Monday, December 26, 2011

Playlist: December 26, 2011

Angelo Badalamenti - "Dub Driving" (Lost Highway)
Bunny Lee - "None Shall Escape Dub" (Rasta Dub 76)
Brillantes Del Vuelo - "Tourist Class" (As Above So Beloved)
Rockers Hi-Fi - "Copycat" (Mish Mash)
General Echo ft. Barrington Levy - "Eventide a Disaster" (Biggest Dancehall Anthems 79-82)
Boozoo Bajou - "Take it Slow" (Dust My Broom)
Roots Radics - "Knife and Fork Dubwise" (Dangerous Dub)
URoy and Nambio Robinson - "Nyabinghi Chant" (Now)
Johnny Osbourne - "Nah Skin Up" (Truth & Rights)
Maytones - "Sha La La" (Greatest Hits)
Willi Williams - "Rocking Universally" (Messenger Man)
Peaking Lights - "Birds of Paradise Dub" (936)
Alborosie - "Ragamuffin" (2 Times Revolution)
Dr. Blue and the Time - "Dr. Who Dub" (Hush House)
DJ Spooky - "Holographic Funk" (Songs of a Dead Dreamer)
Dub Syndicate - "Breath of Fresh Air" (Mellow and Collie)
Andy Stott - "Brief Encounter" (Brief Encounter)
Isreal Vibration - "Greedy Dog" (Strength of My Life)
Atheus - "Unendlich" (Unendlich)
Trinity - "Fight it to the Top" (Shanty Town Determination)
Martin Campbell - "Long Suffering" (Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics)
King Midas Sound - "Outta Space" (Waiting for You)
Nightmares on Wax - "African Pirates" (In a Space Outta Sound)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Playlist: December 12, 2011

Tony Tuff - "Run Come Come" (Tony Tuff Meets Errol Scorcher)
Congos - "Citizens of the World" (Cock Mouth Kill Cock)
Clive Field Marshall - "Love is What You Want" (Wackie V. 1)
Karen Carpenter w/ Roots Radics
Sugar Minott - "I Want Your Dub" (Meets the People in a Lover's Dubbers Style)
Tony Rebel - "Fire Fire" (I Rebel)
Maxi Priest - "Favorite Things" (Time of the Year) - new release!
Barrington Levy - "Fuss & Fight" (King Tubby's Lost Dubs)
Automaton - "The Terran Invasion" (Dub Terror Exhaust)
Ranking Dread - "Love a Dub" (Biggest Dancehall Anthems 1979-82)
Michael Prophet - "2000 Years" (Cease Fire)
Ruple Edwards - "Buckshot Dub" (Dub Massive Ch. 2)
Eric Donaldson - "The Way You Do the Things You Do" (Best of...)
Jah Wobble - "Ungodly Kingdom" (Rising Above Bedlam)
Bomb the Bass - "Darkheart" (Clear)
Nightmares on Wax - "Morse" ( Carboot Soul)
Maurizio - "4" (Maurizio)
DJ Spooky - "Channel Float" (The Quick & the Dead)
Ice - "Viper" (Electric Ladyland 5)
Red Snapper - "Last One" (Loopascoopa)
Bomb 20 - "Dry" (Electric Ladyland 5)
Dub Syndicate - "Country Man Talk" (Mellow & Collie)
Skatalites - "Roots Dub" (Legendary Skatalites)
Earl 16 - "Survivors" (Cyber Roots Reggae)
Thievery Corporation w/ Sister Nancy - "Originality" (Versions)
WE - "The Chinatown Dub" (Incursions in Illbient)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Playlist: December 5, 2011

Barry Brown - "Give Another Israel a Try" (Greensleeves)
Cornell Campbell - "Jah Jah Me No Horn Yah" (Original Blue Recordings)
DJ Spooky - "Muzique Mechanique Dub" (Electric Ladyland 3)
URoy - "Come Home Little Girl" (Rasta Ambassador)
Stephen Marley - "Traffic Jam" (Mind Control)
Lee Scratch Perry/DJ Spooky - "Purity Rock" (Panic in Babylon bonus)
Automator - "The Truth" (A Much Better Tomorrow)
Sammy Dread - "In a Man's Heart" (Road Block)
Etana - "Roots" (The Strong One)
Up, Bustle & Out - "Lyrica Volcanica Dub mix" (Mexican Sessions)
Lotek Hi-Fi - "Blessings" (Mixed Blessings)
Thievery Corporation - "Language Symbolique" (Den of Thieves)
Anthony B - "Child's Care" (Dubhead Presents Fire Pon Rome)
Medeski, Martin & Wood - "Satan's Church..." (Combustication remix)
Dub Syndicate - "Reggae Raga" (Murder Tone)
Don Carlos - "Laser Dub" (Don Carlos in Dub)
Errol Holt - "Gimme" (Prince Far I Silver & Gold)
Bushman - "Light it Up" (Most Wanted)
Jah Mason - "Wheat & Tears" (Wheat & Tears)
Gentleman - "Rage & Anger" (Another Intensity)
Terminalhead & Mr. Spee - "Twisted System" (Rockers Hi Fi Black Album)
Tricky - "Ghetto Youth" (Pre-Millennium Tension)
Triston Palma - "Joker Smoker" (Joker Smoker)
Sofa Surfers - "Babylon Tymes" (See the Light)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Playlist: November 28, 2011

Maytones - "Bowee Wowee" (Greatest Hits)
Bob Marley in Dub - "Three Little Birds Dub" (In Dub V. 1)
Sir Coxsone Sound - "Coxsone Feel This One Dub" (Dub War)
Barrington Levy - "Minibus" (Vinyl Singles)
Boris Gardiner - "Negril" (Every N*gger is a Star)
Searching for Soul - "Searching for Soul pt. 1" (Searching for Soul)
Archie Bell & the Drells - "(There's Gonna Be) A Showdown" (Platinum Collection)
Sound Dimension - "Version Dread" (Version Dread)
Joe Higgs - "Ram Bam Bam" (Life of Contradiction)
Dennis Brown - "Children of Israel" (Wolf and Leopards)
Lone Ranger - "Natty Burial" (Reggae Anthology: Channel One Years)
I Sound - "Kollage Rmx" (Dubtometry)
Jah Mason - "My Princess Gone" (Princess Gone: The Saga Bed)
Phil Pratt - "Dial M for Murder" (Dial M for Murder) - new release!!!!
APC - "Ghost Yard" (Vol. 2)
Pagoda Sound System - "Agro Dub Version" (Pagoda Sound System)
Lee Scratch Perry/DJ Spooky - "Purity Rock (Instrumental)" (Panic in Babylon Bonus Disc)
John Brown's Body - "Amplify" (Amplify)
Hypnotix - "Afrika Wili" (Witness of our Time)
Horace Andy & Alpha - "Make My Day" (Two Phased People)
Asian Dub Foundation - "Change A Gonna Come" (Frontline)
David Lynch - "I Know" (Crazy Clown Time) - new release!!!
Tenastelin - "Burial Version" (Basic Replay)
Alborosie - "Raggamuffin" (2 Times Revolution)
Djosos Krost - "Kaba Kaba" (No Sign of Bad)
Deep Space Network - "Callacop" (Rockers Hi-Fi Black Album)
Prince Far I - "Long Life" (Rockers Hi-Fi Black Album)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Playlist: November 21, 2011

