Monday, December 30, 2013

Playlist: December 30, 2013

Tenor Saw - "Pumpkin Belly" (Tenor Saw & Nitty Gritty) 17 North Parade
The Orb - "Tower 23" (Bicycles & Tricycles) Six Degrees Records
Mighty Tom Cats - "Good Groove" (Soul Makossa) Paul Winley Records
Dan Lambert - "Charley Town" (Where Are You From?) Now Again Records - new release!!!
Cornell Campbell - "Devil In Bed/Dub" (Original Blue Recordings) Mol Selekta
Michael Prophet - "Hurt No One" (Consciousness)
Joe Higgs - "Devotion" (Unity Is Power) Pressure Sounds - new release!!!
Whitefield Brothers - "Breakin' Through" (Earthology) Now Again Records
Natty - "Change" (Dub Rockers V. 1) VP Records  - new release!!!
The Aggrovators - "Happy Go Lucky Dub" (Dubbing Studio 1 Style) Heartbeat Records

Monday, December 23, 2013

Playlist: December 23, 2013

Mighty Tom Cats - "Soul Makossa" (Soul Makossa) Paul Winley Records
Whitefield Brothers - "Weiya (Serengeti Beat)" (In the Raw) Now Again Records
Mighty Tom Cats - "Tom Cat Reggay" (Soul Makossa) Paul Winley Records
Steve Boswell - 'Takes a Miracle" (We Are Getting Bad) Motion Records
Ras Michael - "None a Jah Jah Children No Cry (Dub)" (Rastafari Dub) ROIR Records
Wackies Rhythm Force - "Mama Land Dub" (African Roots Act 2) Wackies Label
Sound Defects - "Theme From the Iron Horse" (The Iron Horse) Tonedefsystems
MRR-ADM - "4Our" (Various Artists: Where Are You From?) Now Again Records - new release!!!
U-Roy feat. Stranger Cole - "I've Got the Boogie " (Now)
Clarence Reid - "Masterpiece" (Various Artists: Soul Sides) Zealous Records - new release!!!
Ranking Dread - "Fattie Boom Boom" (Biggest Dancehall Anthems 79-82)
Stormy - "The Devastator" (Various Artists: An Alternate History of Popular Music) Numero Group
Tabby Cat Kelly - "Don't Call Us Immigrants" (Various Artists: Don't Call Us Immigrants)
Voices - "Fall In Love Again" (Eccentric Soul: The Nickel & Penny Labels) Numero Group - new release!!!
Mighty Threes - "Rasta Business" (Africa Shall Stretch Forth...)
Myron & E - "Back N Forth" (Broadway) Stones Throw Records
John Craig - "Doing My Own Thing" (Various Artists: True Soul) Now Again Records - new release!!!
Upsetters - "Dub Stand" (Roaring Lion) Pressure Sounds Records - new release!!!
Wendy Rene - "Your Love Is All I Need" (After Laughter Comes Tears) Light In the Attic - new release!!!
10ft. Ganja Plant - "It's True" (Skycatcher) ROIR - new release!!!
Youngblood Brass Band - "E la e" (Pax Volumi) Tru Thoughts - new release!!!
Funk Proof - "Funktime" (Inner City Sounds) Luv N Haight
Delrays - "Pure Funk (pt. 2)" (Florida Funk) Now Again Records
Rebelution ft. I-Wayne - "So High" (Dub Rockers v. 1) VP Records - new release!!!
The Orb feat. David Gilmour - "Chicago Dub" (Metallic Spheres)
Freddie McKay - "Lonely Man" (A Lonely Man)
Blood Orange - "High Street" (Cupid Deluxe) Domino Records - new release!!!
Lida Husik - "Bad Head Day" (DJ Kicks: Rockers Hi Fi) K7
More Rockers - "Dis Ya One" (DJ Kicks: Rockers Hi Fi) K7

Monday, December 9, 2013

Playlist: December 8, 2013

Junior Murvin - "Apartheid" (Greensleeves)
Junior Murvin - "Strikes & Demonstrations" (Muggers In the Street) Greensleeves
Lui Lepkie - "Positive Conversation" (Rub-a-Dub Soldiers)
Ranking Joe - "Shepherd's Bush" (Rub-a-Dub Soldiers)
Detroit Sex Machine - "The Stretch" (Cold Heat: Heavy Funk Rarities 1968-74) Now Again Records
Wackies Players - "Dubmatic" (African Roots Act III) Wackies
Augustus Pablo & Upsetters - "Pride" (Roaring Lion) Pressure Sounds - new release!!!
Manasseh Meets the Equalizer - "Kind of the Land" (Meteosound)
Harvey & the Phenomenals - "Soul & Sunshine" (Numero Group: An Alternative History of Popular Music)
Kool Blues - "I'm Gonna Keep on Loving You" (Numero Group: An Alternative History of Popular Music)
Scientist - "Bedtime Rock/Morning Glory" (The Seducer Dubwise)
Jimi Tenor - 'Outta Space" (Intervision) Warp
Sly & Robbie feat. Sinead O'Connor - "War" (Live 2005)
Don Carlos - "Crucial Situation" (Prophecy) Blue Moon
Mighty Diamonds - "The Roots Is There" (Maximum Replay)
Jah Bouks - "Call Angola" (Strictly the Best V. 48) VP Records - new release!!!
John Brown's Body ft. Peetah Morgan - "The Gold" (Dub Rockers v. 1)
Cody Chesnutt - "Batman v. Blackman" (Headphone Masterpiece) Ready Set Go!
Oceanliners - "Cutting Room" (Florida Funk) Now Again Records
Benjamin Zephaniah - "Naked" (Naked)
Myron & E - "Back N Forth" (Broadway) Stones Throw Records
Overgold - "Turn It Up" (Gold Hits) Up Late Records - new release!!!
Khan Jamal Creative Arts Ensemble - "Cosmic Echoes" (Drum Dance to the Motherland) Eremite

Monday, December 2, 2013

Playlist: December 2, 2013

Creations Unlimited - "Crystal Illusion" (An Alternative History of Popular Music) Numero Group
Joy Card - "Black Girl" (Jah Son Invasion) Wackies Label
Jimi Tenor - "New World" (Utopian Dream) Sahko Productions
Junior Murvin - "Judas & Jesus" (Muggers In the Street)
Yabby You - "Beware" (Beware)
Mighty Diamonds - "Cat-O-Nine" (Best Of...)
The Mighty Dog Catchers - "It's Gonna Be a Mess Pt. 2" (Florida Funk) Now Again Records
Barrington Levy - "Do Good" (Teach the Youth)
Scientist Meets Ted Sirota - "Stop & Frisk" (Heavyweight Dub)
Raging Fyah - "Running Away" (Judgement Day) self release - new release!!!
Eek-a-Mouse - "Georgie Porgie" (Wa-Do-Dem) Greensleeves
Deliverance Echoes - "Heaven" (An Alternative History of Popular Music) Numero Group
Saul Williams - "Dance" (Volcanic Sunlight) Sony
Nightmares on Wax - "Give Thx" (Feelin' Good) Warp - new release!!!
Sideshow - "Youth of Today" (Admit One)
Dennis Brown - "By the Foot of the Mountain" (Wolf & Leopards) VP

Monday, November 25, 2013

Playlist: November 25, 2013

Anthony Johnson - "Feel Like Dancing" (Gun Shot)
Barry Brown - "Fittest of the Fittest" (At King Tubby's Studio)
10ft. Ganja Plant - "It's True" (Skychaser) ROIR - new release!!!
The Congos - "What Grandma Say" (Cock Mouth Kill Cock)
Reggae in Jazz - "Grass Root" (Reggae in Jazz) Pressure Sounds - new release!!!
Dub Syndicate - "Substyle" (One Way System) Danceteria
Israel Vibration - "Walk the Streets of Glory" (Same Song)
Pablo's Eye - "The Episodic Nature of Life pt. 1" (All She Wants Grows Blue) Swim Records 
Barrington Levy - "Rock and Come In" (Vinyl Singles)
Johnthat - "Calmdown Reggae" (Radiosurfer) - self release - new release!!!
Myron & E - "Back and Forth" (Broadway) 
L.A. Carnival - "Color" (Cold Heat: Heavy Funk Rarities)
Boris Gardiner - "You Just Got to Be In Love" (Every N*gger Is a Star) Jazzman
Dubmatix - ??? (Renegade Rockers) 
Scientist Meets Ted Sirota - "Stop and Frisk" (Heavyweight Dub) Liberated Zone - new release!!!
John Brown's Body feat. Peetah Morgan - "The Gold" (Dub Rockers V. 1) VP Records - new release!!!
The Expendables feat. Eek-a-Mouse - "Ganja Smugglin'" (Dub Rockers V. 1) VP - new release!!!
Young and Sick - "House of Spirits" (S/T) Harvest Records - new release!!!
Bad Brains feat. Angelo - "Ragga Dub" (Dub Rockers V. 1) VP - new release!!!
Lavell Kamma - "Soft Soul" (Florida Funk) Now Again
Blackalicious - "Make You Feel That Way" (Blazing Arrow) Quanuum
Tabby Kat Kelly - "Don't Call Us Immigrants" (Don't Call Us Immigrants)
The Meters - "Handclapping Song" (New Orleans Funk) Soul Jazz
Raging Fyah - "Running Away" (Judgement [sic] Day) Self Release
Missy Dee & the Melody Crew - "Missy Missy Dee" (Recording Tap) Numero - new release!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Playlist: November 18, 2013

