Monday, April 21, 2014

Playlist: April 21, 2014

Wackies Players - "Dubmatic" (African Roots 3) Wackies Records
Sang Hugh - "Rasta No Born Yah" (Ultra Vibes International Sound)
Wayne Jarrett - "Satta Dread" (Ultra Vibes International Sound)
The Revolutionaries - "Cocaine" (Black Ash Dub) Trojan Records
Submission - "M" (Select Cuts) Meteosound
Junior Murvin & Trinity - "Time Stiff/Time So Rough" (Joe Gibbs Reggae Discomix Showcase 5) 17 North Parade
Thomas Blondet - "Check One/Dil Da Jani" (Futureworld) Rhythm & Culture Records - new release!!!
Sound Defects - "Theme from Iron Horse" (The Iron Horse) Tonedefsystems
Johnny Clarke - " Blood Dunza" (Jah Love Rockers) Trojan Records
Jah Meek Meets the Rootsman - "Beautiful World" (Select Cuts) Meteosound
Betty Padgett - "My Eyes Adore You" (Betty Padgett) Luv N' Haight
Boris Gardiner - "You Just Got to be In Love" (Every N* Is a Star) Jazzman Records
Sister Carol - "Murdee & Stylee" (Black Cinderella) Heartbeat Records
Promise - "I'm Not Ready for Love" (An Alternate History of Popular Music) Numero Group
Johnny Morisette - "I'm Hungry" (California Soul 2) Ubiquity Records
Pearly Queen - "Quit Jive'n" (Florida Funk) Now Again Records
Prince Fatty v. Mungo's Hi-Fi - "Scrub a Dub Style" (Prince Fatty v. Mungo's Hi-Fi) Mr. Bongo Records - new release!!!
Fabulous 3 MCs - "Rub a Dub Dub" (Don't Stop: Recording Tap) Numero Group
Jacob Miller - "False Rasta" (Don't Give Up Your Culture) Mol Selekta Records
Kelis - "Floyd" (Kelis) Ninja Tune - new release!!!
Mind & Matter - "Disco Child" (1514 Oliver Avenue) Numero Group
Brooklyn Funk Essentials - "Ska Ka Bop" (In the Buzzbag) Shanachie Records
Roy Porter Sound Machine - "Jessica (Instrumental)" (The Story of...) Tramp Records

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