Saturday, May 30, 2009

Playlist for May 30, 2009

Burial - "Wounder" (Burial)
Goth Trad - "Flags" (Tiger Bombs Vol. 2)
Kiddus I - "Crying Wolf" (Graduation in Zion)
Prince Fatty - "Milk & Honey in Dub" (Survival of the Fattest)
Daddy Rings - "The Future" ft. Gentleman (The Most High)
Abyssinians - "Dub Abendigo" (Declaration of Dub)
Alpha & Omega - "Sea of Dub" (Mystical Things)
Tech Level 2 - "Hard Times/Dub" (Tech Level 2)
Tapper Zukie - "Tribulation" (Musical Intimidator)
Jah Batta - "M. Black" (Argument)
Papa Tullo - "Ability" (Tullo At Home)
Manasseh - "Wikkaman" (Dub the Millennium)
Matty G - "B-Boy" (Take You Back)
Asian Dub Foundation - "Rivers of Dub" (Frontline)
Junior Murvin - "Strikes & Demonstrations" (Muggers in the Street)
Freddie McGreggor - "Peaceful Man" (Big Ship)
Badawi v. Kode 9 - "Den of Drumz" (Unit of Resistance)
Scientist - Midnight Special/Beaming 3M (Seducer/Dub Landing)
Sugar Minott - "Informer" (Dancehall Showcase 2)
Revolutionaries - "Angola" (Well Charge)
Peter Broggs - "Rastaman Chant" (Ras Portraits)
Rhythm & Sound - "Chant Down Babylon" (The Versions)

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