Benjamin Zephaniah - "Naked" (Naked)
Blackalicious - "You Didn't Know That Though" (Nia) Quanuum
Mighty Diamonds - "The Roots Is There" (Game Gear)
G.G. All-Stars - "Roots Man Dub" (Roots Man Dub) Heartbeat
Lee Scratch Perry - "Come Along" (Scratch Attack)
Bad Brains ft. Angelo from Fishbone - "Ragga Dub" (Dub Rockers) VP new release!!!
10ft. Ganja Plant - "State of Man" (Skycatcher) ROIR - new release!!!
Ayub Ogada - "Dala" (En Mana Kuoyo) Realworld
Bingy Bunny - "Apple" (Me & Jane)
Nightmares on Wax - "Les Nuits" (Carboot Soul) Warp
Weston Prim & Blacklash - "Spider Web"
Majestic Arrows - "Love Is All I Need" (Eccentric Soul: Bandit Label) Numero Group
Vanessa Kendrick - "90% of Me Is You" (Florida Funk) Now Again
Barrington Levy - "Vibes Is Right" (Here I Come) Greensleeves
Nightmares on Wax - "So Here We Are" (Feelin' Good) Warp - new release!!!
Myron & E - "Going in Circles" (Broadway) Stones Throw
Sang Hugh - "Rasta No Born Yah" (Ultra Vibes)
Wayne Jarrett - "Satta Dread" (Ultra Vibes)
Tyrone Taylor - "Sufferation" (Ultra Vibes)
Dubhead - "Fire Pon Rome" (Zion Army v. 3)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Israel Vibration - "Live & Give" (Strength of My Life) Ras Records
Keith Hudson - "Pick a Dub" (Pick a Dub) Blood & Fire
Barrington Levy/King Tubby - "Looking My Love Dub" (Lost King Tubby's)
Ayub Ogada - "10%" (En Mana Kuoyo) Real World
Revolutionaries - "Toothache" (The Revolutionaries)
Peter Tosh - "I Am That I Am" (Equal Rights) Columbia Records
Lee Scratch Perry/Dub Syndicate - "De Devil" (Time Boom De Devil Dead) EMI
Sugar Minot - "So We Love It" (Dancehall Showcase 2) Wackies
Tenor Saw - "Pumpkin Belly" (Tenor Saw & Nitty Gritty) 17 North Parade
Roy Porter Sound Machine - "Party Time" (The Story of...) Tramp Records
Zvuloon Dub System - "Tell Me Tell" (Freedom Time) - new release!!!
Eek-a-Mouse - "Juicy Juicy Weedy Weedy" (Mouse-a-Mania)
Johnny Clarke - "Don't Know Who to Trust" (Don't Give Up Your Culture)
 Bunny Wailer - "Rule Dance Hall" (Rock 'N' Groove)
Dubmatix - "Dub In Me Hand" (Renegade Rockers)
G.G. All Stars - "Let Dub Abide" (Roots Man Dub) Heartbeat Records
Jackie Stoudemire - "Guilty" (Don't Stop: Recording Tap) Numero Group
Delfonics - "Enemies" (Adrian Young Presents...) Wax Poetics
Annette Denvil - "So Nice" (Don't Stop: Recording Tap) Numero Group
Blowfly - "Butterfly Theme" (Florida Funk) Now Again Records
Mad'moizele Giraff - "Vente de Garage"
Mad Professor - "Tumble Down" (Dub Me Crazy)
Myron & E - "Turn Back" (Broadway) Stones Throw

Monday, October 28, 2013

Playlist: October 28, 2013

Mighty Diamonds - "The Roots Is There" (Maximum Replay) Gone Clear Records
Wackies Players - "Stay On Dub" (African Roots 3) Wackies
Dub Syndicate - "Sizzle Bud" (Fear of a Green Planet) Shanachie
The Propositions - "Something Different" (Funky Disposition) Luv N' Haight
Axiom - "Orion (4 Hero Mix)" (Reconstructions & Vexations) Axiom Records
Barrington Levy - "Here I Come" (Here I Come) Greensleeves
Ini Kamoze - "World-A-Music" (Here Comes the Hotstepper)
Bunji Garlin - "Differentology" (Differentology) VP Records
Nappy Riddem - "Rock Steady" (Rock Steady e.p.) Fort Knox - new release!!!
Nightmares on Wax - "Home Sweet H(OM)e" (Feelin' Good) Warp - new release!!!
Arnie Love & the Lovettes - "Stop and Make Up Your Mind" (Don't Stop: Recording Tap)
Roy Porter Sound Machine - "Drums for Daryl" (Story of Roy Porter Sound Machine)
Myron & E - "Turn Back" (Broadway)
Alborosie - "Rock the Dancehall" (Sound the System) VP Records - new release!!!
Gappy Ranks - "Mountain Top" (Heaven in Her Eyes) VP Records
Sam Baker - "Do Right Man" (Florida Funk) Now Again Records
Booker T. Averheart - "Heart N Soul" (Texas Funk) Now Again Records
Alpha & Omega - "Dub of Creation" (Songs from the Holy Mountain) A&O Records
Auxumite - "New Sensation" (Jah Son Invasion) Wackies
Rhythm Machine - "Put a Smile on Time" (Rhythm Machine) Now Again Records
Scientist - "Give a Little Love" (...Wins the World Cup) Greensleeves
Don Carlos - "Magic Man" (Harvest Time)
Rhythm & Sound - "Ruff Way" (Showcase)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Playlist: October 21, 2013

Myron & E - "Do It Do It Disco" (Broadway) Stones Throw - new release!!!
Annette Denvil - "So Nice" (Don't Stop: Recording Tap) Numero Group
Wackies Players - "Think It Over Dub" (African Roots 3) Wackies label
Jah Skerta - "I Who Have Nothing" (Jah Son Invasion) Wackies label
Horace Andy - "Let's Live In Love' (Dance Hall Style) Wackies label 
Johnny Morisette - "I'm Hungry" (Super Cool: CA Soul v. 2) Ubiquity Records
Mad Professor - "Zion" (Dub Me Crazy) RAS/Ariwa
V/A - "Black Out" (Reggae In Jazz) Pressure Sounds - new release!!!
Joe Higgs - "Devotion" (Unity Is Power) Pressure Sounds - new release!!!
Seeed - "Double Soul" (Music Monks) - new release!!!
Eek-A-Mouse - "Noah's Ark" (Wa-Do-Dem) Greensleeves
Alborosie - "Positiveness" (Sound the System) VP - new release!!!
Roy Porter Sound Machine - "Let's Party" (The Story of the Roy Porter...) Tramp Records
Black Uhuru - "Youth" (Dub Factor) Island
Gappy Ranks - "Up Again" (Shining Hope) VP
Mystic Roots Band - "Earth Song" (Camp Fire) Stay Positive Productions - new release!!!
Lee Scratch Perry - "Blackboard Jungle Dub" (Scratch Attack)
Thievery Corporation - "Focus on Sight" (Mirror Conspiracy)
Wailing Souls - "Penny I Love You" (Face the Devil) Trojan/Sanctuary Records
RJD2 - "Descended from Myth" (More Is Than Isn't) RJ's Electrical Connection - new release!!!
Missy Dee and the Melody Crew - "Missy Missy Dee" (Don't Stop: Recording Tap)
Vanessa Kendrick - "90% of Me Is You" (Florida Funk) Now Again Records
Nighmares on Wax - "Om Sweet H(Om)e" (Feelin' Good) Warp - new release


Monday, October 14, 2013

Playlist: October 14, 2013

Ini Kamoze - "Here Comes the Hotstepper" (Here Comes the Hotstepper) Columbia Records
Missy Dee & the Melody Crew - "Missy Missy Dee" (Don't Stop: Recording Tap) Numero Group
Mystic Roots Band - "I See You" (Camp Fire) Stay Positive Productions - new release!!!
Wackies - "Dubmatic" (African Roots 3) Wackies Label
Alborosie - "Rock the Dancehall" (Sound the System) VP - new release!!!
Scientist - "Ten Dangerous Matches" (Scientist Wins the World Cup) - Greensleeves
Cody Chessnutt - "Batman v. Blackman" (The Headphone Masterpiece) Ready Set Go
Bunji Garlin - "Differentology" (SoCa Gold) VP - new release!!!
Jackie Stoudemire - "Invisible Wind" (Don't Stop: Recording Tap) Numero Group
Richie Phoe - "Thriller" (Thriller/I Want To Do...single) Wah Wah 45s - new release!!!
Seeed - "What You Deserve..." (Music Monks) - new release!!!
Santi White & Benga - "Unstoppable/Night Dub" (Top Ranking: A Diplo Dub)
Gappy Ranks - "Heaven in Her Eyes" (Put the Stereo On)
Myron &E - "If I Gave You My Love" (Broadway) Stones Throw
Nightmares on Wax - "Om Sweet H(Om)e" (Feelin' Good) Warp - new release!!! 
G.G. All Stars - "Runaway Dub" (Roots Man Dub)
Pearly Queen - "Quit Jive'in" (Florida Funk)
Orgone - "Cali Fever" (Cali Fever)
Carrie Riley and the Fascinations - "Super Cool" (Florida Funk)
Anthony Johnson - "Love Me Girl" (Gunshot) Ras"sta" Reggae Productions
Lee Oskar - "Steppin" (Before the Rain)
Congos - "Citizen of the World" (Cock Mouth Kill Cock)
Joe Gibbs & Professionals - "Mouth Talk" (Teach the Youth: Barrington Levy...) VP

