Monday, February 24, 2014

Playlist: February 24, 2014

The Brooklyn Funk Essentials - "Selling Out" (In the BuzzBag) Shanachie Records
The Propositions - "Bad Seed" (Funky Disposition) Luv N' Haight Records
Don Carlos - "Say You Will Be My Baby" (Roots and Culture) 17 North Parade Records
Alpha Blondy - "Wari" (Merci) Shanachie Records
Easy Star All Stars - "Step It Pon the Rastaman Scene" (Dub Side of the Moon) Easy Star Records
Master Plan, Inc. - "You Turn Me On" (Master Plan, Inc.) Jazzman Records
George Semper - "It's Your Thing" (Inner City Sounds) Luv N' Haight Records
Yabby You - "O What an Oppression" (Prophecy) Grapevine Records
10ft. Ganja Plant - "State of Man" (Skychaser) ROIR Records - new release!!!
Funkafreek - "Funkorgy" (Inner City Sounds) Luv N' Haight Records
Ranking Dread - "Fatti Boom Boom" (Biggest Dancehall Anthems 79-82) Greensleeves Records
Raging Fyah - "World Crisis" (Judgement Day) Raging Fyah Productions - new release!!!
Mighty Mystic - "Evil All the Time" (Concrete World) VP Records - new release!!!
Marley Remixed - "Get Up, Stand Up (Thievery Corporation Mix)" (Legend Remixed) Tuff Gong - new release!!!
Little Ben & the Cheers - "Never More" (Eccentric Soul: Nickel & Penny Labels) Numero Group Records - new release!!!
Mighty Tom Cats - "Good Groove" (Soul Makossa) Paul Winley Records
Summits - "It Takes Two" (Eccentric Soul: Red, Black & Green Productions) Numero Group Records
Apple and the Three Oranges - "True Love Will Never Die" (Free and Easy) Now Again Records
Boscoe - "We Ain't Free" (Boscoe) Numero Group Records
Solange - "Lovers In the Parking Lot" (True)
Blood Orange - "Time Will Tell" (Cupid Deluxe) Domino Records - new release!!!
Pressure Drop - "The Calling" (Bill Laswell: Asana 2)
Brooklyn Funk Essentials - "Istanbul Twilight" (In the Buzzbag) Shanachie Records
Umberto Echo - "Let Them Free" (Dubhead/Dubsounds 5)
Dubhead - "Dubsounds 5" (Dubhead Mixes)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Playlist: February 17, 2014

Amnesty - "Mr. President" (Free Your Mind) Now Again
Culture - "Natty Dread Taking Over (12 in. mix)" (Two Sevens Clash) Shanachie
Dennis Bovell - 'Cap'n Dub' (Mek It Run) Pressure Sound
EWF - "Drum Song" (Open Our Eyes) Sony
Burning Spear - "Black Wa Da Da" (Garvey's Ghost) Island
The Observer & King Tubby - "Dubbing with the Observer" (Dub Massive Ch. 2) Trojan
Heptones - "Deceivers" (We Are Getting Bad) Motion Records
Mighty Mystic - "This Train" (Concrete World) VP Records - new release!!!
Ticklah - "Nature Loving Dub" (Ticklah v. Axelrod)
Johnnie Clarke - "Dread Locks Don't Fight" (Superstar Roots Disco)
Mighty Tom Cats - "Soul Makossa" (Soul Makossa) Paul Winley Records
Rocket Juice & the Moon - "Cut Out" (Rocket Juice & the Moon) 
Marley Remixed - "Stir It Up" (Legend Remixed) Tuff Gong - new release!!!
Boscoe - "Money Won't Save You" (Boscoe) Numero Group
U-Roy - "Tide Is High" (Rasta Ambassador)
10ft. Ganja Plant - "It's True" (Skychaser) ROIR - new release!!!
Don Angelo - "Thanks & Praise" (Rare Dub N. Roots)
United Soul Association - "Sticky Boom Boom" (Inner City Sounds) Luv N' Haight
Aggrolites feat. Etana - "Complicated Girl" (Dub Rockers v. 1) VP Records - new release!!!
Tiken Jah Fakoly - "Il Fout Se Lever" (African Revolution)
Tiken Jah Fakoly - "Francafrique" (Francafrique)
Pablo Gad - "Hard Times" (Don't Call Us Immigrants)
Master Plan - "For the Brothers" (Master Plan, Inc.) Jazzman Records

