Monday, May 6, 2019

The Dread Zone: May 6, 2019

Rhythm and Sound - "Queen in My Empire" (W/ the Artists) Asphodel Records
Prince Fatty - "The Fat Panther" (Survival of the Fattest) Rasa Records
Mungo's Hi Fi - "Thousand Style" (Serious Time)
Cymande - "Willie's Headache" (Cymande)
Flowdan - "One Question (instrumental)" (One Question) - new release!!!
Jackie Mittoo - "Champion in the Arena" (Champion in the Arena) Blood and Fire Records
Digitaldubs - 'Justice Dub" (Instrumental Dubs) - new release
Freddie McKay - "I'm a Free Man" (A Lonely Man)
Sun Ra - "Love In Outer Space" (Secrets of the Sun)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - "Blacknuss" (Blacknuss) Atlantic Records
Horace Andy - "Ain't No Sunshine" (Inna de Yard: Chapter 2) new release!!!
The Royals - "Facts of Life/Wigwam" (Dubbing with the Royals)
Jah Batta - "Mi Black" (Argument) Wackie's Records
Max Romeo - "I Chase the Devil" (War Inna Babylon)
The Comet Is Coming - "Blood of the Past" (Trust in the Lifeforce...) Impulse Records - new release!!!
The Beginning of the End -"Funky Nassau"
Mebusas - "Return Pada" (Blood Brothers v. 1) Academy Records
The Universals - "New Generation" (Florida Funk) Now Again Records
Pearly Queen - "Quit Jivin'" (Florida Funk) Now Again Records
Jezzreel - "Love of My Life" (Great Jah Jah) Wackie's
Sounds of Liberation - "New Horizons" (Sounds of Liberation)

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