Monday, October 7, 2013

Playlist: October 7, 2013

ARTIST              SONG         ALBUM            LABEL

Various Artists - "Grass Root" (Reggae In Jazz) Pressure Sound Rec. - new release!!!
Joe Higgs - "Devotion" (Unity Is Power) Pressure Sounds Rec. - new release!!!
African Brothers - "Torturing Dub" (Want Some Freedom)
Creation Dub - "Black Festivity" (Creation Dub) Wackies
Rebelution - "Natural Mystic" (Tribute to a Reggae Legend)
Mike Brook - "Changes" (Just the Vibes)
Twinkle Brothers - "Loving Dub" (Dub with Strings) Twinkle Music

G.G. All Stars - "Loving Dub" (Roots Man Dub) Heartbeat Records
Bullwackies All Stars - "World Dub" (Rare Dub Mix n Roots)
Don Carlos - "Gimme Gimme Your Love" (Prophecy) Blue Moon
BB Seaton - "It Dread" (Rare Dub Mix n Roots)
Bunny Wailer - "The Specialists" (Dance Massive) Shanachie
Atarra - "Brimstone & Fire" (12 inch) Jahtari 
Michael Prophet - "Love & Unity" (Gunman) Greensleeves
Alborosie - "Shut U Mouth" (Sound the System) Greensleeves - new release!!!
Nightmares on Wax - "Now Is the Time" (Feelin' Good) Warp - new release!!!
Gappy Ranks - "Pumpkin Belly" (Put the Stereo On) VP
Richie Spice - "Mind Off of Me" (In the Streets of Africa) VP
Mystic Roots Band - "Earth Song" (Camp Fire v. 1) Stay Positive Productions - new release!!!
Steve Boswell - "I am Getting Bad v. 2" (We Are Getting Bad) 
Lida Husik - "Bad Head Day" (DJ Kicks/Rocker Hi-Fi Black Album) K7!
Jah Acid Dub - "In Control Dub" (Waveform Transmissions v 3) Waveform
Mike James Kirkland - "Baby I Need Your Loving" (Hang On In There)
Funkafreak - "Funkorgy" (Inner City Sounds) Luv n' Haight
Seeed - "Double Soul" (Music Monks) - Warner - new release!!!
Mighty Diamonds - "Natural Natty" (The Very Best....)

Monday, September 30, 2013

Playlist: September 30, 2013

ARTIST                 SONG                   (ALBUM/LABEL)

King Kong - "Rumble Jumble Life" (Rumble Jumble Life)
Nappy Riddem - "Rastaman" (Rock Steady e.p./Fort Knox) - new release!!!
Congo Natty - "Get Ready" (Jungle Revolution/Big Dada) - new release!!!
Seeed - "Jackpot Girl" (Music Monks)
Matty G - "Rasta Dem Run" (Take You Back/Argon)
Dr. Israel - "Crisis" (Inna City Pressure)
King Tubby - "Money Dub' (At the Mix v. 1/Original Music)
Johnny Osbourne - "Give a Little Love" (Never Stop Fighting)
Frankie Paul - "Country Man" (20 Massive Hits/Sonic Sounds)
Leroy Sibbles - "Give Me What Is Mine Version" (Strictly Roots)
Peter Tosh & Winston Scotland - "Skanky Dog" (Black Dignity/Trojan Records)
Gappy Ranks - "Heaven In Her Eyes" (Put the Stereo On/VP Records)
Rhythm & Sound ft. Freddy Mellow - "Truly" (See Mi Yah/Burial Mix Records)
Garnett Silk - "Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders" (Reggae Anthology)
Ebony Rhythm Band - "Drugs Ain't Cool" (Soul Heart Transplant)
Nightmares on Wax - "Give Thx" (Feelin' Good/Warp Records) - new release!!!
Bill Laswell - "Land of Look Behind" (Dub Chamber 4/ROIR Records)
Pole - "The Bell" (45/45)
2562 - "Basin Dub" (Aerial/Tectonic Records)
Roy Porter Sound Machine - "Funky Twitch" (The Story of...)
George Duke - "Reach For It" (>>>)
Wackies - "Freedom Dub" (African Roots 3/Wackies)
Joe Higgs - "Devotion" (Unity Is Power/Pressure Sounds) - new release!!!
Lee Scratch Perry - "Purity Rock" (Panic In Babylon)
Yesking - "Friends Like Mine" (Re-record, Not Fade Away)
Zvuloon Sound System - "All Over the World" (Freedom Time) - new release!!!
DJ Spooky v. Scanner - "Jeterotopian" (The Quick and the Dead)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Playlist: September 23, 2013

Seeed - "Respectness" (Music Monks) - new release!!!
Mr.  Anonymous - "Swing" (Mr. Anonymous) 
Gregory Isaacs - "Black Liberation Struggle" (Xtra Gregory)
The Revolutionaries - "Cocaine" (Black Ash Dub)
King Jammy - "Dub It In the Dancehall Dub" (Dub Chill Out)
Matty G - "War" (Singles)
Deb Players - "???" (Deb Players)
6Blocc - "New Dimension" (single)
2562 - "Moog Dub" (Aerial)
6Blocc - "Legalize It" (Sub Assault)
Sub Dub - "Killer Instinct" (Dancehall Malfunction)
Horace Andy - "Bad Man" (Broken Beats) - new release!!!
Nightmares on Wax - "Now Is the Time/Be, I Do" (Feelin' Good) - new release!!!
Mighty Diamonds - "Jailhouse" (Pass the Knowledge/VP) - new release!!!
John Brown's Body "Invitation" (Kings & Queens)
U-Roy - "OK Fred" (Now)
UB40 - "I Think It's Going to Rain Again" (Signing Off)
Wailing Souls - "Fire House Rock" (Fire House Rock)
LJX - "Talking In Your Sleep" (Brighter Days)
Majestic Arrows - "One More Time Around" (Bandit Label)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Playlist: September 9, 2013

00Soul - "Pullin' Teeth" (All Brothers, Different Mothers)
Pieces of Peace - "Peace & Blessings" (Pieces of Peace)
Joe Higgs - "Devotion" (Unity Is Power/Pressure Sounds) - new release!!!
African Roots - "Take Away Dub" (Strictly Dubwise/Wackies)
Horace Andy - "Natty Dread A Weh She Want (extended)" (Natty Dread...)
Sly & Robbie - "Cocaine" (Black Ash Dub)
Zvuloon Dub System - "All Over the World" (Freedom Time) - new release!!!
Gentleman - "Life Takes More Than That" (Confidence)
John Holt - "Last Train From the Ghetto" (Police In Helicopter)
Lee Scratch Perry - "Purity Rock" (Panic In Babylon)
DJ Spooky - "Purity Rock remix" (Panic In Babylon bonus disc)
Mad Professor - "Gringo Dread" (Evolution of Dub)
Alpha & Omega - "Easy Dub" (Safe In the Ark)
Dennis Brown - "Children of Israel" (Wolves & Leopards)
Brillantes Del Vuelo - "I Know That (I Will Love Her No More)" (As Above So Beloved)
DJ Krush - "Dig This Vibe" (Strictly Turntablized)
Dennis Bovell - "Dub d' Captain" (Mek It Run)
Dennis Brown - "Lately Girl" (Wolves & Leopards)
Dub Funk Association - "Mudie's Dub Request" (Sounds of the Heavyweight)
Monophonics - "Sure Is Funky" (In Your Brain)
Blackhouse - "84 Rap Hit" (The Black House)
Nightmares on Wax - "70s 80s" (Mind Elevation)
Sound Defects - "Poppin' Wheelies" (Iron Horse)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Playlist: September 2, 2013

U-Roy & Rod Taylor - "Run Run" (Now)
Michael Rose - "African People" (African Roots/M Records)
Hugh Mundell - "Going Places" (Mundell/Greensleeves)
Johnny Clarke - "Fire & Brimstone A Go Burn The Wicked" (Dreader Drea/Blood & Fire Records)
U-Roy & Sugar Minot - "Wanted' (Now)
Yellowman - 'Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" (Most Wanted/Greensleeves)
Augustus Pablo - "Ammagiddeon Dub" (Message Music/Pressure Sounds)
Windy City - "Track 3" (Peace, Love, Harmony e.p.) - new release!!!
Djosos Krost - "Bloody Day" (No Sign of Bad/Quango Records)
Horace Andy - "Cuss Cuss" (Broken Beats/Echo Beach Records) new release!!!
Dub Syndicate - "Kingston 14" (No Bed of Roses)
Barrington Levy - "Like a Soldier" (Sweet Reggae Music) - new release!!!
The Orb - "Slug Dub" (
Easy Star All Stars - "On the Run" (Dub Side of the Moon)
Lee Scratch Perry - "Purity Rock (DJ Spooky mix)" (Panic in Babylon)
Zvuloon Dub System - "No One But You" (Freedom Time) - new release!!!
Boris Gardiner - "Home Again" (Every N***** Is a Star)
Indubious - "Seventh Generation" (Wake the Lion/Righteous Sound Productions) - new release!!!
Heliocentrics - "Wrecking Ball" (13 Degrees of Reality)
Blackhouse - "Fonkie Journey" (The Black House)
Dam-Funk - 'KillDat" (Toeachizown)
Chemical Brothers - "If You Kling to Me, I'll Klong to You" (Life Is Sweet)
Natty Jean  - "Yow Rek" (Santa Yalla/Manjul Music) - new release!!!
Brilliantes Del Vuelo - "I Know That" (As Above So Beloved)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Playlist: August 26, 2013

