Monday, December 26, 2011

Playlist: December 26, 2011

Angelo Badalamenti - "Dub Driving" (Lost Highway)
Bunny Lee - "None Shall Escape Dub" (Rasta Dub 76)
Brillantes Del Vuelo - "Tourist Class" (As Above So Beloved)
Rockers Hi-Fi - "Copycat" (Mish Mash)
General Echo ft. Barrington Levy - "Eventide a Disaster" (Biggest Dancehall Anthems 79-82)
Boozoo Bajou - "Take it Slow" (Dust My Broom)
Roots Radics - "Knife and Fork Dubwise" (Dangerous Dub)
URoy and Nambio Robinson - "Nyabinghi Chant" (Now)
Johnny Osbourne - "Nah Skin Up" (Truth & Rights)
Maytones - "Sha La La" (Greatest Hits)
Willi Williams - "Rocking Universally" (Messenger Man)
Peaking Lights - "Birds of Paradise Dub" (936)
Alborosie - "Ragamuffin" (2 Times Revolution)
Dr. Blue and the Time - "Dr. Who Dub" (Hush House)
DJ Spooky - "Holographic Funk" (Songs of a Dead Dreamer)
Dub Syndicate - "Breath of Fresh Air" (Mellow and Collie)
Andy Stott - "Brief Encounter" (Brief Encounter)
Isreal Vibration - "Greedy Dog" (Strength of My Life)
Atheus - "Unendlich" (Unendlich)
Trinity - "Fight it to the Top" (Shanty Town Determination)
Martin Campbell - "Long Suffering" (Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics)
King Midas Sound - "Outta Space" (Waiting for You)
Nightmares on Wax - "African Pirates" (In a Space Outta Sound)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Playlist: December 12, 2011

Tony Tuff - "Run Come Come" (Tony Tuff Meets Errol Scorcher)
Congos - "Citizens of the World" (Cock Mouth Kill Cock)
Clive Field Marshall - "Love is What You Want" (Wackie V. 1)
Karen Carpenter w/ Roots Radics
Sugar Minott - "I Want Your Dub" (Meets the People in a Lover's Dubbers Style)
Tony Rebel - "Fire Fire" (I Rebel)
Maxi Priest - "Favorite Things" (Time of the Year) - new release!
Barrington Levy - "Fuss & Fight" (King Tubby's Lost Dubs)
Automaton - "The Terran Invasion" (Dub Terror Exhaust)
Ranking Dread - "Love a Dub" (Biggest Dancehall Anthems 1979-82)
Michael Prophet - "2000 Years" (Cease Fire)
Ruple Edwards - "Buckshot Dub" (Dub Massive Ch. 2)
Eric Donaldson - "The Way You Do the Things You Do" (Best of...)
Jah Wobble - "Ungodly Kingdom" (Rising Above Bedlam)
Bomb the Bass - "Darkheart" (Clear)
Nightmares on Wax - "Morse" ( Carboot Soul)
Maurizio - "4" (Maurizio)
DJ Spooky - "Channel Float" (The Quick & the Dead)
Ice - "Viper" (Electric Ladyland 5)
Red Snapper - "Last One" (Loopascoopa)
Bomb 20 - "Dry" (Electric Ladyland 5)
Dub Syndicate - "Country Man Talk" (Mellow & Collie)
Skatalites - "Roots Dub" (Legendary Skatalites)
Earl 16 - "Survivors" (Cyber Roots Reggae)
Thievery Corporation w/ Sister Nancy - "Originality" (Versions)
WE - "The Chinatown Dub" (Incursions in Illbient)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Playlist: December 5, 2011

Barry Brown - "Give Another Israel a Try" (Greensleeves)
Cornell Campbell - "Jah Jah Me No Horn Yah" (Original Blue Recordings)
DJ Spooky - "Muzique Mechanique Dub" (Electric Ladyland 3)
URoy - "Come Home Little Girl" (Rasta Ambassador)
Stephen Marley - "Traffic Jam" (Mind Control)
Lee Scratch Perry/DJ Spooky - "Purity Rock" (Panic in Babylon bonus)
Automator - "The Truth" (A Much Better Tomorrow)
Sammy Dread - "In a Man's Heart" (Road Block)
Etana - "Roots" (The Strong One)
Up, Bustle & Out - "Lyrica Volcanica Dub mix" (Mexican Sessions)
Lotek Hi-Fi - "Blessings" (Mixed Blessings)
Thievery Corporation - "Language Symbolique" (Den of Thieves)
Anthony B - "Child's Care" (Dubhead Presents Fire Pon Rome)
Medeski, Martin & Wood - "Satan's Church..." (Combustication remix)
Dub Syndicate - "Reggae Raga" (Murder Tone)
Don Carlos - "Laser Dub" (Don Carlos in Dub)
Errol Holt - "Gimme" (Prince Far I Silver & Gold)
Bushman - "Light it Up" (Most Wanted)
Jah Mason - "Wheat & Tears" (Wheat & Tears)
Gentleman - "Rage & Anger" (Another Intensity)
Terminalhead & Mr. Spee - "Twisted System" (Rockers Hi Fi Black Album)
Tricky - "Ghetto Youth" (Pre-Millennium Tension)
Triston Palma - "Joker Smoker" (Joker Smoker)
Sofa Surfers - "Babylon Tymes" (See the Light)