Phil Pratt - "Danger UBX" (Dial M for Murder)
Jackie Mittoo - "Ghetto Organ" (Maka Fat)
Sammy Dread - "Rude Boy A Fire M6" (Road Block)
Revolutionaries - "Why War?" (Revolutionaires)
Thunderball - "Panther" (Den of Thieves)
Flick Wilson - "Slave Master" (Greensleeves 12" Rulers)
Barrington Levy - "Shaolin Version - Lawes Rockers/Jah Thomas" (Shaolin Temple)
Automaton - "Intersection" (Jihad: Points of Order)
Israel Vibration - "Fighting Soldiers" (Fighting Soldiers)
Richie Spice - "Youth Dem Cold" (In the Streets of Africa)
Matty G - "80s Crush" (Take You Back) - request!
Nightmares on Wax - "Wait a Minute" (Smokers Delight)
Wayne Blackstock - "Mr. Officer" (Rare Roots n Dubs)
Bomb the Bass - "Bomb the Bunker" (Future Chaos)
Asian Dub Foundation - "Nazrul Dub" (Frontline)
Grizzly - "Up Through the Down Pipe" (Rockers Hi Fi Black Album)
Andre Gurov Units - "Credits v. Merits" (Electric Ladyland 3)
Ini Kamoze - "Here Comes the Hotstepper" (Here Comes the Hotstepper)
Seed Organization - "Sound a Goody Goody" (Heatscore Riddim)
Johnny Osbourne - "Fire" (Mr. Buddy Bye)
Culture - "Iron Sharpening Iron" (Harder Than the Rest)
Delroy Wilson - "Better Must Come" (Dub Plate Style)
Captain Sinbad - "Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger" (Seven Voyages of...)
Damian Marley - "All Night" (Welcome to Jamrock)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Playlist: November 7, 2011

Phil Pratt - "Stinger" (Dial M for Murder) - new release!
Burning Spear - "Cry Africa" (Living Dub 2)
Culture - "I'm Not Ashamed" (Two Sevens Clash)
Congos - "Enemy or Spy" (Revival)
Mikey Dread - "Israel Stylee" (World War 3)
Eek-a-Mouse - "Neutron Bomb" (Best of v. 2)
Wailing Souls - "Kingdom Rise & Fall" (Channel One 12 mixes)
Freddie McGregor - "Get Serious" (Big Ship)
Freddie McKay - "Hey Stranger" (
Barrington Levy - "Black Heart Man" (Englishman)
Joseph Cotton - "Mr. Terrorist" (Rare Dub Mix)
Ruff Scott - "Tell Dem fi Gwaan" (Roots and Culture) - new release!
Leftfield - "Inspection Check 1" (Leftism)
Method of Defiance - "Elijah's Lament" (Jahbulon)
Lida Husik - "Bad Head Day" (DJ Kicks Black Album)
Mundo - "Still Stand Rasta Remix" (Still Stand Rasta)
Gary Clail - "Two Thieves & a Liar" (On U Sound)
Red Snapper - "Keeping Pigs Together" (Our Aim is to Satisfy)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Playlist: October 31, 2011

Red Snapper - "Suckerpunch" (Making Bones)
Jah Batta - Youthman School" (Argument)
Rusko - "Lion's Paw" (Lion's Paw)

Zion Train - "Movement of the People" (Love Revolutionaries)
Scientist - "Plague of Zombies" (Scientist Rids the World of...)
Jah Wobble - "Ethos" (Full Moon Over the Shopping Mall)
Bill Laswell - "Cybotron" (Dub Chamber 3)
Ranking Joe - "Fire" (Zion High)
Sofa Surfers - "Babylon Tymes" (See the Light)
Almamegretta - "Alma dub" (In Dub)
Systemwide - "Osmani Stepper (Alpha & Omega mix)" (Osmani Stepper e.p.)
Dubmatix - "Struggle" (Clash of the Titans) - new release!
Specials/DJG - "Ghost Town" (Bootlegs)
Dub Syndicate - "Shorty" (Murder Tone)
Jamming Unit - "Dropout Dub" (Electric Ladyland 2)
Sub Dub - "Killer Instinct" (Dancehall Malfunction)
Rhythm & Sound - "See Mi Yah (Hallucination Remix)" (See Mi Yah Remixes)
Zonal - "Formulae" (Quartermass Project)
Cotti v. Chefal - "Latest Technology" (SoulJazz Singles 2008-09)
Anthony B - "Child's Care" (Africa B)
Gentleman - "Leave Us Alone" (Journey to Jah)
Dub Gabriel - "Is This Revolution?" (Is This Revolution) - new release!
Nappy Riddem - "Soundboy" (One World Sovereignty) - new release!
Babylon System - "Get on Up!" (Babylon System)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Playlist: October 24, 2011

Dub Terror - "Shinobi" (Dub Terror)
Richie Spice - "Fake Smile" (Spice in Your Life)
Systemwide - "Interference" (Pure and Applied)
Augustus Pablo - "East of the River Nile" (East of the River Nile)
Wailing Souls - "A Fool Will Fall" (Firehouse Rock)
Red Snapper - "Last One" (Loopascoopa)
Michael Prophet - "Love & Unity" (Gunman)
One Blood - "Be Thankful for What You've Got" (Hustle! Reggae Disco)
Alton Ellis - "I'm Still in Love With You" (I'm Still in Love...)
Linton Kwesi Johnson - "Come We Go Dung Deh" (Dread Beat an' Blood)
Tarrus Riley - "Eye Water" (Jah Army Riddim)
Digitaldubs - "Bandido de Gravata" (#1) - new release!
J Boogie's Dubtronic Science - "Blue Mountain Dub" (Under Cover) - new release!
Archie Bell and the Drells - 'Tighten Up" (Plantinum Collection)
Pro-Seed - "Sun-Gutter" (Pro-Seed)
Junior Dee - "Dub Fire" (Freedom Dub)
Bingy Bunny - "Tonight" (Me & Jane)
Praxis - "Cannibal" (Metatron)
10 Ft. Ganja Plant - "Ringer's Rock" (Shake Up the Place) - new release!
Nightmares on Wax - "Bless My Soul" (Smoker's Delight)
Rovo - "Emormy" (Imago)
Peter Tosh - "Burial" (Legalize It)
Dubmatix - "Gun Crime" (Clash of the Titans) - new release!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Playlist: October 17, 2011