Dennis Brown - "Wolves & Leopards" (Wolves & Leopards)
Mighty Diamonds - "Mr Bodyguard" (Deeper Roots)
Dennis Brown - "Here I Come" (Wolves & Leopards)
John Holt - "Can't Get You Off My Mind" (Can't Get You Off My Mind)
Gladiators - "You Can Say That I'm Lying" (Showdown v. 3)
Ras Michael - "None a Jah Jah Children Cry" (Ras Michael)
Burning Spear - "Reggaelation" (Garvey's Ghost)
Windy City - "Reggae Rule the World" (Countryman's Vibration) - new release!!!
Boris Gardiner - "Negril" (Every N***** Is a Star)
Willi Williams - "Zion Town Dub" (Messenger Man)
Rhythm & Sound - "See Mi Yah" (See Mi Yah Remixes)
Peter Tosh - "Go Tell It On the Mountain" (Black Dignity)
00Soul - "New Afro" (All Brothers, Different Mothers)
Exceptions ft. Mark Greene - "It Must Be Love" (Eccentric Soul: Red Green Black/Numero Group) - new release!!!
Cornel Campbell - "Devil in Bed/Dub" (Original Blue Recordings/Mol Selekta Records)
Johnny Osbourne - "He Can Surely Turn the Tide" (Never Stop Fighting)
Maytones - "Sha La La" (Their Greatest Hits)
September - "Stump" (Groove Merchant Turns 20)
Creation Rebel/New Age Steppers - "Painstaker" (Threat to Creation)
Zvuloon Sound System - "Voodoo Chile" (Freedom Time) - new release!!!
Martin Campbell - "War & Suffering" (Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics)
Majestic Arrows - "The Magic of Your Love" (Eccentric Soul: Bandit Label/Numero Group)
Wackies - "Sometime Girl" (Jah Son Invasion)
Don Carlos - "Just a Passing Glance" (Just a Passing Glance)
Wailing Souls - "Very Well" (Wild Suspense)
Gregory Isaacs - "Cool Down the Pace" (Night Nurse)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Playlist: August 19, 2013

Zvuloon Dub System - "Lion of Judah" (Freedom Time) - new release!!!
Tappa Zukie - "Born to be Black" (Musical Intimidator/Trojan Records)
Prince Far I - "Everytime I Talk About Jah" (Musical History)
Eugene Blacknell - "Grov-ve Monkey" (We Can't Take Life for Granted/Luv N Haight Records)
Glen Brown - "Melodica International" (Termination Dub/Blood & Fire Records)
Almamegretta - "Se Stuta O ffuoco" (In dub/BMG)
Rod Taylor - "Stand Firm" (Where is Your Love Mankind?/Greensleeves Records)
Linval Thompson - "Cool Down Your Temper" (Ride on Dreadlocks/Blood & Fire Records)
Windy City - "All Time Rockers (Dub)" (Countryman Vibration - new release!!!
00 Soul - "New Afro" (All Brothers, Different Mothers/00SoulMusic)
Kay-Gees - "Killowatt Invasion" (Deep Beats)
Yellowman & Fathead - "Rub a Dub a Play" (Just Cool)/17 North Parade Records)
Pentateuch - "Kingston" (The Genesis/Bootcamp Productions) - new release!!!
Danakil - "Quitter Paname" (Echos Du Temps/X Ray Productions) - new release!!!
Zvuloon Dub System - "Voodoo Chile"  (Freedom Time)
 Tiken Jah Fakoly - "Crazy World" (Managercratie)
Rebelution - "Safe and Sound Dub" (Courage to Grow/Hill Kill Records)
Tony Tuff & Errol Scorcher - "Run Come Come" (Tony Tuff Meets Errol Scorcher)
Wailing Souls - "On the Rocks" (On the Rocks/Greensleeves Records)
Martin EZ feat. Don Wayne - "Light It Up" (Babylon Central Soundtrack/ESL Records)
United Soul Association - "Sticky Boom Boom" (Inner City Sounds/Luv N Haight Records)
Gladiators - "You Can Say That I'm Lying" (Showdown v. 3)
Chemical Brothers - "Freak of the Week" (Music: Response/Astralwerks Records)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Playlist: August 12, 2013

Sugar Minot - "Dancehall Style" - Roots Lover (Moll Selekta)
Danakil - "Quitter Paname" - Echos Du Temps (X Ray Productions) - new release!!!
DJ Krush - "Lunation" - Strictly Turntablized (Mo Wax Records)
Zvuloon Sound System - "Freedom Time" - Zvuloon Dub - new release
Alton Ellis - "It's a Shame" - Darker Than Blue (Blood & Fire) 
Propositions - "Do Whatever Turns You On Pt. 1" - Funky Disposition (Luv N Haight)
Freddi Henchi & the SoulSetters - "Cartoon People" - Crown Princes of Funk (Soundscope)
Don Carlos & Gold - "Blackout in the Ghetto" - Showdown v. 3 (Hitbound)
John Holt - "Change Your Style" - I Can't Get You Off My Mind (Heartbeat Records)
Heptones - "Message From a Blackman" - Sweet Talking
Windy City - "All Time Rockers" - Windy City
Ebony Rhythm Band - "Vanilla Fudge" - Soul Heart Transplant (Now Again)
Pentateuch - "Struggles of Africa" - Pentateuch 
Leroy Sibbles - 'This World" - Wackies Sampler v. 1 (Wackies)
Cultural Roots - "Every Man Has a Right" - Hell A Go Pop (Greensleeves)
Cornell Campbell - "Rope In" - Original Blue Recordings (Moll Selekta)
Johnny Davis/The Arrows - "The Love I See Now" - Eccentric Soul/Bandit Label (Numero Group)
Tappa Zukie - "Ten Against One" - Musical Intimidator (Trojan Records)
Horace Andy - "Bad Man" - Broken Beats (Echo Beach) - new release!!!
Wailing Souls - "Don't Burn Baby" - On the Rocks (Greensleeves)
Easy Star All Stars - "Us & Them" - Dub Side of the Moon (Easy Star)
Boris Gardiner - "You've Just Got to be in Love" - Every N**** is a Star (Jazzman)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Playlist: August 5, 2013

Sugar Minot - "A Slice of the Cake" (The Roots Lover)
Gladiators - "You Can Say That I'm Lying" (Showdown V. 3)
Dub Syndicate - "Stampede/Stoned Immaculate" (Live at Town & Country)
Carl Bradney - "Slipping into Darkness" (Darker Than Blue)
Vanguards - "The Thought of Losing Your Love" (Soul Heart Transplant)
Ken Boothe - "Is It Because I'm Black?" (Darker Than Blue)
Propositions - "Grooving for the GrooveAfricana" (Funky Disposition)
Captain Sinbad - "Sinbad & the Eye of the Tiger" (Seven Voyages of Captain Sinbad)
Wailing Souls - "Walk But Don't Mind You Fall" (Wild Suspense)
John Holt - "Stranger In Love" (I Can't Get You Off My Mind)
Easy Star All Stars - "Step It Pon the Rastaman Scene" (Dub Side of the Moon)
Rebelution - "Feeling Alright" (Courage to Grow)
Rhythm Machine - "You Pay for What You Get" (Rhythm Machine)
Sound Machine - "Take Out" (Iron Horse)
DJ Krush - "To the Infinity" (Strictly Turntablized)
Willie & the Brentford Rockers - "Armagiddeon Time" (Version Dread)
 Mighty Diamonds - "No Crawling Bawling" (Very Best of...)
Congo Natty - "Rebel" (Jungle Revolution) - new release!!!
Ikonika - "Practice Beats" (Aerotropolis) - new release!!!
Charles Bradley - "Confusion" (Victim of Love) - new release!!!
Black Slate - "Sticksman" (Don't Call Us Immigrants)
Sounds and Pressure - "Dances are Changing" (Sounds & Pressure 4)
Majestic Arrows - "Love Is All I Need" (Eccentric Soul: Bandit Label)
David Lynch - "The Big Dream" (The Big Dream) - new release!!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Playlist: July 29, 2013

King Tubby - "This Ah the Best" (Controls)
The Arrows - "We Have Love" (Eccentric Soul: Bandit Label)
Burning Spear - "Fire Man" (Fittest of the Fittest)
Badawi - "Snake Chamber/Chamber Dub" (Bedouin Sound Clash)
Linval Thompson - "!2 Tribes of Israel" (Ride on Dreadlocks)
Badawi ft. Honeychild - "Suspcions" (Bedouin Sound Clash)
Ebony Rhythm Band - "Light My Fire" (Soul Heart Transplant)
Bernie Worrell - "Y Spy" (Funk of Ages)
Lee Scratch Perry - "Groovey Dub" (Megaton Dub 2)
The Royals - "Tirang" (Dubbing with the Royals)
Mikey Dread - "Dread Combination" (Dread at the Controls)
Clive Field Marshall - "Love is What We Want" (Wackies V. 1)
Natty King & King Stit - "Gimmie Gimmie" (Dub Club: Foundation Come Again) - new release!!!
Dub Syndicate - "Echomania" (Echomania)
Primal Scream - "Higher Than the Sun" (Screamadelica)
Eugene Blacknell - "Wah Wah Funk" (We Can't Take Life for Granted)
Budos Band - "Unbroken, Unshaven" (3)
Little Denise - "Check Me Out" (Bay Area Funk)
Mr. Anonymous - "Atmosphere" (Mr. Anonymous)
The Orb - "Golden Clouds" (Orbserver in the Starhouse)
Horace Andy - "She Say" (Broken Beats) - new release!!!
Congo Natty - "Revolution" (Jungle Revolution) - new release!!!
Wayne Smith - "Under Me Sleng Teng" (Under Me Sleng Teng)
Richie Spice - "9 1 1" (Spice in Your Life)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Playlist: July 22, 2013

