Monday, April 3, 2017

The Dread Zone: April 3, 2017

Barrington Levy - "Great Survivors." (single) - new release!!!
Wayne Wade - "Poor and Humble" (Biggest Dancehall Anthems 79-82) Greensleeves
Augustus Pablo - "Original Scientist" (Eastman Dub) Greensleeves
Ring Craft Posse - "Waterford" (St. Catherine in Dub) Mol Selekta
Unified Highway - "We Can't Fall" (Unified Highway) new release!!!
Afro Influenced Funk Foundation - "Dare" (Afro Soul System) Unique Records
Fela Kuti - "Everything Scatter" (Everything Scatter) MCA Records
Dynamics - "What Would I Do?" (First Landing) Hacktone Records
Father's Children - "I Really Really Love You" (Red, Black, and Green) Numero Group
The Sounds of Black - "The Sounds of Black" (Black and Proud v. 2) Trikont
Mike James Kirkland - "the Prophet" (Hang on In There) Luv 'N' Haight
Moon B - "Oof" (Dam-Funk: DJ Kicks) !K7
Dana Gonzales - "It's Too Late" (Time to Chill v. 1) self release - new release!!!
Here Lies Man - "Eyes of the Law" (Here Lies Man) Riding Easy Records - new release!!!
DMX Krew - "Cold Rockin' (Fast)" (Cold Rockin' with the Krew) Octopus Records
Newcleus - "Jam on Revenge/Jam On It" (Jam on Revenge) Jam On
Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5 - "Scorpio" (The Message) Universal
Betty Davis - "Git In There" (They Say I'm Different) Light In the Attic
Wicked Dub Division - "In the Jungle" (Red) - new release!!!
Flyjack - "The Worm" (New Day) Bean Pie Records - new release!!!
Dana Gonzales - "Misirlou" (Time to Chill v. 1) self release - new release!!!
Hector Plimmer - "Bulb" (Sunshine) - digital new release!!!
Gerardo Frisina  - "Mulata" (Blue Latin) - digital new release!!!
Soul Center - "Time" (Soul Center III) NovaMute
Brian Jonestown Massacre - "Geldenes Herz Menz" (Don't Get Lost) A Records - new release!!!
Wailing Souls - "Kingdom Rise, Kingdom Fall" (Firehouse Rock) Greensleeves

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