Manessah - "Souljah" (Dub the Millennium)
Umberto Echo - "Let Them Free" (Dubsounds 5)
A/B vs. Mina - "A to Dub" (Meteosound)
Dub Pistols - "World Gone Crazy" (6 Million Ways to Live)
Sugar Minott - "Genuine Dub" (Dancehall Showcase 2)
El Michaels Affair - "Behind the Blue Curtain" (Sounding Out the City)
Dennis Brown - "Wolf & Leopards" (Wolf and Leopards)
Barry Brown - "Fittest of the Fittest" (At King Tubby's)
Boniche Dub - "Touchia Rem-El-Maya" (Boniche Dub)
Ruff Scott - "Tell Dem Fi Gwaan" (Roots and Culture) - new release!
Linval Thompson - "Don't Try to Rob I" (Ride on Dreadlocks)
Rhythm & Sound - "Why" (Showcase)
Dub Gabriel ft. Mighty Killerz - "These Timez" (These Timez) - new release!
2562 - "Basin Dub" (Aerial)
Goldie - "Jah" (Timeless)
Sister Candy - "Connection Connection" (Dancehall Explosion)
Damian Marley - "Set Up Shop" (Set Up Shop) - new release!
Tony Rebel - "Fire Fire" (I Rebel)
Kruder & Dorfmeister - "Going Under (Rockers Hi - Fi)" (K&D Sessions)
Dr. Israel vs. Dr. X - "Cease the Occupation" (Another Day in Babylon)
Chino - "Call on Jah" (Ganja Tea)
Ziggi Recado - "Baddest" (Ganja Tea)
Dubkasm - "Transformation I" (Transformation I)
Nappy Riddem - "Rastar" (One World Sovereignty) - new release!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An Interview with the Mad Professor

In support of his appearance at the Belly Up and Dub Club, the Mad Professor took time out of his schedule to speak with "Roots and Riddims'" (Thurs. 6-8am) dj Yogi and me. Thanks to dj Yogi for arranging the interview. Click here for the interview:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Playlist: October 10, 2011

Mad Professor - "Solar System" (Evolution of Dub)
Mad Professor Interview!!!!
Sly & Robbie - "Tickle Me Version" (Unmetered Taxi)
Alborosie - "Cocaine and Dub" (Dub Clash)
Bill Laswell - "Ethiopia" (Dub Chamber 4)
Gorillaz v. Spacemonkeyz - "5/4" (Come Home Laika)
Sofa Surfers - "Babylon Tymes" (See the Light)
Thievery Corporation - "Warning Shots" (It Takes a Thief)
Pagoda Sound System - "Aggro Dub Version" (Pagoda Sound System)
Delroy Wilson - "Better Must Come" (Dub Plate Style)
Eric Donaldson- "Cherry O Baby" (The Very Best Of Eric Donaldson)
Michael Prophet - "Praise You Jah Jah" (Consciousness)
Roots Nation - "Temperature is Rising" (Temperature's Risin')
Cornell Campbell - "Jah Jah Give Us Love" (Meets the Gaylords)
Rob Sparx - "Trooper" (Trooper)
Matty G - "War" (Single)
Radikal Guru - "No Good" (No Good)
Don Carlos - "Late Night Blues" (DJG Bootlegs)
Manessah - "Skenga" (Step Like Pepper)
Natasha Atlas - "Batkallim" (Mounqaliba - Rising) - new release!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Playlist: October 3, 2011

Automaton - "Port of Entry" (Jihad)
Noah House of Dread - "Stand Firm in Dub" (Heart 2)
LJX - "Talking in Your Sleep" (Brighter Days)
Ziggy Marley - "One Bright Day" (Melody Makers) - request!
African Brothers - "A Still Tongue" (Want Some Freedom)
Barrington Levy - "A Stinkin' Dub" (Time Capsule)
Winston Jarrett - "Do You Hear" (Survival is the Game)
Max Romeo - "Melt Away" (Open the Iron Gate)
Nightmares on Wax - "Me!" (Inna Space Outa Sound)
Manessah - "Rise Up" (Dub Plate Style)
Johnny Osbourne - "Love is Universal" (Never Stop Fighting)
Gigi - #5 (Illuminated Audio)
Willi Williams - "Zion Town Dub" (Messenger Man)
Collie Buddz - "Come Around" (Collie Buddz)
JazzSteppa - "Big Swing Dub" (JazzSteppa)
Nas and Damian Marley - "Tribes at War" (Distant Relatives)
Macka B - "Peace" (By Royale Command)
DigitalDubs - "Dub Echoes Theme" (#1) - new release!
Etana - "Roots" (The Strong One)
Stereotyp & Soothsayer - "Dub Club" (G Stone Artists)
Sofa Surfers - "Twisted Tongue" (See the Light)
Techno Animal - "Myth/Illogical" (Phobic)
Don Carlos/DJG - "Late Night Blues" (Bootlegs)
RSD - "Speeka Box" (Good Energy)
Ursula 1000 - "Baby Laser Love" (Mondo Beyondo) - new release!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Playlist: September 26, 2011

Black Uhuru - "Big Spliff" (Dub Factor)
Papa Tullo - "Ability" (Tullo at Home)
Twinkle Brothers - "Dub From the Mountain" (Dub with Strings)
Johnny Osbourne - "In Your Eyes" (Never Stop Fighting)
Rod Taylor - "Yes We Gonna Get Over" (Where is Your Love Mankind)
Eek-a-Mouse - "Let Them Play" - request!
Ruff Scott - "Chant a Rasta Song" (Pray to Him)
Small Fish w/ Spine - "He Rules the World" (DJ Kicks Black Album)
Jacob Miller - "Tenement Yard" (Collectors Series)
Dennis Alcapone - "Power Version" (Forever Version)
Prince Fatty - "Milk and Honey" (Survival of the Fattest)
Alias - "Goinswimmin" (Fever Dream) - new release!
Garnet Silk - "Splashing Dashing" (Music is the Rod)
Tenor Saw - "Ring the Alarm" (Tenor Saw & Nitty Gritty)
Max Romeo - "Revelation Dub" (War Inna Babylon [deluxe])
Rootsman - "Behind the Hills" (Versions of the Unseen)
Gregory Isaacs - "Slavemaster" (Mr. Isaacs) - request!
Brooklyn Jungle Soundsystem - "Tomorrow" (Next Step)
Bob Marley in Dub - "Lively Up Dub" (Vol. 1)
10 Ft. Ganja Plant - "Hard Times" (Shake Up the Place) - new release!
Thievery Corporation - "Overstand" (Culture of Fear) - new release!
Sofa Surfers - "Babylon Times" (Sofa Surfers)
6Blocc - "New Dimension" (New Dimension)
Rob Smith - "Lovage v. 2" (Lovage)
Tiken Jah Fakoly - "Francafrique" (Francafrique)
Subatomic Sound System - "NYC to Africa" (NYC to Africa)
Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw - "#3" (S/T)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Playlist: September 19. 2011