Earl 16 - "Got to Have Dub" (Cyber Roots Reggae)
Triston Palma - "Got to Praise Jah" (Joker Smoker)
Pablo Moses - "A Song" (A Song)
LJX - "Talking in Your Sleep" (Brighter Days)
Phase Selector Sound- "Sky Cup" (Dub After Time)
Rootz Underground - "Kingston Town" (Forthcoming) - new release!!!
Jacob Miller - "Standing Firm" (Collectors Classics)
SOJA - "Tell Me:"
Deep Space Network - "Callicop" (Black Album)
Congo Natty - "UK All Stars" (Jungle Revolution) - new release!!!
Sofa Surfers - "Twisted Tongue" (See the Light)
The Orb - "Tower 23" (Bicycles & Tricycles)
Richie Spice - "Holiday" (Spice in Your Life)
Dub Club - "Meditation Chant" (Foundation Come Again) - new release!!!
Pato Banton - "No Worry Dub" (Positive Vibrations)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Playlist: July 15, 2013

King Kong - "Rumble Jumble Life" (Rumble Jumble Life)
Johnny Clarke - "I've Got the Right" (Roots Disco Dub Superstar)
Maurizio - "M1" (Maurizio) 
Ras Michael - "Birds in the Tree Top" (Rastafari)
Papa Tullo - "Opportunity" (Tullo at Home)
Ernie and the Top Notes, Inc. - "Dap Walk" (Funky 16 Corners)
Blackhouse - "Fonkie Journey" (The Black House)
Augustus Clarke - "No No No" (Black Foundation Dub)
Rocket Juice & the Moon - "Check Out"  (Rocket Juice & the Moon)
Roots Radics - "Dread in South Africa" (Forward Ever, Backwards Never)
Rootz Underground - "In the Jungle" (Movement)
Wayne Smith - "Solve the Situation" (Youthman Skanking)
Lord Creator - "Sa Sa Yay" (Big Bamboo)
Tenor  Saw - "Ring the Alarm" (Tenor Saw & Nitty Gritty)
Gladiators - "Dreadlocks..." (Dreadlocks, the Time is Now)
Love Joys - "Sweet Feelings" (Reggae Vibes)
Congo Natty - "Get Ready" (Jungle Revolution) - new release!!!
Eek-A-Mouse - "Noah's Ark" (Wa Do Dem)
Hortense Ellis - "Breakfast in Bed" (I"m Still in Love with You)
Fat Freddy's Drop - "Blackbird" (Blackbird) - new release!!!
Kashmere Stage Band - "Super Bad" (Texas Funk)
Almamegretta - "Alma Dub" (In Dubb)
Upsetters - "Natural Dub" (Return of Sound System Scratch)
Boris Gardiner - "You Just Got to be in Love" (Every N***** is a Star)
Back to Base - #4 (Dub Absolute)
Kiddus I - "Too Fat" (Graduation in Zion)
Lloyd Parks - "Mafia" (Sound and Pressure 4)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Playlist: July 8, 2013

Junior Delahaye - "Movie Show" ("Wackies Sampler V. 1)
Bernie Worrell - "Volunteered Slavery" (Funk of Ages)
Stranger Cole - "The Time Is Now" (Wackies Sampler V. 1)
Whitefield Brothers - "Safari Strut/Prowlin'" (Earthology/In the Raw)
Dub Specialist - "Banana Walk" (17 Dub Shots from Studio One)
Easy Star All Stars - "Subterranean Homesick Alien" (Radiodread)
Ronnie Davis - "Inna Dis Yah Time" (Too Much Iron In the Fire)
Detroit Sex Machines - "The Stretch" (Cold Heat: Heavy Funk Rarities)
United Soul Association - "Sticky Boom Boom" (Inner City Sounds)
Culture - "Addis Ababba" (One Stone)
Steel Pulse - "Steppin Out"/"Macka Splaff" (Earth Crisis/Handmaid Revolution)
In One Peace - "In One Peace" (Inner City Sounds)
Nicodemus - "Scorpion Sting Me Granny" (She Love It In the Morning)
Barrington Levy - "Money Moves" (Sweet Reggae Music)
Subatomic Sound System - "Walking on the Moon" (Northern Faction 4)
The Orb - "Beatitude" (Okie Dokie)
Majestic Arrows - "If I Had a Little Love" (The Bandit Label)
Dyson's Faces - "Don't Worry About the Jones's" (Eccentric Soul) - new release!!!
Rob Garza - "Tonight (Wax Poetic Remix)" (Rob Garza Remixes) - new release!!!
Thievery Corporation - "Overstand" (Culture of Fear)
Funkproof - "Funktime" (Inner City Sounds)
Horace Andy - "Bad Man" (Broken Beats) - new release!!!
Jacob Miller - "All Night Till Daylight" (Collector's Classics)
Maytones - "Money Worries" (Greatest Hits)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Playlist: July 1, 2013

Junior Murvin feat. Trinity - "Time Stiff/Time So Rough" (Joe Gibbs 12" Reggae Discomix Showcase Vol. 5)
U-Roy - "Tide Is High" (Rasta Ambassador)
Cornell Campbell - "Just One Kiss" (Original Blue Recordings)
Wailing Souls - "What Is Your Meaning?" (On the Rocks)
Rod Taylor - "Stand Up Firm" (Where Is Your Love Mankind?)
Martin Campbell - "Talking's Taking Over" (Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics)
Culture - "Mt. Zion" (One Stone)
Mighty Threes - "???" (Africa Shall Stretch Forth Her Hands)
Reggae Regulars - "Where Is Jah?" (Don't Call Us Immigrants)
Willi Williams - "Give Jah Praise" (Messenger Man)
Unforgettables - "Time" (Return of Sound System Scratch)
Easy Star All Stars - "Us & Them" (Dub Side of the Moon)
Gaudi - "I Start To Pray" (In Between Times) - new release!!!
Euguene Blacknell - "Space Funk" (You Can't Take Life For Granted)
Mighty Diamonds - "Pass the Kouchie" (Very Best)
Junior Delahaye - "Working Hard for the Rentman" (Wackies vol. 2)
John Holt - "Happy Go Lucky Girl" (I Can't Get You Off My Mind)
Majestic Arrows - "Love Is All I Need" (Eccentric Soul: Bandit Label)
Exceptions ft. Mark Greene - "We're In Love" (Eccentric Soul: Red, Black Green) - new release!!!
Joe Tex/U. Black - "Standardization" (Joe Gibbs Productions)
Winston Edwards & Blackbeard - "Downing Street Rock" (Change the Beat: Celluloid) - new release!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Playlist: June 24, 2013

UB40 - "One in Ten" (Present Arms)
Wailing Souls - "Baga Trouble" (On the Rocks)
Azul - "Pipe Piper" (Jah Son Invasion)
Johnny Clarke - "Strictly Reggae Music" (Too Much Iron in the Fire)
Toots & and the Maytals - "Reggae Got Soul" 
Gregory Isaacs - "Give a Hand" (Lonely Lover)
Cornell Campbell - "Just One Kiss" (Original Blue Recordings)
Burning Spear - "The Ghost" (Garvey's Ghost)
G.G. All Stars - "No Yo Yo Dube" (Roots Man Dub)
Black Uhuru - "Rent Man" (Ultimate Collection)
Mikey Dread - "Israel (12 Tribe) Stylee" (World War 3)
Scientist & Jammy - "Storming the Death Star" (Strike Back)
Freddie McGreggor - "Big Ship" (Big Ship)
African Brothers - "Things and Time" (Want Some Freedom)
Propositions - "Sweet Lucy" (Funky Disposition)
Roy Porter Sound Machine - "Jessica" (The Story of...)
The Arrows - "We Have Love" (Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label)
Eugene Blacknell - "Space Funk" (We Can't Take Life For Granted)
Altyrone Deno Brown - "Sweet Pea" (Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label)
Easy Star All Stars - "Us & Them" (Dub Side of the Moon)
Gaudi - "I Start to Pray" (In Between Times) - new release!!!
Horace Andy - "Bad Man" (Broken Beats) - new release!!!
Maker - "What a Day" (Maker v. Now Again 2)
YesKing - "Raise Up" (Re-Record, Not Fade Away) - new release!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Playlist: June 3, 2013

Mighty Diamonds - "No Crawling No Bawling" (The Very Best)
Mad Professor v. Massive Attack - "Cool Monsoon" (No Protection)
Sir Coxsone Sound - "Bower Dub" (King of the Dub Rock Vol. 1 & 2)
Burning Spear - "Black Wa Da Da" (Garvey's Ghost)
Lee Scratch Perry - "Sliver Locks" (The Quest)
Congos - "Fisherman" (Heart of the Congos)
King Tubby & Soul Syndicate - "Great Stone" (Freedom Sounds In Dub)
Jah Skerta - "I Who Have Nothing" (Jah Son Invasion)
Mighty Diamonds - "Payaka" (The Very Best)
Zapata - "Do Your Thing" (Texas Funk)
Father's Children - "Phoney People" (Eccentric Soul) - new release!!!
Mighty Threes - "Fuss & Fight" (Africa Shall Stretch Forth...)
Peter Tosh - "Stepping Razor" (Equal Rights)
Horace Andy - "Changes" (Broken Beats) - new release!!!
The Bug - "Red Version" (Aktion Pak)
Easy Star All-Stars - "Great Gig In the Sky" (Dub Side of the Moon)
Yesking - "Devil Inside" (Re-record Not Fade Away) - new release!!!
Heliocentrics - "Wrecking Ball" (13 Degrees of Reality) - new release!!!
Pnuma Trio - ??? 
Maker - "Sundancer" (Maker v. Now Again)
Benjamin Zephaniah - "Uptown Downtown" (Naked)
Pagoda Sound System - "Aggro Dub Version" (Pagoda Sound System)
Dayton Sidewinders - "Slipping Into Darkness" (Cold Heat)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Playlist: May 27, 2013

