Monday, October 3, 2016

The Dread Zone: October 3, 2016

Maze - "Time Is On My Side" (Maze) Capitol Records
Culture - "See Dem Dub" (Two Sevens Clash - deluxe) Shanachie Records
Boris Gardiner - "Funky N***er" (Every N***er Is a Star) Jazzman Records
Sola Rosa - "These Words, These Sounds, These Powers" (Get It Together) Melting Pot Music 
Earth Beat Movement - "Pull Up" (70BPM)
Ernest and the Sound Dimension - "Why Oh Why?" (Version Dread) Heartbeat
Bloodstone - "You Don't Mean Nothin'" (Natural High) Rhino
John Papa Gros - "Why'd Ya Do It?" (River's On Fire) John Gros - new release!!!
A Mac DZ - "The Gift of Music" (single) - new release!!!
The Frightnrs - "Hey Brother" (Nothing More to Say) Daptone Records - new release!!!
Freddie James - "Get Up and Boogie" (Get Up and Boogie e.p.) Warner
Patrizia and Jimmia - "Trust Your Child Pt. 1" (Home Schooled: The ABCs of Kid Soul) Numero Group
The Soul Vendors - "Born to Dub" (Version Dread) Heartbeat
Joseph Israel - "Help Us" (Paradise) Lions of Israel - new release!!!
Enchantment - "If You're Ready" (Once Upon a Dream) 
Bedouin Ascent - "Broadway Boogie Woogie" (Macro Dub Infection, v. 1) Virgin
Frankie Jones - "No Touch the Riddim" (George Phang: Power House) VP/17 N. Parade
Magnum Force - "Girl You're Too Cool" (Ultra High Frequencies: Chicago House Party) Numero Group
Recloose - "Get There Tonight" (Cardiology) Planet E
Echocentrics - "Stars in her Eyes" (Echo Hotel) Nacional Records - new release!!!
Chronixx - "Good Over Evil" (single)'
Tony Allen - "Road Close (Dance Dub)" (Africa Funk) Harmless Records
Midnight Star - "Operator" (single)
OMD - "White Trash" (Junk Culture) Virgin

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