Mike Brooks - "Changes" (Just the Vibes)
Freddie McKay - "Lonely Man" (Tribal Inna Yard)
Revolutionaries - "Toothache" (Revolutionaries)
Aggrovators - (Kaya Dub)
Jativa - "People's Music (Dub)" (Crucial Selections)
Black Uhuru - "Youth" (Dub Factor)
Fire This Time - "First Nations Stance" (Dancing on John Wayne's Head)
Lacksley Castell - "Genie in a Jar" (Princess Lady)
Jah Wobble - "Divine Mother" (Heaven & Earth)
Sub Dub - "Rhythm Collision" (Plug In & Turn On 2)
Sofa Surfers - "What Kind of World" (See the Light)
Luciano - "Moving On" (United States of Africa)
Butch Cassidy Sound System - "The Putney" (Babylon Central)
Peter Tosh - "Where You Gonna Run" (Mama Africa)
Scientist - "Flash Gordon Meets Luke Skywalker" (Scientist & Jammy Strike Back)
Massive Music - "Find My Way (Kode 9 Remix)"
Orgone - "Funky Nassau" (Party Keller 2)
Barrington Levy - "Work" (Live at UCI Reggaefest)
Etana - "Venting" (Free Expressions)
Barry Brown - "Free Up the Dread" (Rich Man Poor Man)
Ursula 1000 - "You Can't Control the Spectrum Soul" (Mondo Beyondo) - new release!
Manessah - "Rasselas Dub" (Shining)
Thunderball - "Flippin' it On" (12 Mile High Remixed) - new release!
Horace Andy & Alpha - "Can't Do That" (Two Phazed People)
Marquis Melody - "Hearts of Fire" (Hearts of Fire)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Playlist: September 12, 2011

Freddie McKay - "Hey Stranger" (Tribal Inna Yard)
Peter Broggs - "Don't Let the Children Cry" (Ras Portraits)
Etana - "Roots" (The Strong One)
Gappy Ranks - "Pumpkin Belly" (Put the Stereo On)
Congos - "Children Crying" (Heart of the Congos)
Horace Andy & Alpha - "Storm - Shine Mix" (Two Phazed People)
I Roy - "Repatriation is a Must" (Touting I Self)
Don Carlos - "At the Bus Stop/Girls of Today" (Blacker Dread)
Anthony Johnson - "Gunshot One Drop" (Gunshot)
Dawn & Christine - "Holy Mount Zion" (Rockers From Channel One)
Badmarsh & Shri - "Day by Day" (Signs)
Thievery Corporation - "Richest Man in Babylon" (Richest Man in Babylon)
Architektur - "The Smoker" (Travelogue)
L.O.C. - "Ring Ding Ding" (Best Jamaican Reggae 2005)
Fort Knox Five - "Killa Soundboy/Wonder Stikes Again" (Radio Free DC)
Alborosie - "Camilla" (2 Times Revolution) - new release!
Gentleman - "New Day" (Confidence)
Chimpo - "Children of Israel" (Kali Dubz' Tiger Bomb v. 1)
Garnet Silk - "Evacuate" (Rule Dem)
Matty G - "War" (B.A.D.)
Loefah - "Jah War" (6Blocc Dub Assault)
Bug - "Freak Freak" (London Zoo)
Zonal - "Outer" (Quartermass Project)
Western Roots - "Rockers Galore" (Babylon Central)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Playlist: September 5, 2011

Horace Andy & Alpha - "Make My Day" (Two Phazed People)
Disrupt - "The Stars My Destination" (Foundation Bit)
Badmarsh & Shri - "Get Up" (Signs)
Stuyvesant - "BISH (Dub)" (Fret Sounds) - new release!
Lee Scratch Perry - "Butterfly" (Rise Again)
Prince Far I & Roots Radics - "Lovers Rock" (Showcase In a Suitcase)
Spacemonkeyz v. Gorillaz - "Soundcheck" (Laika Come Home)
Equations of Eternity - "Descent" (Equations of Eternity)
Boris Gardiner - "Ghetto Funk" (Every Nigger is a Star)
Trinity - "Peace Conference in Western Kingston" (Shanty Town Determination)
Don Carlos - "Changes" (Changes)
Thievery Corporation - "False Flag Dub" (Culture of Fear) - new release!
Kruder & Dorfmeister - "Original Bedroom Rockers" (G-Stoned)
Jacob Miller - "I've Got the Handle" (Collectors Classics)
Richie Spice - "Gideon Boot" (Gideon Boot)
Alpha Blondy - "God Bless Africa" (Wild Time)
Sly and Robbie - "Softcore Surge" (Stripped to the Bone)
Youssou NDour - "Pitch Me" (Dakar-Kingston) - new release!
See-I - "Soul Universe" (See-I) - new release!
G.G. All Stars - "No Yo Yo Dube" (Roots Man Dub)
Tiken Jah Fakoly - "L'Afrique Doit Du Fric" (Coup De Gueule) - request!
Rhythm & Sound - "Mash Down Babylon" (w/ the Artists)
Maytones - "Money Worries" (Greatest Hits)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Playlist: August 29, 2011

Horace Andy - "Do You Love My Music?" (In the Light)
Mad Professor - "Atonement Dub" (Evolution of Dub)
Sir Coxsone Sound - "Bower Dub" (King of the Dub Rock 1 & 2)
Scientist - "Midnight Special" (Seducer Dubwise)
Augustus Pablo - "Marabi" (This is Augustus Pablo) - new release!
Thunderball v. Liftoff - "Welcome Back Cooper" (Den of Thieves)
Rebelution - "No Ordinary Girl" (Courage to Grow)
Mighty Mystic - "Revolution" (Pulse)
Dr. Israel - "Sensimellia" (Patterns of War)
Dr. Israel - "Downpressorman" (Another Day in Babylon)
Kiddus I - "Crying Wolf" (Graduation in Zion)
Coco Tea - "Reggae Music" (20 Tracks of...)
Barrington Levy - "C ool and Loving" (Here I Come)
Pato Banton - "No Worry Your Mind" (Pato Banton)
Dub Syndicate - "Sizzle Bud" (Fear of a Green Planet)
Sterotyp + Soothsayer - "Dub Club" (G-Stone Book)
Sub Dub - "Killer Instinct" (Dancehall Malfunction)
Gregory Isaacs - " Night Nurse"
Rockers Hi-Fi - "Copycat" (Mish Mash)
Leaf System - "Kasheed" (Northern Faction 4)
Nublu Orchestra - "Downstairs" (Nublu Orchestra)
Gentleman feat. Tony Rebel - "Mystic Wind" (Confidence)
Love Trio feat U-Roy - "Lovers Rock (Deadbeat Knockout)" (Nublu)
Alborosie - "Raggamuffin" (2 Times Revolution) - new release!
Wayne Smith - "Under Me Sleng Teng Version" (Under Me Sleng Teng)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Playlist: August 22, 2011

