Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Playlist for October 19, 2009

Bill Laswell - "Ain Soph Aour" (Divination I)
Disrupt - "Selassi I Continually" (Foundation Bit)
Matty G - "Don't Wanna Be" (Take You Back)
Roots Radics - "Medley of Hits" (Radically Radics)
Dubclash - "Dub's Dark History" (Roots of Dub Funk 2)
Rockers Hi Fi/Deep Space Network - "Callacop" (Black Album)
Tactile - "Scorn v. Tactile" (Digital Dust)
Errol Brown - "Revelation Dub" (Dub Over Dub)

Black Vova - "Ghost Dub" (Digital Dust)
Guigol's Band - "Francois Lardeau" (Land of Baboon III)
Brooklyn Jungle Soundsystem - "Return to Roots" (Next Step)
Midnite - "End of Doubt" (Sun of Atom)
Courtney Melody - "Black Liberation/Version" (Basic Replay)
Rob Sparx - "Vagabundo" (Vagabundo/Warrior)
Jackie Mittoo - "Ayatollah" (Basic Replay)
Rusko - "Moaners" (Babylon V. 2)

Alvin Raglin - "Run Come Dub" (Rootsman Dub)
Tappa Zukie - "Natty Horns She Wants" (Horns Up!)
Delroy Wilson - "Mash It Up" (Dub Plate Style)
Tone Scientists - "Breaking Down the Walls" (BSI)
Smith & Mighty - "U Dub" (Bass Is Maternal)
African Roots - "Lams International Dub" (African Roots 2/Wackies)

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