Dennis Brown - "Wolf & Leopard" (Money In My Pocket)
Bobby Kalphat - Money (Zion Hill)
Lee Scratch Perry - African Revolution (Rise Again)
Barrington Levy - Tribute To Moa Anbessa (Sweet Reggae Music) **New release
The Rastafarians - Orthodox (Orthodox)
Courtney Melody - Black Liberation Version (Basic Replay)
Detroit Sex Machines - The Stretch (Cold Heat)
Father's Children - Phony People (Eccentric Soul) **New release
Nicole Mitchell - Digga Digga (Ice Crystal)
Scientist - Flash Gordon Meets Luke Skywalker (Strike Back)
Alice Russell - Heartbreaker (To Dust) **New release
Horace Andy - "Bad Man" (Broken Beats) **New release
Solomon Jabby - Track 1 (Zion Gates)
U-roy - Nyabinghi Chant (Now)
Dame Funk - Track 4 (Rhythm Trax Vol. 4)
Rhythm Machine - Can't Do Without You (Rhythm Machine)
The Orb - Lost and Found (The Dream)
Western Roots - Rockers Galore (Babylon Central)
Yesking - Track 1 (Not Fade Away) **New release
Third World - Jah Glory (96 Degrees In The Shade)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Playlist: May 20, 2013

Katchafire - "Love Letter" (Best Of, So Far) - new release!!
Propositions - "Vamping" (Funky Disposition)
Roots Radics - "Dedication to Dean Frazer & Nambo" (Live at Channel One)
Gentleman's Dub Club - "No Misery" (Gentleman's Dub Club)
Bobby Kalphat - "Terminal Rock" (Zion Hill) - new release!!!
Alpha Blondy - "Peace in Liberia" (Wild Time)
Aggravators - "I'm still in Love with you" (Studio 1)
King Tubby and Soul Syndicate - Track 5- Freedom Sounds
Pato Banton - >="No Worry, You're Mind" - Positive Vibrations
Heptones - "Sufferer's Time" (Lee Scratch Perry: Cutting Razor)
Tiken Jah Fakoly - "Kuma" (Coup De Guele)
Dub Syndicate - "Murder Tone" (Murder Tone)
Burning Spear - "Walk" (Walk Single)
Horace Andy - "???"  (Broken Beats) - new release
Thievery Corporation - "Originality" (Versions)
Junior Byles - "Jordan" (Jordan)
Sound Defects - "Theme from the Iron Horse" (Iron Horse)
Lonnie Liston Smith - "Peace & Love" (Reflections of a Golden Dream)
Peter Tosh - "No Sympathy" (Legalize It)
Mikey & the Soul Generation - "Give Everybody Some" (Texas Funk)
Nightmares on Wax - "African Pirates" (In a Space Out of Sound)
East Coast Connection - "Summer in the Park" (Eccentric Soul) - new release
Promise - "I'm Not Ready for Love" (Eccentric Soul) - new release
Junior Murvin - "Rescue Jah Children" (Police & Thieves)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Playlist: May 13, 2013

Roots Radics - "King Tubby's Gold Dub" (King Tubby's Hidden Treasure)
Augustus Pablo - "Ammigideon Dub" (Message Music)
Creation Dub - "Asmara Dub" (Creation Dub)
Mighty Diamonds - "Shame & Pride" (I Need a Roof)
Bobby Sarkie - "Over and Over" (Jah Son Invasion)
Barrington Spence - "Rockers Time" (Jah Son Invasion)

Itals - Brutal Out Deh (Brutal Out Deh)
Soul Makossa - Manu Dibango (funk-break beat)
Soul Seven - Mr. Chicken (Cold Heat)
Coco Tea - Reggae Music (20 Tracks)
Mikey Dread - Rocky Road (S.W.A.L.K.)
Horace Andy - Track 4 (Broken Beats)
Jah Wobble - Lam Phouthay Dance Mix (Molam Dub)
Disrupt - Jah Red Gold and Green (Foundation Bit)
Alborosie - Ragamuffin (2 Times Revolution)
Zion Train - Rocker's Revival (Love Revolutionaries)
Johnny Osbourne - Buddy Bye Bye (Most Wanted)
Thievery Corporation - Truth and Rights (Babylon Rewound)
Bobby Kalphat - Zion Hill (Zion Hill) NEW RELEASE
YesKing - Track 5 (Re-record Not Fade Away) NEW RELEASE
Barrington Levy - Dances are Changing (Sweet Reggae Music) NEW RELEASE
Exceptions (ft. Mark Greene) - We're in Love (Eccentric Soul) NEW RELEASE
The Limp Twins - Another day in the life of Mr. Jones (Tales from Beyond the Groove)
Gregory Isaacs - Cool Down the Dub (Classic Album Night nurse)
Kay-Gees - Killowatt (Deepbeats)
Kay-Gees - Killowatt/Invasion (Deepbeats)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Playlist: May 6, 2013

Gladiators - "Fling It Gimme" (Studio One Sessions)
Dayton Sidewinders - "Slipping Into Darkness" (Cold Heat: Heavy Funk Rarities)
Alborosie - "Tribute to the King" (Dub Clash)
Bunny Wailer - "Rule Dance Hall" (Rock 'N' Groove)
King Tubby & Soul Syndicate - "Ethiopian Version" (Freedom Sounds in Dub)
Dennis Brown - "Love Me Always" (Visions)
Carleen & the Groovers - "The Thing" (Cold Heat: Heavy Funk Rarities) 
Michael Prophet - "400 Years" (Cease Fire)
Peter Tosh & the Wailers - "Downpressor" (Black Dignity)
Barrington Levy - "Whom Shall I be Afraid Of?" (Sweet Reggae Music) - reggae new release!
Bobby Kalphat - "Counter Dub/Zion Hill" (Zion Hill) - reggae new release!
Sammy Dread - "Rude Boy a Fire M16" (Road Block)
Ticklah v. Axelrod - "Nature Loving Dub" (Ticklah v. Axelrod)
Stephen Marley - "No Cigarette Smoking in My Room" (Revelations)
Boundary - "Expo 67" (Boundary) - rpm new release!
Yesking- "One More Time" (Re-Record, Not Fade Away) - reggae new release!
Manessah - "Darkest Dub" (Shining)
Creation Dub - "Asmara Dub" (Creation Dub/Wackies)
Detroit Sex Machine - "The Stretch" (Cold Heat: Heavy Funk Rarities)
Roots Radics - "King Tubby's Gold Dub" (Hidden Treasures)
R. Jose Williams - "Linda's Movement" (Tracks by R. Jose Willaims) - funk new release
Bobbie Sarkie - "Over and Over" (Jah Son Invasion)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Playlist: April 29, 2013

Bobby Kalphat - "Behold I Come" (Zion Hill) - new release!!!
Badawi - "Suspicion" (Bedouin Sound Clash)
Leroy Sibbles - "What Is Mine" (Strictly Roots)
Johnny Osbourne - "Never Stop Fighting" (Never Stop Fighting)
Michael Prophet - "No One Hurt" (Consciousness)
Radikal Guru - "No Good" (single)
YesKing - "Overproof" (Re-Record, Not Fade Away) - new release!
Etana - "Reggae" (Better Tomorrow) - new release!!!
Muslimgauze - "Smooth Prophet" (Classic Selections)
Dub Gabriel - "Silent Warrior" (Raggabass Resistance) - new release!!!
Leroy Mitchison - "Street Scene" (Cold Heat)
Alborosie - "Rub a Dub Style" (Escape from Babylon)
Henry & Louis - "The Message" (Dub After Time)
Freddie McGregor - "Equal Rights" (Di Captain) - new release!!!
Eugene Blacknell - "I'm So Thankful" (We Can't Take Life For Granted)
Gladiators - "Jah Works" (Dreadlocks the Time Is Now) 
Gonervill - "Cloud of Confusion" (Gonvervill)
Afterthematics - "Lo-Tek" (Instrumental)
Rhythm Machine - "You've Got Action, You've Got Me" (Rhythm Machine)
Monophonics - "They Don't Understand" (In Your Brain)


Monday, April 22, 2013

Playlist: April 22, 2013

Horace Andy "Do You Love My Music?" (In the Light)
Gladiators - "You Can Say That I'm Lying" (Showdown V. 3)
Don Carlos - "Harvest Time" (Harvest Time)
Manasseh - "Creation Dub/Rise Up" (Dub Plates)
Barrington Levy - "Tribute to Moa Anbessa" (Sweet Reggae Music) - new release!!!
Mad Professor - "Zion" (Dub Me Crazy)
YesKing - "Hardground" (Re-Record, Not Fade Away) - new release!!!
Peter Tosh - "Glasshouse" (Mama Africa)
Amnesty - "We Have Love" (Free Your Mind) 
Propositions - "Vamping" (Funky Disposition)
Tony Rebel - "Chant" (Collectors Series Vol. 2)
Afterthematics - "Posthuman" (Instrumental)
Augustus Pablo - "AP Special" (Original Rockers)
Rhythm Machine - "You Pay for What You Get"  (Rhythm Machine)
Bobby Kalphat - "What About the Half Version" (Zion Hill) - new release!!!
Rebelution - "Good Vibes" (Peace of Mind)
Collie Buddz - "Mamacita" (Collie Buddz)
Dub Gabriel ft.- URoy - "Liv N Luv" (Ragga Bass Resistance) - new release!!!
Eugene Blacknell - "Wha Wha Funk" (We Can't Take Life For Granted)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Playlist: April 15, 2013