Sofa Surfers - "See the Light" (Den of Thieves)
Kieser-Velten - "Dubolition" (G-Stone Artists)
Solomon Jabby - "Stronghold Destroyer Dub" (Zion Gates)
Sons of Light - "Land of Love" (Cutting Razor)
Freddie McGreggor - "Don 't Play the Fool" (Big Ship)
Prince Buster - "Al Capone" (Greatest Hits)
Bob Marley & the Wailers - "No Sympathy" (Soul Rebels)
Eek a Mouse - "Some Holla Some Bawl" (Very Best 2)
Thievery Corporation - "Shaolin Satellite" (Sounds from Thievery Hi-Fi)
Charlie Chaplin - "Mad Chaplin" (Take Two!)
Method of Defiance - "No Justice" (Jahbulon)
George Nooks & Papa Tullo - "Sadie" (Joe Gibbs Reggae Discomix vol. 3)
Mossman v. Mr. Tsunami - "Scuba Shuffle" (At Dub Corner)
Congos - "Fisherman" (Select Cuts from Blood & Fire)
Youssou Ndour - "Pitch Me" (Dakar-Kingston) - new release!
Ziggy Marley - "Beach in Hawaii" (Love is My Religion)
Stephen Marley - "False Friends" (Revelation) - new release!
Damian Marley - "More Justice" (Halfway Tree)
Matty G - "Rasta Dem Nuh Run" (Take You Back)
Bunny Wailer - "Rule Dance Hall" (Rock N' Groove)
Derrick Lara, Wayne Smith, Anouklk, Lyashanti & Anthony B - "Tempo Riddim" (Dubhead Mix)
Jagga-Bites Combo - "No Matter" (Dubhead Fire Pon Rome)
Alborosie - "Camilla" (2 Times Revolution) - new release!
Anthony B - "Africa Riddim" (Dubhead Fire Pon Rome)
Alpha & Omega - "Ancient Wisdom" (Safe in the Ark)
Boozoo Bajou - "Killer" (Dust My Broom)
Jah Batta - "Informa" (Argument)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Playlist: August 15, 2011

Ini Kamoze - "World a Music" (Here Comes the Hotstepper)
Sly & Robbie - "Zen Concrete" (Stripped to the Bone)
Junior Murvin - "Roots Train" (Police and Thieves)
Sammy Dread - "In a Man's Heart" (Road Block)
Cultural Roots - "Hell a Go Pop" (Hell a Go Pop)
Gladiators - "Solas" (Studio One Singles)
Horace Andy - "Natty Dread A Weh She Want" (Natty Dread A Weh She Want)
Massive Attack - "Everywhen" (100th Window)
Johnny Osbourne - "He Can Surely Turn the Tide" (Fally Lover)
Dennis Brown - "Yagga Yagga (You'll Suffer)" (Money in My Pocket)
Jah Thomas & Roots Radics - Track Title Unknown (Jah Thomas & Roots Radics)
Matty G - "80s Crush" (Take You Back)
Big Youth - "Waterhouse Rock" (Select Cuts From Blood & Fire Ch. 3)
Alborosie - "Raggamuffin" (2 Times Revolution) - new release!
The Clash - "Bancrobber" (Trust, Belief, Love, Respect)
Damian Marley - "Khaki Suit" (Welcome to Jamrock)
Willi Williams - "Zion Town Dub" (Messenger Man)
Groundation - "Used to Laugh" (Upon the Bridge)
Thievery Corporation - "False Flag Dub" (Culture of Fear) - new release!
See-I - "Disturbancy" (See-I) - new release!
Bushman - "Grow Your Natty" (Most Wanted)
Adrian Sherwood - "Jai Dube" (Dub Cliche)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Playlist: August 8. 2011

Gigi - "Sew Argen" (Illuminated Audio)
Pablo Moses - "A Song" (A Song)
Third World - "1865 (96 degrees)" (96 Degrees in the Shade)
UB40 - "12 Bar" (Signing Off)
Jacob Miller - "Sinners" (Collector's Classics)
URoy - "Wear You to the Ball" (Rasta Ambassador)
Earth and Stone - "Holy Land of Home" (Kool Roots)
Itals - "Run Baldhead Run" (Brutal Out Deh)
Don Carlos - "Rub a Dub Queen" (Roots & Culture)
Soul Vendors - "Darker Shade of Black" (Downbeat the Ruler)
Hugh Mundell - "Going Places" (Hugh Mundell)
Steel Pulse - "Ravers" (True Democracy)
Alpha Blondy - "Peace in Liberia" (Wild Time)
Barrington Levy - "Be Strong" (Here I Come)
Western Roots - "Rockers Galore" (Babylon Central)
Mista Majah P - 'Done with It" (Tolerance) - new release
Mundo - "Lager Dub" (I Stand Rasta)
Alborosie - "La Revolucion" (2 Times Revolution) - new release
MBZ - "Darko Dub" (Bay Area Dubstep)
Papa Tullo - "Ability" (Tullo at Home)
Martin EZ - "Light It Up" (Babylon Central)
Etana - "Jah Chariot" (The Strong One)
Sly and Robbie - "Major Magic" (Strip to the Bone)
Dub Science - "Enea" (Thunderball 12 Mile High remix) - new release
Method of Defiance - "Method Dub Exit" (Nihon)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Playlist: August 1, 2011

