Monday, July 11, 2016

The Dread Zone: July 11, 2016

Pyro and Crosby - "Good Man Down"  (The World is my Hood) - new release!!!
Ian Cook - "Overture and Outro/Unda Mi Sensi/All White Dub" (Orkestra Nervosa v. 1) 
Wayne Jarrett - "True Love/Ranny and Lou" (Chip In) Greensleeves
Master Plan, Inc. - "Something to be Done" (Master Plan, Inc.) Jazzman 
Whitefield Brothers - "Safari Strut" (Earthology) 
Carl Craig - 'Dreamland" (More Songs About Food & Revolutionary Art) Planet E
2562 - "Moog Dub" (Aerial) 
Mad Professor - "Zion" (Dub Me Crazy) RAS Records
Rod Taylor - "Yes We're Gonna Get Over" (Where's the Love Mankind?) Greensleeves
Amnesty - "Can I Help You?" (Free Your Mind) Now Again!
Chuck Foster - "Roll of the Dice Version" (California Dubbin') Catch Me If You Can Records - new release!!!
Innavsion - "Working" (Lifted) Innavision Music - new release!!!
Ian J. Cook - "2" (Orkestra Nervosa v 1)
Return to Forever - "Celebration Suite part 1" (No Mystery)
Rhythm Machine - "You Got Action, You Got Me" (Rhythm Machine) Now Again Records
Cara Stacey - "Theta Waves" (Things That Grow) Kit Records
BadbadNotGood - "Lavender" (IV) Innovative Leisure Records - new release!!!
Antibalas - "Go Je Je" (Government Magic) Anti Records
Dub Spencer and Trance - "Polar" (Physical Echoes) - new release!!!
Smith & Mighty - "Jungle Man Corner" (Bass Is Maternal) 
Saul Williams - "Down for Some Ignorance" (Martyr Loser King) Fader
Lurupean Dub Stars - "Babylon Rules" (Wide Dub 3) 

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