Monday, February 20, 2017

The Dread Zone: February 20, 2017

Clyde Stubblefield - "Cold Sweat/Funky Drummer" (tribute)
Soul Syndicate - "Fittest of the Dub Fittest" (Dub Classics) Jamaican Recordings
Sticky Joe - "Giddy Up" (Good Day) - new release!!!
Lady Wray - "Smiling" (Queen Alone) Big Crown Records - new release!!!
Yabby You - "Feel All Right" (Beware)
Thievery Corporation - "Road Block" (Temple of I and I) ESL Records - new release!!!
Pablo Moses - "One People" (A Song) Mango 
Gladiators - "Dub Inna Babylon" (Studio One Singles) Heartbeat
Pato Baton - "Don't Sniff Coke" (Pato Baton)
Wailing Souls - "Bredda Gravalicious" (Wild Suspense) Island
Love Joys - "Sweet Feelings" (Reggae Vibes) Wackies
Iration - "Automatic" (Automatic)
Dub Specialist - "Banana Walk" (17 Dub Shots) Heartbeat
Mikey and the Soul Generation - "Give Everybody Some" (Texas Funk) Now Again
SJOB Movement - "Friendship Train" (Friendship Train) - new release!!!
JB's AF - "Peace Akhi" (Valis 1: Destruction of Syntax) Subharmonic Records
AfterThematics - "Posthuman" (InstruMENTAL) Sub Rosa
Revolutionary Dub Warriors - "Dread" (Deliverance Pt. 1) On U Sound
Intrusion - "Little Angel" (The Seduction of Silence) Echospace
Basic Channel ft. Tikiman - "Found My Way" (Round 1)
Ras Michael - "None a Jah Jah Children no Cry" (Rastafari Dub) ROIR
Debruit & Istanbul - "The Bridge's Strings" (Debruit & Istanbul) 
Betty Davis - "Anti Love Song" (Betty Davis) Light in the Attic

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Dread Zone - February 13, 2017

Thievery Corporation - "Letter to the Editor" (Temple of I and I) ESL Records - new releease!!!
Earth Beat Movement - "Pull Up" (70BPM)
I Roy - "Monkey Fashion" (Dubbing with the Royals) 
Jah Wobble - "Elevator Music #6" (Elevator Music)
Gabriel Garzon-Montano - "Sour Mango" (Jardin) Stones Throw - new release!!!
Afterthematics - "4D" (Rhythm and REcurrence) Sub Rosa
Sticky Joe - "Giddy Up" (Good Day e.p.) - new release!!
Deep Space Network - "Callacop" (DJ Kicks: Rockers Hi-fi) !K7
Junie - "If You Love Him" (Suzie Super Groupie)
Billy Cobham - "Snoopy's Search/Red Baron" (Spectrum)
Budos Band - "Black Venom" (III) Dap Tone Records
Patsy and the Count Ossie Band - "Ba Ba Boom" (First Class Rock Steady) 17 N. Parade
The Joneses - "Hey Babe pt. 2" (Keeping Up With...) Mercury Records
Afro Soul Tet - "Slave Traders" (Afrodesia) Luv 'N' Haight
Lady Wray - "In Love (Don't Mess Things Up)" (Queen Alone) Big Crown - new release!!!
Mor Thiam - "Kele Mubana" (Dini Safarrar) - new release!!!
Thievery Corporation - "Temple of I & I" (Temple of I & I) ESL Records
DMX Krew - "Cold Rockin' (Slow)" (Cold Rockin w/ the Krew) Octopus Records
Parliment - "Side Effects" (Chocolate City) 
Orkestra Nervosa - "#14" (v. 1) 
Rickey Calloway - "Tell Me" (Keb Darge Presents Deep Funk)
Mulatu Astatqe - "Mulatu" (Story of Ethio Jazz)
Breakaway - "Back 'N' Forth" (Straight to the Top) 
Expo feat. J. Eliot Robinson - "Road to Sunshine" (The Real Sound of Chicago) 
ConFunkShun - "Got to Be Enough" (The Best of...)
William Onyeabor - "Let's Fall in Love" (World Psychedelics v. 5) Luaka Pop
Fela Kuti/Roy Ayers - "2000 Black" (Music of Many Colors)

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Dread Zone: February 6, 2017

The Paragons - "Left with a Broken Heart" (First Class Rock Steady) 17 North Parade
Mighty Diamonds - "Blackman Dub" (Deeper Roots) Frontline
Eugene Blacknell - "Space Funk" (We Can't Take Life for Granted) Luv 'N' Haight
Wailing Souls - "Penny I Love You" (Face the Devil) Trojan Records
Breakaway - "Understudy DJ" (Breakaway)
Dr. Israel - "Inner City Pressure" (Inner City Pressure) Mutant Sound System
The Bug - "Beats, Bombs, Beats, Weapons" (Pressure) Asthmatic Kitty Records
Bill Laswell/Bob Marley - "Them Belly Full" (Dreams of Freedom) Axiom
Bob Marley - "Iron Lion Zion" (single)
Mighty Mystic - "Revolution" (single)
Maze - "Color Blind" (Maze)
Bunny Lee - "Small Axe Dub" (Rasta Dub '76) Attack Records
Cultural Roots - "Love Feelings" (Hell A Go Pop) Greensleeves
Sticky Joe - "Giddy Up" (Good Day) - new release!!!
Alborosie - "Strolling" (Freedom & Fyah) Greensleeves - new release!!!
DMX Krew - "DMX Rocks the Beatbox" (Cold Rockin') Octopus Recordings
Co Real Artists - "What About You?" (The Funky Corners) Stones Throw
Lady Wray - "Bad Girl" (Queen Alone) Big Crown Records - new release!!!
Earth Beat Movement - "You've Got the Fire" (70BPM) 
Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen - "Against the Wall" (Inspiration INformation) STrut
William Oyneabor - "Body and Soul" (World Psychedelic v. 5)
Larry Houston - "Promise" (The Real Sound of Chicago) 
Perfect Circle - "The Hands of Time" (Inner City Sounds)
Bohannon - "Take the Country to NYC" (Alive) 
Betty Davis - "You Won't See Me in the Morning" (Betty Davis)'
L33 - "Keepin' It Tight" (Dam-Funk: DJ Kicks) !K7
Gaussian Curve - "Broken Clouds" (Dam-Funk: DJ Kicks) !KL7
AIFF - "Afro Riddim" (Afro Soul System) Unique Records