Richie Spice - "Youth Dem Cold" (In the Streets to Africa)
Willie Williams - "Zion Town" (Messenger Man)
King Tubby - "Badness Dub" (Dub Massive)
Freddie McGregor - "Standing Strong" (Di Captain) - new release!
Phillip Fraser - "Holding On" (Dancehall Explosion)
Joseph Cotton - "Mr. Terrorist" (Rare Dub N Roots)
Maytones - "Money Worries" (Greatest Hits)
Pato Baton - "No Worry Your Mind" (Positive Vibrations)
Ebony Rhythm Band - "Drugs Ain't Cool" (Soul Heart Transplant)
Tippa Irie - "Stick to My Roots" (Stick to My Roots)
Barrington Levy - "Black Hen Chicken" (Sweet Reggae Music) - new release!
Toofan - "Africa Hoye" (Toofan)
Winston Edwards & Blackbeard - "Downing Street Rock" (Change the Beat/Celluloid) - new release!
King Jammy - "1" (Strictly Dub)
Jah Mason - "Wheat and Tears" (Wheat and Tears)
YesKing - "Overproof" (Re-record...)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Barrington Levy - "Tribute to Moa Anbessa" (Sweet Reggae Music: Anthology) - reggae new release
Bobby Kalphat - "Counter Punch/Counter Punch Dub" (Zion Hill) - reggae new release
Delroy Wilson - "Better Must Come" (Dub Plate Style)
Boris Gardiner - "You Just Got to Be In Love" (Every N***** Is a Star)
Father's Children - "Phoney People" (Tracks By Williams) - jazz & funk new release 
Singers & Players - "Follower" (Revenge of the Underdog)
Tony Rebel - "Ungrateful" (Collectors Series 2)
The Propositions - "Vamping" (Funky Disposition)
Freddie McGregor - "Move Up Jamaica" (Di Captain) - reggae new release
Etana - "Strongest" (Better Tomorrow) - reggae new release
The Bamboos - "Move On" (Side-Stepper)
Freddie McKay - "Lonely Man" (Lonely Man)
Wailing Souls - "Very Well" (Wailing Souls at Channel One)
Heliocentrics - "Ethnicity" (Collateral Damage) - jazz & funk new release
John Brown's Body - "Shine Bright" (Kings and Lions) - reggae new release
Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - "Move!" (Welcome to Jamrock)
Winston Edwards & Blackbeard - "Downing Street Rock" (Change the Beat: Celluloid) - rpm new release
Blackhouse - "Fonkie Journey" (The Black House)
Mundo - "Drum Machine Funk" (single)
Alborosie - "Soul Train" (2 Times Revolution)
Bar-Kays - "Holy Ghost" (Stax)
Garnet Silk - "Pressure" (Rule Dem)
Barrington Levy - "Minibus" (Sweet Reggae Music)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Playlist: March 18, 2013

Collie Buddz - "Come Around" (Collie Buddz)
Linton Kwesi Johnson - "All We Doin Is Defendin" (Dread Beat an' Blood)
Sugar Minott - "I Want Your Dub" (Meet the People In a Lovers Dubbers Style)
Scientist - "Dub Livity" (Dub In a Roots Tradition)
Marquis Melody - "Hearts of Fire (Dub Version)" (Hearts of Fire)
Lee Scratch Perry - "Natural Dub" (Return of the Sound System Scratch)
King Tubby - "Money Dub" (King Tubby on the Mix Vol. 1)
Ini Kamoze - "World A Reggae" (Here Comes the Hotstepper)
Dennis Brown - "No More Will I Roam" (Money In My Pocket)
Tappa Zukie - "Natty Horns She Wants" (Horns Up)
Exile 1 - "Funky Crookie" (West Indies Funk 2)
Jacob Miller & Inner Circle - "Tired Fi Lick Wood In a Bush" (Good Times)
Tony Rebel - "Know Jah" (Collectors Series 1)
Black Uhuru/Thievery Corporation - "Boom N' Baff N' Biff" (Abductions & Reconstructions)
Tony Rebel - "Tribal War" (Collectors Series 1)
Big Youth - "Waterhouse Rock" (Select Cuts: Trust/Belief/Love/Respect)
Rob Smith - "Lovage 1" (Lovage)
Red Snapper - "The Paranoid" (Prince Blimey)
Alborosie - "Rub a Dub Style" (Escape From Babylon)
Barrington Levy - "Jah the Creator" (Time Capsule)
Augustus Pablo - "East of the River Nile" (East of the River Nile)
Lonnie Liston Smith - "Desert Nights" (Expansions)
Rhythm Machine - "Put a Smile on Time"  (Rhythm Machine)
Eugene Blacknell - "Space Funk" (We Can't Take Life For Granted)
The Orb - "Slug Dub" (Orbus Terrarum)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Playlist: March 11, 2013

Roots Radics - "Dedication to Dean Frazer and Nambo" (Live at Channel One)
Burning Spear - "The Invasion" (Marcus Garvey)
Dr. Alimantado - "Tribute to the Duke" (Best Dressed Chicken)
Third World - "Tribal War" (96 Degrees In the Shade)
Jay D. Clark - "Intelligent Design" (Intelligent Design) - new release!!!
Lee Scratch Perry - "Roast Fish & Corn Bread" (Live at Maritime)
Junior Dee - "#2" (Freedom Dub)
Ahuhea & Tarrus Riley - "Only Man in the World" (VP) -  new release!!!
Johnny Osbourne - "He Can Surely Turn the Tide" (Fally Lover)
Busy Signal ft. Damian Marley - "Kingston Town" (VP) - new release!!!
Nightmares on Wax - "SAL" (A Word of Science)
Red Snapper - "Suckerpunch" (Making Bones)
Heliocentrics - "Before I Die" (Fallen Angel)
Propositions - "Bad Seed" (Funky Disposition)
Eugene Blacknell - "Holdin' On" (We Can't Take Life For Granted)
James Reese - "Let's Go (It's Summertime)" (Funky 16 Corners)
Garnet Silk - "Evacuate" (Rule Dem)
Tapper Zukie - "Rockers" (Musical Intimidator)
Sound Defects - "Theme from Iron Horse" (Iron Horse)
Etana - "Reggae" (VP) - new release!!!
Ed Robinson - "Our Heroes" (Written in Stone) - new release!!!
Whitefield Brothers - "Sad Nile" (Earthology)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Playlist: March 4, 2013

Barrington Levy - "Why Did You Leave Me?" (Robin Hood)
Burning Spear - "Slavery Days" (Marcus Garvey)
Aggrovators - "Sun Is Shining Dub" (Kaya Dub)
Jay D Clark - "Most High" (Intelligent Design) - new release!!!
Fully Fullwood - "Utopia (dub)" (For All Time)
Junior Dee - "Dub & I" (Freedom Dub)
King Tubby - "The Symbals/Jah is the /Ruler" (On the Mix Vol. 1)
Max Romeo - "Open the Iron Gate" (Open the Iron Gate 1973-77)
Wailing Souls - "Very Well" (Wild Suspense)
Stephen Marley - "Freedom Time"
Jah Batta - "I Don't Want to Wait" (Argument)
Peter Tosh - "Here Comes the Judge" (Black Dignity)
Gentleman's Dub Club - "EST" (Gentleman's Dub Club)
Back to Base - "#7" (Dub Absolute)
Freddie McKay - "Hey Stranger" (Tribal Inna Yard)
Yelloman - "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" (Most Wanted)
Papa Tullo - "Opportunity" (Tullo at Home)
Groovy - "Through the Cracks" (Groovy)
Heliocentrics - "The Gorn" (Fallen Angels)
Jackie Mittoo - "Macka Fat" (Macka Fat)
Propositions - "Vamping" (Funky Disposition)
Karriem Riggins - "Alto Flute" (Alone Together)
Junior Reid - "One Blood" (One Blood)
Lions - "Revelations" (This Generation) - new release!!!
Hugh Mundell - "Jah Music" (Mundell)
Khan Jamal - "#2" (Dance to the Motherland)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Playlist: February 25, 2013

Barrington Levy - "Here I Come" (Here I Come)
Nightmares on Wax- "Still? Yes!" (Thought So)
Red Snapper - "Swank" (Reeled and Skinned)
Peter Tosh - "Brand New Second Hand" (Black Dignity)
Radikal Guru - "Strong Dub" (Single)
Alton Ellis - "Live & Learn" (I'm Still In Love With You)
Skatalites - "Kimble "Dub" (Legendary Skatalites)
Horace Andy - "Let's Live In Love" (Dance Hall Style)
Sounds of Liberation - "New Horizon" (Sounds of Liberation)
Tarrus Riley - "S Craving" (Contagious)
Busy Signal ft. Damian Marley - "Kingston Town" (Reggae Gold 2012) - new release!!!
Rhythm Machine - "You Make Me Feel Right...." (Rhythm Machine)
In One Peace - "In One Peace" (Inner City Sounds)
Meat Beat Manifesto - "I Hold the Mic" (AutoImmune)
The Orb - "Orb Is" (Bicycles & Tricycles)
Blackhouse - "Fonkie Journey" (The Black House)
Etana - "Reggae" (Reggae E.P.) - new release!!!
Deep Space Network - "Callacop" (DJ Kicks Black Album)
Sugar B - "Little Irie" (G-Stone Book)
Groovy - "Inverting Zeros" (Groovy)
Lonnie Liston Smith - "Devika" (Visions of  New World)
Boris Gardiner - "You've Just Got to be In Love" (Every N Is a Star)
Kay Gees - "Killowatt Invasion" (Deep Beats)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Playlist: February 18, 2013