African Dub - "Mama Land Dub" (African Roots Act 2)
Joe Morgan - "Basement Session" (Wackies Sampler 2)
Jah Clarke - "Tell It to Them Roots Dread" (Creation Dub)
Sounds & Pressure - "Dances are Changing (version)" (Sounds & Pressure v. 4)
Ranking Dread - "Love a Dub" (Biggest Dancehall Anthems 79-82)
Earl Cunningham - "Movie Star" (Prison Oval Clash)
Yabby You - "Beware" (Beware)
Anthony Johnson - "Take You to the Show" (Gun Shot)
UB40 - "Strange Fruit" (Signing Off)
Scientist v. Jammy - "Victory" (Dub Landing v. 1 and 2)
Israel Vibration - "Jericho" (Jericho)
Ticklah - "Nature Loving Dub" (Versus Axelrod)
Bingy Bunny - "Apple of My Eye" (Me and Jane)
Wailing Souls - "Things and Time" (At Channel One)
Tony Rebel - "Hurry Come Up Deejays" (Dancehall Showdown)
URoy - "Feel Jah Spirit" (Culture Storm v. 3)
Alborosie - "Rolling Like a Rock" (2 Times Revolution) - new release
Kevin Kinsella - "No Battlefield" (Great Design) - new release
Dr. Israel - "Armagedin Time" (Live at Dub Mission) - new release
Method of Defiance - "Codeplan Armoured" (Incunabula)
Stephen Marley - "Can't Keep I Down" (Revelation) - new release
Dubmatix - "Easy Down" (Renegate Rocker)
Pato Banton - "King Step" (Never Give In)
Gary Clail - "Two Thieves and a Liar" (On U Sound System)
Nightmares on Wax - "195 Pound" (Thought So)
Uniques - "I'm Lost" (Rock Steady)
Grace Jones - "Williams Dub" (Hurricane) - new release
Orb - "Towers of Dub" (U.F.Orb)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Playlist: July 25, 2011

Nouvelle Vague - "This is Not a Love Song" (Versions)
Boris Gardiner - "Rough & Tough in the Ghetto" (Every Nigger is a Star)
Dr. Alimantado - "Gimme Mi Gun" (Best Dressed Chicken)
Bim Sherman - "Tribulation" (Tribulation)
Lee Scratch Perry - "The Lion" (Return of the Super Ape)
Culture - "Calling Rasta For I" (2 Sevens Clash) - new release/reissue!
Yousou Ndour - "Redemption Song" (Dakar-Kingston) - new release!
Black Uhuru - "Chill Out" (Ultimate Collection)
Gigi - "Abet Wubet" (Illuminated Audio)
Don Carlos -"Johnny Cool" (Deeply Concerned)
Steel Pulse - "Chant a Psalm" (Ultimate Hits)
Alborosie - "Raggamuffin" (2 Times Revolution) - new release!
Mista Majah P - "Gay Bullying" (Tolerance) - new release!
Dub Syndicate - "Jah Rasta" (Mellow & Colly)
See-I - "Dub Revolution" (See-I) - new release!
Thievery Corporation - "Overstand" (Culture of Fear) - new release!
Thunderball/Fort Knox Five - "Moon on Rise (Thunderball Remix)" - new release!
Alpha & Omega - "Elephant Dance" (Mystical Things)
Jah Wobble - "What the Problem Is" (Without Judgment)
Easy Star All Stars - "Airbag" (Radiodread)
Horace Andy - "Let's Live in Love" (Dance Hall Style)
Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars - "Jah Mercy" (Rise & Shine) - new release!
Rhythm & Sound - "Roll Off" (Rhythm & Sound)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Playlist: July 18, 2011

Burning Spear/Sub Dub - "I & I Survive" (Dubmission 2)
Burning Spear - "Teacher" (Living Dub v. 2)
Sinead O'Connor - "Door Peep" (Throw Down Your Arms)
Barrington Levy - "Quick Divorce" (Teach the Youth)
Africa Hi Tech - "Out in the Streets" (93 Million Miles) - new release!
Gregory Isaacs - "Sad to Know You're Leaving" (Night Nurse)
Mighty Diamonds - "Have Mercy" (I Need a Roof)
Hortense Ellis - "Willow Tree" (I'm Still in Love With You)
Dennis Brown - "Revolution" (Sly and Robbie Taxi Productions)
Sly & Robbie - "Softcore Surge" (Superthruster)
Youssou Ndour - "Marley" (Dakar-Kingston) - new release!
Alborosie - "Tax War" (2 Times Revolution) - new release!
Culture - "Adis Abbaba" (One Stone)
Garnet Silk - "Marley Medley" (Rule Dem)
Eric Donaldson - "Sweet Jamaica" (Very Best Of...)
Boozoo Bajou - "Take It Slow" (Dust My Broom)
Thievery Corporation - "Stargazer" (Culture of Fear) - new release!
See-I - "Haterz 24/7" (See-I) - new release!
Dub Syndicate - "No No" (Echomania)
Sugar Minott - "Superstar" (The Roots Lover)
Johnny Clarke - "I've Got the Right" (Superstar Roots Disco)
Alborosie - "Camilla" (2 Times Revolution) - new release!
Danny I - "Over Red and Blue" (Danny I)
Rootz Underground - "Special Place" (The Movement)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Playlist: July 11, 2011

Sinead O'Connor - "Jah No Dead"/"Marcus Garvey" (Throw Down Your Arms)
Revolutionaries - 'Headache" (the Revolutionaries)
Yabby You - "Stranger in Love" (Deliver Me From My Enemies)
Ranking Dread - "Love a Dub" (Biggest Dancehall Anthems 79-82)
Alborosie - "Raggamuffin" (2 Times Revolution) - new release!
Sly and Robbie - "Softcore Surge" (Superthruster)
John Holt - "Last Train from the Ghetto" (Police in Helicopter)
Gregory Isaacs - "Night Nurse (Cottonbelly Remix)" (Dubmission 2)
Tarrus Riley - "S-Craving" (Contagious)
Augustus Pablo & Benlow - "Kidd Lane Specially" (Message Music) - new release!
Bob Marley in Dub - "Waiting in Vain Dub" (Bob Marley & the Wailers in Dub v. 1)
Alborosie - "La Revolucion" (2 Times Revolution) - new release!
Rico Rodriguez - "Warrika Dub" (Warrika Dub)
Anthony Cruz - "Inna Dance" (Best Jamaican Reggae 2005)
Thievery Corporation - "Tower Seven" (Culture of Fear) - new release!
Boozoo Bajou - "Killer" (Dust My Broom)
Hypnotix - "Rootsman" (Witness of our Time)
Youssou NDour - "Pitch Me" (Dakar-Kingston) - new release!
Various Productions - "The World is Gone" (The World is Gone)
Rhythm & Sound - "Dem Never Know (Sleeparchive mix)" (See Mi Yah Remixes)
Matty G - "Nuff a Dis'" (Take You Back)
Stephen Marley - "Working Days" (Revelation) - new release!
Etana - "Venting" (Free Expression)
Maka B - "So What" (By Royal Command)
Gentleman - "Rage and Anger" (Another Intensity)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Playlist: July 4, 2011

