Monday, August 8, 2016

Dread Zone: August 8, 2016

Les Sins - "Sticky" (Michael) Z Tunes
Father's Children - "Linda" (Father's Children) Numero Group
Masta Conga & Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra - "Gibbon's Dub" (Last odyssey) Ubiquity Records
Afro Soul Tet - "Torrid Zone" (Afrodesia) Luv 'N' Haight
El Riot - "Do It Right" (Searching for Soul) Luv 'N' Haight
Rotating Assembly - "Split Me Open" (Natural Aspirations) Sound Signature
Earth Beat Movement - "You've Got the Fire" (70BPM)
Snag Nasty - "The Two Things In One" (Street Sounds from the Bay Area) Ace Records
Horace Andy - "Lonely Woman" (Dancehall Style) Wackies 
Earl Sixteen - "Malcolm X" (Black & Proud) Trikont
Ticklah - "Ray Castoldi World Tour" (Polydemic) Razorfish
Tony Williams Lifetime - "Something Special" (Emergency!) Verve
Freddy Fresh - "Roller Rinks & Chicks" (DJ Kicks)
Innerzone Orchestra - "Timing" (Programmed) Planet E
Otis Johnson - "Time to Go Home" (Personal Space) Chocolate Industries
Jimi Tenor - "Shore Hotel" (Innervision) Warp Records
BadBadNotGood - "Structure No 3." (IV) Innovative Leisure - new release!!!
Mellow Mood - "Even Over" (2 the World) - new release!!!
DJ Shadow - "Pitter Patter" (The Mountain Will Fall) Mass Appeal - new release!!!
Orgone - "No Pain" (Beyond the Sun) Shanachie - new release!!!
Rhythm Machine - "Neil's Place" (Rhythm Machine) Now Again!

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