Monday, August 29, 2016

Alborosie - "Raggamuffin" (2 Times Revolution)
Pyro and Crosby - "Good Man Down" (The World Is My Hood)
AIFF - "Ugly Duckling" (Afro Soul System)
Steve Boswell - "We Are Getting Bad" (We Are Getting Bad)
Bingy Bunny - "Me and Jane"(Me & Jane)
Wailing Souls - "A Fool Will Fall" (Firehouse Rock) Greensleeves
Fyah Boy - "1979" (Tonto Por Ti) Nacional - new release!!!
Rhythm Machine - "
Jackie Stoudmire - "Don't Stop Dancin'" (Don't Stop: Recording Tap) Numero Group
Bar Kays -
Blood Orange - "Love Ya" (Freetown Sound)
Recloose - "Cardiology" (Cardiology) Planet E
Earth Beat Movement - "You've Got the Fire" (70BPM) new release!!!
The Roosterz-"the Rooster"
Universal Togetherness band-"My Sentiments"

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