Monday, February 10, 2014

Playlist: February 10, 2014

Mighty Mystic - "Cali Green" (Concrete World) VP Records - new release!!!
Leaf System - "Kasheed" (Northern Faction 4) Balanced Records
Chronic Sonata - "Everyday" (Northern Faction 4) Balanced Records
Maytones - "All Over the World" (Greatest Hits) Heartbeat Records
Halleluiah Chorus - 'I've Got to Find a Way" (The Nickel & Penny Labels) Numero Group - new release!!!
Marley In Dub - "Smile Jamaica (fast mix version 2)" (Bob Marley In Dub, Volume 1)
Method of Defiance - "No Justice" (Jahbulon) MOD Records
Stormy - "The Devastator" (An Alternative History of Popular Music) Numero Group
Mikey Dread - "Industrial Spy" (Best Sellers)
OOSoul - "New Afro" (All Brothers, Different Mothers)
Sly - "Thank You for Talkin' To Me Africa" (There's a Riot Goin' On) Epic
Pagoda Sound System - "Agro Dub Version" (Pagoda Sound System)
Joy Card - "Black Girl" (Jah Son Invasion) Wackies
Yabby You - "Zion Gate" (Deliver Me From My Enemies)
Third World - "Tribal War" (96 Degrees In the Shade)
Ken Parker - "I Can't Hide" (Treasure Island Showtime) Heartbeat
Joe Gibbs & the Professionals - "Gwan and Lef Me" (Teach the Youth: Barrington Levy) 17 North Parade
Martin Campbell - "Can Better Really Come" (Can Better Really Come)
Father's Children - "Phoney People" (Red Black & Green) Numero Group
Alton Ellis - "I'm Still In Love With You" (I'm Still...) Heartbeat Records
Boscoe - "If I Had My Way" (Boscoe) Numero Group
Freddie McKay - "Peace In the Garden" (A Lonely Man)
Fully Fullwood - "Hush Hush" (Crazy Town) Fullwood Music - new release!!!
Atarra - "Brimstone & Fire" (Single)
Master Plan, Inc. - "Heartbreaker" (Selections) Jazzman Records
Gladiators - "Jah Works" (Proverbial Reggae
Ebony Rhythm Band - "Ode to Billy Joe' (Soul Heart Transplant) 
DJ Spooky & Scanner - "Ngugi" (Quick and the Dead)
Brigadier Jerry - "Fight For Your Rights" (Rub-a-Dub Soldiers)
Blood Orange -"Chosen" (Cupid Deluxe) Domino Records - new release!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Playlist: February 3, 2014

Dennis Brown - "Emmanuel" (Wolf and Leopards) VP Records
Pablo Moses - "Revolutionary Step" (A Song) Mango Records
Wackies Players - "African Roots Act 2 Dub/Revelation Dub" (African Roots 2) Wackies
Barrington Levy - "Rock & Come In" (Single)
Mighty Tom Cats - "Skin N Soul"/"Good Groove" (Soul Makossa) Paul Winley Records
John Holt - "Strange Things" (I Can't Get You Off My Mind) Heartbeat Records
Bill Moss - "Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother" (Eccentric Soul: Capsoul Label) Numero Group
Nightmares on Wax - "Destiny" (Mind Elevation) Warp Records
Johnson, Hawkins, - "You Can't Blame Me" (Eccentric Soul: Capsoul Label) Numero Group
Boris Gardiner - "Rough and Tough In the Ghetto" (Every N*gger Is a Star) Jazzman
Fully Fullwood - "A Memory From Your Past" (Crazy Town) Fullwood Music - new release!!!
Mighty Mystic - "This Train"  (Concrete World) VP Records - new release!!!
Exceptions feat. Mark Greene - "We're In Love" (Eccentric Soul: Red, Black, Green) Numero Group
Alpha Blondy - "My American Dream" (Mystic Power) VP Records - new release!!!
Roots Radics - "Party Time" (Freelance) 
Myron & E - "If I Gave You My Love" (Broadway) Stones Throw
Soul Liberation - "Who Is Your Friend?" (Groove Merchant Turns 20)
York Wilborn's Psychedelic Six - "Funky Football" (True Soul v. 1)
10ft. Ganja Plant  - "It's True" (Skycatcher) ROIR - new release!!!
Horace Andy - "Music Dub" (In the Light Dub) 
Scientist & Roots Radics - "Road Block" (Radifaction)
Dr. Israel - "Armagiddeon Time" (Inna City Pressure) ROIR
Ras Michael - "Truth and Rights" (Rastafari Dub) ROIR
The Lions - "Ethio-Steppers" (Jungle Struttin') Stones Throw
Aggrolites feat. Etana - "Complicated Girl" (Dub Rockers v. 1) VP Records - new release