Monday, April 8, 2013

Barrington Levy - "Tribute to Moa Anbessa" (Sweet Reggae Music: Anthology) - reggae new release
Bobby Kalphat - "Counter Punch/Counter Punch Dub" (Zion Hill) - reggae new release
Delroy Wilson - "Better Must Come" (Dub Plate Style)
Boris Gardiner - "You Just Got to Be In Love" (Every N***** Is a Star)
Father's Children - "Phoney People" (Tracks By Williams) - jazz & funk new release 
Singers & Players - "Follower" (Revenge of the Underdog)
Tony Rebel - "Ungrateful" (Collectors Series 2)
The Propositions - "Vamping" (Funky Disposition)
Freddie McGregor - "Move Up Jamaica" (Di Captain) - reggae new release
Etana - "Strongest" (Better Tomorrow) - reggae new release
The Bamboos - "Move On" (Side-Stepper)
Freddie McKay - "Lonely Man" (Lonely Man)
Wailing Souls - "Very Well" (Wailing Souls at Channel One)
Heliocentrics - "Ethnicity" (Collateral Damage) - jazz & funk new release
John Brown's Body - "Shine Bright" (Kings and Lions) - reggae new release
Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - "Move!" (Welcome to Jamrock)
Winston Edwards & Blackbeard - "Downing Street Rock" (Change the Beat: Celluloid) - rpm new release
Blackhouse - "Fonkie Journey" (The Black House)
Mundo - "Drum Machine Funk" (single)
Alborosie - "Soul Train" (2 Times Revolution)
Bar-Kays - "Holy Ghost" (Stax)
Garnet Silk - "Pressure" (Rule Dem)
Barrington Levy - "Minibus" (Sweet Reggae Music)

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