Monday, August 5, 2013

Playlist: August 5, 2013

Sugar Minot - "A Slice of the Cake" (The Roots Lover)
Gladiators - "You Can Say That I'm Lying" (Showdown V. 3)
Dub Syndicate - "Stampede/Stoned Immaculate" (Live at Town & Country)
Carl Bradney - "Slipping into Darkness" (Darker Than Blue)
Vanguards - "The Thought of Losing Your Love" (Soul Heart Transplant)
Ken Boothe - "Is It Because I'm Black?" (Darker Than Blue)
Propositions - "Grooving for the GrooveAfricana" (Funky Disposition)
Captain Sinbad - "Sinbad & the Eye of the Tiger" (Seven Voyages of Captain Sinbad)
Wailing Souls - "Walk But Don't Mind You Fall" (Wild Suspense)
John Holt - "Stranger In Love" (I Can't Get You Off My Mind)
Easy Star All Stars - "Step It Pon the Rastaman Scene" (Dub Side of the Moon)
Rebelution - "Feeling Alright" (Courage to Grow)
Rhythm Machine - "You Pay for What You Get" (Rhythm Machine)
Sound Machine - "Take Out" (Iron Horse)
DJ Krush - "To the Infinity" (Strictly Turntablized)
Willie & the Brentford Rockers - "Armagiddeon Time" (Version Dread)
 Mighty Diamonds - "No Crawling Bawling" (Very Best of...)
Congo Natty - "Rebel" (Jungle Revolution) - new release!!!
Ikonika - "Practice Beats" (Aerotropolis) - new release!!!
Charles Bradley - "Confusion" (Victim of Love) - new release!!!
Black Slate - "Sticksman" (Don't Call Us Immigrants)
Sounds and Pressure - "Dances are Changing" (Sounds & Pressure 4)
Majestic Arrows - "Love Is All I Need" (Eccentric Soul: Bandit Label)
David Lynch - "The Big Dream" (The Big Dream) - new release!!!

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