Gregory Isaacs - "Mr. Know-It-All" (Mr. Isaacs)
Shine - "Movement 4" (Heaven & Hell)
Jah Wobble & Temple of Sound - "Zaardub" (Shout at the Devil)
Youssou NDour - "Don't Walk Away" (Dakar-Kingston) - new release!
Horace Andy - "Every Tongue Shall Tell" (Skylarking)
Alton Ellis - "You Said It Again" (I'm Still in Love With You)
Jackie Mittoo - "Earthquake" (Champion in the Arena)
Yabby You - "Jah Over I" (Prophecy)
Richie Spice - "Can't Stop Loving Jah" (In the Streets of Africa)
Lee Scratch Perry - "Butterfly" (Rise Again) - new release!
Rootsman - "Bad Boy Business" (52 Days to Timbuktu)
Dub Mafia - "Breakneck" (Dub Mafia)
King Tubby - "Rub a Dub" (100% of Dub)
Nightmares on Wax - "Be There" (Thought So)
Marquis Melody - "Hearts of Fire" (Hearts of Fire) - new release
Sly & Robbie - "Fatigue Chic (Dub Pistols mix)" (Fatigue Chic)
Tantrix - "Look Yout Man"
Barrington Levy - "Cool and Loving" (Here I Come)
Sacred System - "Amrita Flux" (Reanimation)
Maka B - "Jamaica, No Problem?" (Jamaica, No Problem?)
G-Corp - "I Left My Tart In" (Dubplates From the Elephant House 2)
Rootz Underground - "Time is an Illusion" (Movement)
Loudspeaker - "Full House Dub" (Like Ten Feet Tall)
Love Trio in Dub - "Rub a Dub Style" (Love Trio In Dub)
Kingman & Jonah - "Sun Sun" (Sign Time)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Playlist: June 27, 2011

The Rootsman - "Imitator" (Realms of the Unseen)
Glen Brown & King Tubby - "Version 78 Style" (Termination Dub)
Linval Thompson - "A Big Big Girl" (Ride On Dreadlocks)
Cornell Campbell - "You Can't Be Happy" (Follow Instructions)
Sister Carol - "Blackman Time" (Call Mi Sister Carol)
Rico - "That Man is Forward" (That Man is Forward)
Matty G - "Don't Wanna Be" (Take You Back) - request!
Jah Mason - "Princess Gone" (Saga Bed)
Noah House of Dread - "Stand Firm Dub" (Heart 2)
Back to Base - "Five" (Five)
Richie Phoe - "Electric Boogie" (Bumpy's Lament)
Praxis - "Metatron Dub" (Valis 2)
Bill Laswell & Style Scott - "Radioactive Dub" (Dub Meltdown)
Radikal Guru - "New Decade" (New Decade 12") - request!
Rhythm & Sound ft. Willie Williams - "See Mi Yah (Hallucinator Remix)" (See Mi Yah Remixes)
Rob Sparx - "Trooper" (Trooper)
Dub Pistols & DJ Spooky - "Peace in Zaire" (Under the Influence)
El Mundo & Satori - "The Purist" (The Purist)
Johnny Osbourne - "No Sound Like We" (Most Wanted)
Exodus Quartet - "The Far East Coast" (Dubbed Out in D.C.)
Dubmatix - "Sub Dub" (Renegade Rocker)
Smith & Mighty - "Jungle Man Corner" (Bass is Maternal)
Method of Defiance - "No Justice" (Jahbulon) - new release!
Conscious Fyah - "Live Up"/Alborosie - "Right or Wrong"/Lutan Fyah - "Hypocrites"/Luciano - "Use Jah Words" (Lionheart Presents 'Rise Up')
Slotek - "Stormy Weather" (Hydrophonic)
Augustus Pablo - "Poor Man's Cry Dub" (Message Music) - new release!
Black Uhuru - "Android Rebellion" (Dub Factor)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Playlist June 20, 2011

Dub Specialist - "Together Dub" (Dub Specialist)
The Chosen Few - "Collie Stuff" (Darker Than Blue)
Black Solidarity All-Stars - "Spliff Dub" (Haul and Pull Selecta)
Barrington Levy & Jah Thomas - "Mr. C.I.D." (Haul and Pull Selecta)
Anzania - "Blacka Black" (Augustus Pablo Message Music) - new release!
IRoy - "Hooligan" (Touting I Self)
Augustus Pablo - "Run Come Yah Version" (Message Music) - new release!
Almamegretta - "Nziriosa" (In Dub)
Roots Manuva meets WrongTom - "Jah Warrior" (Duppy Writer)
The Rootsman - "Rocky Road" (New Testament)
Butch Cassidy Sound System - "Brothers and Sisters" (Dub Selector 2)
Les Negresses Vertes - "Face a la Mer (Massive Attack Remix)" (Daddy G dj Kicks)
Stephen Marley - "False Friends" (Revelation pt. 1) -
new release!

Israel Vibration - "Slammer" (Reggae Knights) - new release!
Dub Gabriel - "Sacrifice & Bliss" (Land of Baboon)
Lotek Hi-Fi - "Blessings" (Mixed Blessings)
Marquis Melody - "Hearts of Fire (Dub Version)" (Hearts of Fire) - new release!
Alborosie - "Respect" - new release!
Dr. Israel - "Sensimillia" (Life at Dub Mission) - new release!
Thievery Corporation - "The Shining Path" (Radio Retaliation)
Afterthematics - "4d" (Instrumental)
Bass Communion v. Muslimgauze - "Four" (S/T)
Adrian Sherwood - "Majestic 12" (Never Trust a Hippy)
For Knox Five - "Killa Sound Boy/Wonder Strikes Again" (Radio Free D.C.)

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Trip to Kingston...

Me, in Hope Gardens - Kingston, Jamaica!

My Trip to Kingston...

Hope Gardens, located on Old Hope Road in Kingston is a large national park filled with beautiful grounds. Here, the natural tropical foliage of Jamaica.

My Trip to Kingston...

Me in front of a mural at the University of the West Indies, Mona which is located in the Liguanea part of Kingston.

My Trip to Kingston...

When Britain conquered the Spanish for control of Jamaica in the seventeenth century, the crown quickly commissioned the building of a fort on Kingston Bay to thwart attempts by the Spanish to reclaim the island. Unfortunately, pirates became a big problem - with Captain Morgan and others robbing everybody (including the British) of its fortunes. So Britain decided to hire pirates (including Morgan) to work for the crown. Port Royal became the site of the commissioned fort, Fort Charles, and the port became renouned for the debauchery that was common amongst pirates. Here is a picture of me at Fort Charles.

My Trip to Kingston...

