Monday, November 25, 2013

Playlist: November 25, 2013

Anthony Johnson - "Feel Like Dancing" (Gun Shot)
Barry Brown - "Fittest of the Fittest" (At King Tubby's Studio)
10ft. Ganja Plant - "It's True" (Skychaser) ROIR - new release!!!
The Congos - "What Grandma Say" (Cock Mouth Kill Cock)
Reggae in Jazz - "Grass Root" (Reggae in Jazz) Pressure Sounds - new release!!!
Dub Syndicate - "Substyle" (One Way System) Danceteria
Israel Vibration - "Walk the Streets of Glory" (Same Song)
Pablo's Eye - "The Episodic Nature of Life pt. 1" (All She Wants Grows Blue) Swim Records 
Barrington Levy - "Rock and Come In" (Vinyl Singles)
Johnthat - "Calmdown Reggae" (Radiosurfer) - self release - new release!!!
Myron & E - "Back and Forth" (Broadway) 
L.A. Carnival - "Color" (Cold Heat: Heavy Funk Rarities)
Boris Gardiner - "You Just Got to Be In Love" (Every N*gger Is a Star) Jazzman
Dubmatix - ??? (Renegade Rockers) 
Scientist Meets Ted Sirota - "Stop and Frisk" (Heavyweight Dub) Liberated Zone - new release!!!
John Brown's Body feat. Peetah Morgan - "The Gold" (Dub Rockers V. 1) VP Records - new release!!!
The Expendables feat. Eek-a-Mouse - "Ganja Smugglin'" (Dub Rockers V. 1) VP - new release!!!
Young and Sick - "House of Spirits" (S/T) Harvest Records - new release!!!
Bad Brains feat. Angelo - "Ragga Dub" (Dub Rockers V. 1) VP - new release!!!
Lavell Kamma - "Soft Soul" (Florida Funk) Now Again
Blackalicious - "Make You Feel That Way" (Blazing Arrow) Quanuum
Tabby Kat Kelly - "Don't Call Us Immigrants" (Don't Call Us Immigrants)
The Meters - "Handclapping Song" (New Orleans Funk) Soul Jazz
Raging Fyah - "Running Away" (Judgement [sic] Day) Self Release
Missy Dee & the Melody Crew - "Missy Missy Dee" (Recording Tap) Numero - new release!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Playlist: November 18, 2013

Benjamin Zephaniah - "Naked" (Naked)
Blackalicious - "You Didn't Know That Though" (Nia) Quanuum
Mighty Diamonds - "The Roots Is There" (Game Gear)
G.G. All-Stars - "Roots Man Dub" (Roots Man Dub) Heartbeat
Lee Scratch Perry - "Come Along" (Scratch Attack)
Bad Brains ft. Angelo from Fishbone - "Ragga Dub" (Dub Rockers) VP new release!!!
10ft. Ganja Plant - "State of Man" (Skycatcher) ROIR - new release!!!
Ayub Ogada - "Dala" (En Mana Kuoyo) Realworld
Bingy Bunny - "Apple" (Me & Jane)
Nightmares on Wax - "Les Nuits" (Carboot Soul) Warp
Weston Prim & Blacklash - "Spider Web"
Majestic Arrows - "Love Is All I Need" (Eccentric Soul: Bandit Label) Numero Group
Vanessa Kendrick - "90% of Me Is You" (Florida Funk) Now Again
Barrington Levy - "Vibes Is Right" (Here I Come) Greensleeves
Nightmares on Wax - "So Here We Are" (Feelin' Good) Warp - new release!!!
Myron & E - "Going in Circles" (Broadway) Stones Throw
Sang Hugh - "Rasta No Born Yah" (Ultra Vibes)
Wayne Jarrett - "Satta Dread" (Ultra Vibes)
Tyrone Taylor - "Sufferation" (Ultra Vibes)
Dubhead - "Fire Pon Rome" (Zion Army v. 3)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Israel Vibration - "Live & Give" (Strength of My Life) Ras Records
Keith Hudson - "Pick a Dub" (Pick a Dub) Blood & Fire
Barrington Levy/King Tubby - "Looking My Love Dub" (Lost King Tubby's)
Ayub Ogada - "10%" (En Mana Kuoyo) Real World
Revolutionaries - "Toothache" (The Revolutionaries)
Peter Tosh - "I Am That I Am" (Equal Rights) Columbia Records
Lee Scratch Perry/Dub Syndicate - "De Devil" (Time Boom De Devil Dead) EMI
Sugar Minot - "So We Love It" (Dancehall Showcase 2) Wackies
Tenor Saw - "Pumpkin Belly" (Tenor Saw & Nitty Gritty) 17 North Parade
Roy Porter Sound Machine - "Party Time" (The Story of...) Tramp Records
Zvuloon Dub System - "Tell Me Tell" (Freedom Time) - new release!!!
Eek-a-Mouse - "Juicy Juicy Weedy Weedy" (Mouse-a-Mania)
Johnny Clarke - "Don't Know Who to Trust" (Don't Give Up Your Culture)
 Bunny Wailer - "Rule Dance Hall" (Rock 'N' Groove)
Dubmatix - "Dub In Me Hand" (Renegade Rockers)
G.G. All Stars - "Let Dub Abide" (Roots Man Dub) Heartbeat Records
Jackie Stoudemire - "Guilty" (Don't Stop: Recording Tap) Numero Group
Delfonics - "Enemies" (Adrian Young Presents...) Wax Poetics
Annette Denvil - "So Nice" (Don't Stop: Recording Tap) Numero Group
Blowfly - "Butterfly Theme" (Florida Funk) Now Again Records
Mad'moizele Giraff - "Vente de Garage"
Mad Professor - "Tumble Down" (Dub Me Crazy)
Myron & E - "Turn Back" (Broadway) Stones Throw