons of Kemet - "In Memory of Samir Awad" (Lest We Forget What We Came Here to Do) 

Rob - "He Shall Live in You" (Make it Fast, Make it Slow) Sound Way Records

The Budos Band - "The Sticks" (The Daptone Super Soul Revue) Daptone Records - new release!!!

Monday, October 25, 2021

 Desmond Chambers - "Haly Gully" (single) Kalita Records - new release!!!

Biggabush - "Dub Interlock" (Biggabush in Dub) 

Dunkelblau - "Operator" (RNA e.p.) Boomrush Productions - new release!!!

Five Ounces - "Love's Got a Piece of Your Mind" (The 123s of Kid Soul) Numero Group Records

Menahan Street Band - "Make the Road by Walking" (The Daptone Super Soul Revue Live at the Apollo) Daptone Records - new release!!!

Van Johnson - "Time to Go Home" (Personal Space) Chocolate Industries 

Pachyman - "Midcity Rockers" (The Return of Pachyman) ATO Records - new release!!!

Rovo - "Horses" (Imago) Incidental Music

Theon Cross - "Forward Progression II" (Intra I) Marathon Artists - new release!!!

Psyco on da Bus - "Push Your Mind" (Psyco on da Bus) Comet/Platform Recordings

Michael Longo - "Like a Thief in the Night" (Giganti Del Jazz)

Galactic - "There's Something Wrong with this Picture" (Black and Proud) 

Maston with L'eclair - "Ghost" (So

School House Funk - "I Made a Mistake" (School House Funk) Cali-Tex Records

Algiers - "Blood" (Algiers) Matador Records

E.Vax - "Pretty Good" (E.Vax) Because Records

Lee Scratch Perry - "Super Ape" (Super Ape) Mango Records

Orgone - "Give It Up" (Cali Fever) Ubiquity Records

Blaiz Fayah and DJ Glad - "10/10" (single) Boomrush Productions - new release!!!

Dean Fraser- "Love Me" (single) Boomrush Productions - new release!!!

Jungle Fire - "Smash and Grab" (Jungle Fire) 

African Head Charge - "Dervish Chant" (Songs of Praise) On U Sound

Mark Stewart - "Hysteria" (Metatron) Restless/Mute Records

Nate Mercerau - "It's Happening Again" (Sundays) - new release!!!

Monday, October 18, 2021

 Theon Cross - "Forward Progression II" (Intra I) - new release!!!

Jimi Tenor #3 - "Union Ave" (Sakomies) 

Tappa Zukie - "Horns Up" (Dubbing with Horns) Jamaican Records

Mile High Club - "Dionysian State" (Going Going Gone) Stones Throw Records - new release!!!

Lyman Woodward Organization - "Joy Road" (Saturday Night Special) Strata Records

Dean Fraser - "Love Me" (single) Boomrush Productions - new release!!!

Blaze Fyah - "10/10"

Glenn Brown - "Termination Dub" (Termination Dub) Blood and Fire Records

Nate Mercerau - "Inner Trip" (Joy Techniques)

Khruangbin - "Soul Clap" (Mordechi Remixes) - new release!!!

E.Vax - Kolkata - E.vax

Freddie Hubbard -people  make the world go round - polar AC

Mikey Dreadd - Money Dreadd - World War 3

Lary Corryell - Stiffneck - The Essential Larry Corryell

The Orb - KanKan - 

Mr Anonymous - Swing - 

Africali - Afro Electro - Single

Richard Davis -  Forest Flowers - Forest Flowers

Desire Marea - "Tavern Kween"

Monday, October 11, 2021

Desmond Chambers - "The Morning Show" (Haly Gully) Kalita Records - new release!!!

 African Roots - "African Roots Dub Act 2" (African Roots) Wackies Records

Peter Broggs - "Rastaman Chant Nyabinghi" (Ras Portraits) Ras Records

Steve Reid - "Free Spirits, Unknown" (Nova) Soul Jazz Records

Demon Fuzz - "Another Country" (Demon Fuzz)

Dunkelblau - "Operator" (RNA) - new release!!!

Akeem Garrison - "Sensation" (single) Yutman Records - new release

E.Vax - "Always" (E.,Vax) Because Records - new release!!!

Alewya - "Play" (single) Because Records - new release!!!

DJ Nu-Mark - U Know What's Up" (Run for Cover) - new release!!!

Soul Syndicate - "Tonight" (Was, Is, and Always)

Mandre - "Solar Flight" - Mandre - Motown Records 

Jah Thomas - "Stereo graph Style" - Strong Like Sampson - Hot Milk Records 

Osibisa - "Sweet America" - Heads

Creation Dub - "Next to Jah" - Cityline Records

Shamrock - "Knotty Pine" -

The Fire This Time - "New Ways of Looking At Power" - Dancing on John Wayne's Head -  Extreme Records 

Sugar Men Three -Witch's Boogaloo - Daptone Records - New Release!!!

Flowdan - "Tell Me Nothing" - Shapes: Pyramids 

Ornette Coleman & Prime Time - Sound is Everywhere - Tone Dialing 

Counterweight - Hum -

Monday, October 4, 2021

The Dread Zone: October 4, 2021

 Resonators - "Viper" (The Constant) Wah Wah 45

Yabby You - "Heads Will Roll Dub" (Dub it to the Top) Blood and Fire Records

Sidewinder - "Ego Riot" (Party Keller v 2) Compact Records

BoganiGiveThanks - "Indoda" (Community: 20 Years of Jazz and Milk) Jazz and Milk Records

Makaya McCraven - "Drums and Bruk and Feel the Vibe" (Where We Come From) International Anthem Records

Nate Mercereau - "Every Moment is the First and Last" (Sundays) 

Nate Mercereau - "There You Are" (Joy Techniques) 

Metronomy - "Uneasy" (Posse e.p.) Because Music - new release!!!

Mile High Club - "Dionysian State" (Going Going Gone) Stones Throw Records - new release!!!

Falle Nike and Ghost Culture - "Barke"

Lo-Fi Sensibilities - "Cabin Fever" (Heads v. 2) Mo Wax Records

Lonnie Smith - "I Want to Thank You" (Live at Club Mozambique)

Tony Allen - "Word Dance" (The Source)

Theon Cross - "The Spiral" (Intra I)  - new release!!!

The Orb feat. Lee Scratch Perry - "Soulman" (The Observer in the Star House) Cooking Vinyl Records

Alewya - "Jagna" (single)

The Bug - "One" (Angels and Devils) Ninja Tune Records

Steve Reid - "Don't Look Back" (Daxaar) Domino Records

Desire Marea - "Thokozani" (Desire) Mute Records - new release!!!

Buraka Sound System - "Skank and Move" (Black Diamond)