Grafitti located on Old Hope Road in Kingston, Jamaica. Sadly, Jamaica's legal system is one that criminalizes homosexual conduct, so it's common to find grafitti criticizing the lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) lifestyle. In addition to this unfounded claim about the transgender lifestyle, I spotted the message, "Cancer Lesbianism" just a block from the home of Bob Marley. The purpose of my trip to Jamaica was to research the criminalization of homosexuality in Jamaica.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Playlist: March 7, 2100

Gregory Isaacs - "Hold on Tight" (Lonely Lover)
Sly & Robbie - "Return to the Bass and Trouble" (Axiom Dub)
Steel Pulse - "Leggo Beast" (True Democracy)
Ras Michael - "Glory Dawn" (Rastafari)
Jah Acid Dub - "IN Control Dub" (Waveform Tranmissions 3)- new release
Black Uhuru - "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" (Ultimate Collection)
Burning Spear - "Door Peeper" (Creation Rebel)
Johnny Osbourne - "Ice Cream Love" (Never Stop Fighting)
Bill Laswell & Sacred System - "Driftwork" (Nagual Site)
Sufia Giza - "Armchair Revolutionaires" (Sankofa Times) - new release
Niney the Observer - "No More Will I Roam Dub" (Niney Present Dub)
Rhythm & Sound ft. Willi Williams - "See Mi Yah" (Hallucinator Remix)
Matty G - "Don't Wanna Be" (Take You Back)
Etana - "Venting" (Free Expression) - new release
Smith & Mighty - "Jungle Man Corner" (Bass Is Maternal)
Earl 16 - "Changing World" (Cyber Roots Reggae)
Rob Sparx - "Trooper" (Trooper)
Israel Vibration - "Original Gangster" (Reggae Knights) - new release
Ky-Mani Marley - "Rasta Love" (Rasta Love) - new release
Dr. Israel - "African Youth" (Land of Baboon)
Tony Rebel - "Know Jah" (Collectors Series 1)
Bob Marley/Bill Laswell remix - "One Love" (Dreams of Freedom)
Itals - "Brutal Out Deh" (Brutal Out Deh)
Bim Sherman - "Golden Locks" (Tribulation)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Raggamuffin 2011 in Pictures!

THE DREAD ZONE finally meets the great DON CARLOS! The smiles reveal everything!

DON CARLOS was without a doubt Sunday's biggest crowd pleaser! His set was simply amazing!

RAS MICHAEL, just prior to his astounding performance with the SONS & DAUGHTERS OF NEGUS where he played classics from the RASTAFARI album.

FLABBA HOLT! FLABBA HOLT! Legendary bassist and member of the ROOTS RADICS pauses to say hello and pose for a snap shot.

JARRET (the Dread Zone) asking HORACE ANDY for a more staged photograph.

The great HORACE ANDY (also of Massive Attack!)



JARRET ("The Dread Zone") and Richie Spice

JARRET (host of kuci's "The Dread Zone") with GENTLEMAN


GENTLEMAN spread the positive vibes at his press conference. He joked about having to answer the question (yet again) about how a white German became a top reggae superstar!

FULLY FULWOOD: legendary session bassist and member of the SOUL SYNDICATE

CORNELL CAMPBELL opened his set with his classic tune, "Rope In." Nice.

RICHIE SPICE was quiet and somewhat shy... that is, until he took to the stage.

ETANA gave an amazing performance on day 1 of the festival, proving that this former back-up singer to Richie Spice is a major contender in reggae.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Playlist: February 14, 2011

Dub Syndicate - "The Jewel" (Ital Breakfast)
Dub Gabriel ft. URoy - "Liv n. Luv" (Liv n Luv)
Eek-a-Mouse - "Neutron Bomb" (Very Best of...2)
African Brothers - "Mystery of Nature" (Want Some Freedom)
Alborosie - "Dubbing Kingston" (Dub Clash) - new release
Leroy Sibbles - "What is Mine" (Strictly Roots)
Horace Andy - "Do You Love My Music?" (In the Light)
Johnny Osbourne - "Back Off" (Most Wanted)
Blood Sisters - "Ring My Bell" (Hustle!)
Creation Rebel - "Space Movement Section 9" (Historic Moments 2)
Nortec Collective - "Ese Banda en Dub" (Tijuana Sessions vol 3)
Rhythm & Sound - "No Partial" (Rhythm & Sound)
Bill Laswell - "Cybotron" (Dub Chamber 3)
Dr. Israel - "Southside" (Next Stop)
Gentleman - "Who Dem Want Blame" (Trodin On)
Richie Spice - "Black Like Tar" (Spice in Your Life)
Soom T - "Jungle of Peace" (Ode 2 A Carrot) - new release
Edson Cordeiro - "Ave Maria" (Abductions & Reconstructions)
Rockers Hi-Fi - "Copycat" (Mish Mash)
Method of Defiance - "Elijah's Lament" (Jahbulon)
6Blocc - "Legalize It-Dubplate" (Sub Assault)
The Bug - "Slew" (Razor X Productions)
Tony Rebel - "Hear My Cry" (I Rebel)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Playlist: Jan. 3, 2011

Nightmares on Wax - "Still? Yes!" (Thought So)
Prince Fatty - "Gin & Juice" (Survival of the Fatest)
Prince Alla - "Gold "Diver" (I Can Hear the Children Singing)
Junior Ross & the Spear - "Bow Down Babylon" (I Can Hear the Children Singing)
Roots Radics - "King Tubby's Gold Dub" (King Tubby's Hidden Treasures)
Martin-EZ feat. Don Wayne - "Light it Up" (Babylon Central)
Ras Michael - "Glory Dawn" (Rastafari)
Brilliantes Del Vuelo - "I Know That (I Will Love Her No More)" - new release!
Dr. Israel - "Addis Ababa/She Needed Dub" (Another Day in Babylon)
Peter Broggs - "Just Can't Stop Praising Jah" (Ras Portraits)
Ben Harper - "With My Own Two Hands" (Diamonds on the Inside)
Chino - "Handwritings" (forthcoming) - new release!
Rocky Dawuni - "Freefall" (Hymns for the Rebel Soul) - new release!
Gladiators - "Rude Boy Ska" (Dreadlocks the Time Is Now)
Barrington Levy - "Robber Man" (Prison Oval Rock)
Seed Organization - "Sound a Goody Goody" (Seed Organization Meets Big Toe's Hi Fi)
Midnite - "Wesside" (Suns of Atom)
Darryl Jenifer - "Away Away" (In Search of Black Judah) - new release
Rockers Hi Fi - "Rockers to Rockers" (Rockers to Rockers)
Gappy Ranks - "Pumpkin Belly" (Put the Stereo On) - new release!
Etana - "I'm Not Afraid" (The Strong One)