Monday, May 11, 2015

Dread Zone: May 11, 2015

Moodymann - "Basement Party" (Scion A/V Presents)
Nosaj Thing - "Don't Mind Me" (Fated) Innovative Leisure - new release!
Tenastelin - "Burial Version" (Basic Replay)
Rhythm and Sound - "See Mi Yah" (See Mi Yah Remixes)
Recoil - "Jezebel" (Selected) Mute
Ebony Rhythm Band - "Drugs Ain't Cool" (Soul Heart Transplant) Now Again
Gregory Issacs - "Thief A Man" (Private Collection) 
The Skints - "This Town" (FM) Easy Star Records - new release
Kay Gees - Killowatt Invasion 
Latin Breed - "Turn You On" 
Matisyahu - Sunshine
Myron & E - "Back and Forth" (Broadway) Stones Throw
Jah Wobble - "Elevator Music #1" (Elevator Music)
Two Culture Clash - Save Me (Frequent Flyer: Kingston Days)
Lo Fidelity All Stars - "Laze Sheep Dip Funk" (How to Operate w/ a Blown Mind) Columbia
Leftfield - "Afro Left" (Leftism) Columbia
Whitefield Brothers - "Weiya (Serengeti Beat)" (In the Raw) Now Again
Medeski, Martin & Wood - "Satan's Curch of Hypnotized Logic' (Combustication e.p.) 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Dread Zone: May 4, 2015

Lo-Fidelity All Stars - "Lazer Sheep Deep Funk" (How To Operate With a Blown Mind)
Carleen & the Groovers - "Can We Rap" (Funky 16 Corners) Now Again 
The Soul Seven - "Southside Funk" (Funky 16 Corners) Now Again 
Zion Train - "Rockers Revival" (Love Revolutionaries) Universal Egg
Alpha and Omega - "Dub of Purpose" (Dub Philosophy) BSI Records
Easy Star All Stars - "Money" (Dub Side of the Moon) 
Bo Marely - "Roots AM Start" (Bo Marley v. Disrupt) 
Jah Wobble - "Elevator Music" Elevator Music 1) 
Bingy Bunny - "Apple of My Eye" (Me and Jane)
Sir Coxsone Sound - "So Much Dub to Give" (King of the Dub Rock)
Jungle - "Lucky I Got What I Want" (Jungle) XL Records
The Skints - "My War" (FM) Easy Star Records - new release!!!
Monophonics - "Lying Eyes" (Sound of Sinning) - new release!!!
69 - "If MOJO was AM" (Geology) Planet E
MoodyMann - "I'd Rather Be Lonely" 
Pagoda Sound System - "Agro dub Version" (Pagoda Sound System)
Leftfield - "Storm 3000" (Leftism) Columbia
Luz Mob - "Black Man Land" (Luz Interpretations)
Lida Husik - "Bad Head Day" (DJ Kicks: Black Album)
Beverley Bailey - "I Was In Love" (The Ladies at Joe Gibbs)  
DJ Krush - "Yeah" (Strictly Turntablized) 
D Meteo - "Red Roof" (Meteosound) Select Cuts
Nightmares on Wax - "195lbs" (Thought So) Warp