Monday, March 24, 2014

Playlist: March 24, 2014

Betty Padgett - "Rocking Chair" (Betty Padgett) Luv N' Haight Records
The Observer All Stars - "African Language" (Jah Love Rockers) Trojan Records
Wackies Players - "You I Love Dub" (African Roots 3) Wackies Records
Michael Prophet - "2000 Years" (Certify) Burning Sounds Records
Bingy Bunny - "Cold Cold World" (Me & Jane) Cha Cha Records
Ashanti Waugh - "Crime Act" (Birth of Dancehall: Black Solidarity 1976-79)
The Revolutionaries - "Kunta Kinte Version One" (Drum Sound: More Gems from the Channel One Dub Room) Pressure Sounds Records
Dr. Alimantado - "Gimme Mi Gun" (Best Dressed Chicken In Town) K Records
Prince Fatty v. Mungo's Hi-Fi - "Did You Really Know" feat. Soom T (S/T) Mr. Bongo Records - new release!!!
Dillinger - "Race Day" (CB 200) Island Records
Transonic - "Ion Dub" (Reanimator) Ion Records
Nightmares on Wax - "Gambia via Vagator Beach (Scruff Mix)" (Still Smokin') Warp Records
Nightmares on Wax - "What I'm Feelin'" (Still Smokin') Warp Records
Barrington Levy - "Prison Oval Rock" (Prison Oval Rock) Greensleeves
Myron & E - "Back and Forth" (Broadway) Stones Throw
Mind & Matter - "Disco Child" (1514 Oliver Ave.) Numero Group
Welton Irie - "Hotter Reggae Music" (Darker Than Blue)
Jackie Stoudemire - "Don't Stop Dancin'" (Don't Stop: Recording Tap) Numero Group
The Outlaw Gang - "Funky Fast Bump" (Florida Funk) Now Again Records
Boris Gardiner - "Home Again" (Every N***er Is a Star) Jazzman Records
Johnny Morisette - "I'm Hungry" (California Soul 2) Ubiquity Records
Betty Padgett - "Sugar Daddy Pt. 2" (Betty Padgett) Luv N' Haight Records
Pat Kelly - "Twelfth of Never" (Jamaican Soul) 
Leroy & the Drivers - "The Sad Chicken" (Cold Heat: Heavy Funk Rarities) Now Again Records
Horace Andy - "Evilest Thing Version" (Get Wise) Pressure Sounds Records - new release!!!
Gregory Isaacs - "Soon Forward" (Soon Forward) EMI
Junior Murvin - "Judas & Jesus" (Muggers In the Street) Greensleeves
Jimmy Cliff - "Guns of Brixton" (KCRW Sessions) - new release!!!
 Rhythm Machine - "You Pay for What You Get" (Rhythm Machine) Now Again Records

Monday, March 17, 2014

Playlist: March 17, 2014

Peyo Torres y sus Diablos del Ritmo - La Veterana (Diablos Del Ritmo) Analog Africa - new release!!!
Benjamin Zephaniah - "Rong Radio" (Naked) One Little Indian Records
Soul Syndicate - "The King & the Observer In Dub" (Soul Syndicate Dub Classics) Jamaican Recordings
James Whetzel - "People Are People" (Sarod & Beats Covers) Beats for Venus - new release!!!
Sy Hightower - "I Know You're Leaving Me" (California Soul 2) Ubiquity Records
Ben Wa - "Re-Dub" (Reanimator) Ion Records
Don Carlos - "Holiday" (7 Days a Week) DC Records
Devil Dub - "Parastolic Dub" (Devil Dub) Black Hole Records
Martin Campbell - "Loser" (Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics)
Umberto Echo - "Faro Dub" (Riddim 66)
Sir Coxsone Sound - "Live and Love" (King of the Dub Rock) Tribesman Records
Tappa Zukie - "Dance Around the Sound" (Deep Roots)
Baker Brothers - "Piece of Mind" (Party-Keller 2) 
Brooklyn Funk Essentials - "Ska Ka-Bop" (In the Buzzbag) Shanacie
Culture - "Slice of Mt. Zion" (One Stone) RAS
Mighty Mystic - "Mr. Big Man" (Concrete World) VP Records - new release!!!
Yabby You - "Stranger In Love" (Deliver Me From My Enemies) 
Horace Andy - "I Don't Want to be Outside" (Get Wise) Pressure Sounds - new release!!!
Jimmy Cliff - "World Upside Down" (KCRW Sessions) - new release!!!
Jackie Stoudemire - "Guilty" (Don't Stop: Recording Tap) Numero Group
Sidewinder - "Ego Riot" (Party Keller 2) 
Linval Thompson - "12 Tribes of Israel" (Ride on Dreadlocks) Blood & Fire
Rob Sparx - "The Funk" (Trooper)
Solange - "Losing You" (True) Terrible Records
Ron Forella - "Crystals" (Groove Merchant Turns 20) - Luv N' Haight
Windjammers - "Poor Sad Child pt. 1" (Bay Area Funk 2) Luv N' Haight

Monday, March 3, 2014

Playlist: March 3, 2014

Enos McLeod - "Jericho/Jericho Version" (The Genius of Enos) Pressure Sounds Records - new release!!!
Sir Coxsone Sound - "United Africa" (King of the Dub Rock Parts 1&2) Tribesman Records
Co Real Artists - "What About You (In the World Today)" (Funky 16 Corners) Stones Throw Records
Pato Banton - "Don't Sniff the Coke" (Never Give In)
Devil Dub - "Floridub" (Devil Dub) Black Hole Records
Apollis - "What It Is pts. 1&2" (Bay Area Funk) Luv N' Haight Records
Horace Andy - "I Don't Want To Be Outside" (Get Wise) Pressure Sounds Records - new release!!!
Lee Scratch Perry - "Track 5" (Sound System Scratch) Pressure Sounds Records
Jimmy Cliff - "Guns of Brixton" (KCRW Sessions) Universal - new release!!!
Carl Bradney - "Slipping Into Darkness" (Darker Than Blue) Blood & Fire Records
Willi Williams - "Zion Town" (Messenger Man) Blood & Fire Records
Barrington Levy/Ranking Trevor - "Wife & Sweetheart Dem A Friends" (Teach the Youth) 17 North Parade
Michael Prophet - "Hear My Prayer" (Consciousness)
Rob Sparx - "The Funk" (Trooper) Z Audio Records
Boscoe - "Now & Den" (Boscoe) Numero Group Records
Eugene Blacknell - "Holdin' On" (We Can't Take Life For Granted) Luv N' Haight
Project Soul - "Ebony" (Bay Area Funk 2) Luv N' Haight
Carmelita - "Isn't It Lonely" (Super Cool California Soul 2) Ubiquity Records
10ft. Ganja Plant - "Hypocrites In Town" (Skychaser) ROIR Records -  new release!!!
Mighty Mystic - "Hammer" (Concrete World) VP Records - new release!!!
Brooklyn Funk Essentials - "Ska Ka-Bop" (In the Buzzbag) Shanachie Records
Apple & the Three Oranges - "What Goes Around Comes Around" (Free and Easy) Now Again Records
Scientist - "???" (Seducer Dubwise) ???