Don Carlos - "Street Life" (Day to Day Living)
The Royals - "Oongan"  (Dubbing with the Royals)
Jerry Johnson - "Saxman Special" (Wackies Sampler 2)
Peter Broggs - "Jah Jah Voice Is Calling" (RAS Portraits)
Bunny Lee - "No Woman No Cry Dub" (Rasta Dub 76)
Aggrovators Meets the Revolutioners - "Shub-In" (At Channel One)
Scientist - "Beam Me Up Dubby" (Scientist Dubs Culture Into a Parallel Universe)
Bill Laswell - "Cybotron" (Dub Chamber 3)
Pato Banton - "Niceness" (Positive Vibrations)
DJ Nu-Mark - "Oya/ Indebure" - single
Freddie McGreggor - "Holy Mt. Zion" (Big Ship)
Israel Vibration - "Walla Walla" (Reggae Knights)
Dr. Israel - "She Needed Dub" (Another Day In Babylon)
Kay-Gees - "Master Plan" (Deep Beats)
Rhythm Machine - "Everybody's Chippin' (Rhythm Machine)
Dam-Funk - "Black" (Rhythm Tracks 4)
Blackhouse - "Shana's Beat" (The Black House)
J-Rocc - "Mystery Beat 4" (Some Cold Rock Stuff)
Afterthematics - "Black Dust" (InstruMENTAL) 
Sly & Robbie - "Fatigue Chic" (Strip to the Bone)
DJ Spooky - "Anansi Abstrakt" (Songs of a Dead Dreamer)
The Lions - "Padre Ichiro" (This Generation) - new release!!!
The Orb feat. Lee Scratch Perry - "Thirsty" (In the Star House)
Tony Cook - "The Rap" (Back to Reality)
Darondo - "How I Got Over" (Let My People Go) 
Resonators - "Helicopter" (The Constant) - new release

Monday, February 11, 2013

Playlist: February 11, 2013

The Lions - "This Generation" (This Generation) - new release!!!
Naggo Morris & Trinity - "Su Su Pon Rasta" (Joe Gibbs Reggae Discomix v. 5)
Lloyd and the Groovers - "My Heart & Soul" (Listen to the Music)
Max Romeo - "Norman" (War Inna Babylon)
Herbie Hancock - "Hidden Shadows" (Essential)
Martin Campbell - "Talking's Taking Over" (Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics)
Jah Wobble - "Kojak Dub" (Mu)
Mulato Astatke - "Yegelle Tezeta" 
Damian Marley & Nas - "As We Enter" (Distant Relatives)
Stephen Marley - "Jah Army Dub" (Jah Army Single)
Sugar Minott - "Superstar" (The Roots Lover)
Steve Boswell - "I am Getting Bad (Version 2)" (We Are Getting Bad)
Israel Vibration - "Mud Up" (Free to Move)
Rhythm Machine - "Put a Smile on Time" (Rhythm Machine)
Bad Medicine - "Trespasser" (Funky 16 Corner)
Dam-Funk - "Hood Pass Intact" (Toeachizown)
Richie Spice - "Free" (Reggae Month) - new release!!!
Wayne Jarrett - "True Love" (Chip In)
Western Roots - "Rockers Galore" (Babylon Central)
Don Carlos - "I'm Not Crazy" (Roots and Culture)
Revolutionaries - "A.N.C."  (Revolutionaries)
Resonators - "Try Again" (The Constant) - new release!!!
Muslimgauze - "Excerpts from By the West Bank" (Classics Selection)
Monophonics - "Bang Bang" (In Your Brain)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Playlist: February 4, 2013

Heliocentrics  & Mulatu - "Esketa Dance" (Inspiration Information)
Lonnie Liston Smith - "A Chance for Peace" (Visions of a New World)
Boniche Dub - "Amir Leghram Dub" (Boniche Dub)
Love Joys - "All I Can Say" (Reggae Vibes)
Mighty Diamonds - "One Brother Shot" (Deeper Roots)
UB40 - "Don't Let It Pass You By" (Present Arms)
Eric Donaldson - "Cherry Oh Baby" (Very Best Of...)
Pato Banton - "No Worry Dub" (Positive Vibrations)
Mr. Anonymous - "Swing" (Mr. Anonymous)
Bunny Wailer - "Jammins" (Rock N Groove)
Flick Wilson - "Slave Master" (Greensleeves 12" Rulers)
Congos - "Ark of the Covenant" (Live at Maritime Hall)
Boozoo Bajou - "Killer" (Dust My Broom)
Emmanuel Jal - "Skirt Too Short" (Warchild)
Thievery Corporation - "Sound the Alarm" (Radio Retaliation)
Foxy Brown - "Oh Yeah" (Daddy G DJ Kicks)
Sound Defects - "Angels" (Iron Horse)
The Lions - "More Higher Ways" (This Generation) - new release!!!
Mahjongg - "Thegg" (Cold Crush)
Resonators - "Transmission" (The Constant) - new release!!!
Amnesty - "Can I Help You?" (Free Your Mind)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Playllist: January 21, 2013

Gladiators - "You Can Say That I'm Lying" (Showdown V. 3)
Peter Broggs - "Don't Let the Children Cry" (RAS Portraits)
Junior Reid - "Respect Due" " (Firehouse Clash)
Pato Banton - "No Worry Your Mind" (Positive Vibrations)
Sammy Dread - "In a Man's Heart" (Road Block)
Martin Campbell - "Hard on the Rootsman" 
Nightmares on Wax - "Praying for a Jeepbeat" (Smokers Delight)
Sound Defects - "Oh My/Your Mine" (Iron Horse)
Heliocentrics - "Before I Die" (Out There)
I Roy - "Sidewalk Killer" (Touting ISelf)
Maytones - "Bowee Wowee" (Their Greatest Hits)
Resonators - "Try Again" (The Constant) - new release!
Dub Syndicate - "Rock Back" (Echomania)
Boris Gardiner - "You Just Got to Be in Love" (Every N* Is a Star)
Blackhouse - "Groove Me" (The Black House)
Kay Gees - "Get Down" (Deep Beats)
Lonnie Liston Smith - "Peace & Love" (Reflections of a Golden Dream)
Richie Spice - "Free" (Black History Month Radio Promo) - new release!
Lions - "This Generation" (This Generation) - new release!
Systemwide - "Stardub" (Impurely Replied)
Gentleman's Dub Club - "No Misery" (Gentleman's Dub Club)
Sounds of Liberation - "Billie One" (Sounds of Liberation)
Amnesty - "Can I Help You?" (Free Your Mind)
Dam Funk - "Sunset" (Rhythm Tracks v. 4)
Barrington Levy - "Be Strong" (Too Experienced)
Moritz Von Oswald - "2" (Horizontal Structures)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Playlist: January 14, 2013

Wayne Jarrett - "You and I" (Wackies Sampler 1)
Peter Tosh - "Where You Gonna Run" (Mama Africa)
Anthony Johnson - "Settle Down Baby" (Gunshot)
Lacksley Castell - "Righteous Stand" (Morning Glory)
Toyan - "Dread in Babylon" (Spar With Me)
Keith Hudson - "In the Rain" (Pick a Dub)
Pat Kelly - "If I Don't Work Out" (Jamaican Soul)
Prince Far I - "354 Version" (Silver & Gold  1973-79)
Prince Douglas - "Hard Times Dub" (Dub Roots)
Whitefield Brothers - "Pamukkale" (Earthology)
Blackhouse - "Fonkie Journey" (the Black House)
In Crowd - "Mango Walk" (Darker Than Blue)
Kay Gees - "Killowatt/Invasion" (Deep Beats)
Sound Defects - "Da Da Da" (Iron Horse)
Pato Baton - "No Worry Dub" (Positive Vibrations)
Systemwide - "Dub Plate (Jah Warrior Mix)" (Impurely Replied)
Resonators - "Vipers" (The Constant) - new release!!!
JRocc - "Cold Heat Funk" (12 inch mix 1)
Maker - "Baby" (Maker vs. Now Again)
Mike Brooks - "Changes" (Just the Vibes 1975-83)
Gladiators - "You Can Say that I'm Lying" (Showdown v. 3)
Barrington Levy - "You Say You Love Me" (Prison Oval Rock)
Sugar Minott - "Chant" (Rare Gems)
Blackhouse - "Soundoff" (The Black House)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Playlist: January 7, 2013

John Holt - "Happy Go Lucky Girl" (I Can't Get You Off My Mind)
Burning Spear - "Children" (Man in the Hills)
Abyssinians - "Meditation in Dub" (Declaration of Dub)
Peter Tosh - "African" (Captured Live)
Don Carlos - "Sweet Africa" (Pure Gold)
Mad Professor - "Natural Vegetation" (The African Connection)
Mighty Diamonds - "Live and Love" (Kouchie Vibes)
Michael Prophet - "Gun Man" (Greensleeves Rulers)
Mighty Threes - "Rasta Business Dub" (Africa Shall Stretch Forth...)
Eek-a-Mouse - "I Will Never Leave My Love" (Wa-Do-Dem)
Linval Thompson - "12 Tribes of Israel" (Ride on Dreadlocks 1975-77)
Revolutionaries - "M.P.L.A." (Revolutionaries)
Scientist - "Attack 3M" (Dub Landing Vol. 1 & 2)
Lonnie Liston Smith - "Summer Days" (Expansions)
Heliocentrics - "Sirius B" (Out There)
Sounds of Liberation - "New Horizons II" (Sounds of Liberation)
Monophonics - "Foolish Love" (In Your Brian)
Dam Funk - "Galactic Fun" (Single)
Karreim Riggins - "Round the Outside" (Alone Together)
Mr. Anonymous - "Swing" (Mr. Anonymous)
Phase Selector Sound - "Sky Cup" (BSI Docking Sequence)
Kay Gees - "Killowatt/Invasion" (Deep Beats)
The Orb - "Tower 23" (Bicycles and Tricycles)
Mundo - "Dub of the Dread" (Single)