The Dread Zone: March 27, 2017

Triston Palma - "Two Timer" (Joker Smoker) Abraham Records
Ashes - "Devozione" (Corpus) Compagnia Nuove Indye
Hector Plimmer - "Let's Stay" (Sunshine) digital new release!!!
Stanger Cole and Gladdy - "Seeing is Knowing" (First Class Rock Steady) 17 North Parade
Bug v. Earth - "Don't Walk These Streets" (single) digital new release!!!
Wicked Dub Division - "Roots and Wings" (Red) digital new release!!!
DJ Spooky - "Journey" (Valis 1) Subharmonic Records
Peter Broggs - "Jah Jah Voice Is Calling" (RAS Portraits) RAS
Archie Bell and the Drells - "When You Left, Heartache Began" (Platinum Collection) Rhino
The Montiques - "Fool and I" (Ebony Rhythm Band: Soul Heart Transplant) Now Again!
Here Lies Man - "Here Lies Man" (Here Lies Man) Riding Easy Records - new release!!!
Gerardo Frisina - "Naquela Base" (Blue Latin) digital new release!!!
Trinity - "Fire Down a Town" (Shanty Town Determination) Blood & Fire
Thievery Corporation - "Fight to Survive" (Temple of I and I) ESL Records - new release!!!
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5 - "She's Fresh" (The Message)  Universal
Roy Porter Sound Machine - "Ohh La La" (Story of...) Tramp Records
Magnum Force - "Girl You're Too Cool" (Ultra High Frequencies) Numero Group
Unified Highway - "Stand Proud" (Unified Highway) digital new release!!!
Augustus Pablo and the Rockers International Band - "Big Yard Connection" (Eastman Dub) Greensleeves
Fela Kuti - "Ololufe Mi/Trouble Sleep" (The Underground Spiritual Game) Quannum Records
Martin Dumas, Jr. - "Attitude, Belief and Determination" (The Real Sound of Chicago) 
Benjamin Ball - "Flashaflashlight" (Boogie Breakdown) 
Clint Eastwood & General Saint - "Monkey Man" (Stop That Train) Greensleeves
The Dynamics - "Ain't No Love At All" (The Landing) Hacktone Records


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