Monday, March 2, 2020

Analea Brown - "Turn Up" (Queendom) Regime International Records - new release!!!
Creation Dub - "Next to Jah/Africa Dub" (Creation Dub) Wackies Records
Gava - "That's Called Rape" (One of One) self release - new release!!!
Sun Ra - "Sound Spectra" (Other Planes of There) Evidence Records
Sefi Zisling - "Happy Solar Return" (Expanse) - new release!!!
Justin Hinds - "Travel with Love" (Travel with Love) Nighthawk Records
DJ Vadim - "Good Old Days" (Likkle More) - new release!!!
Earth Beat Movement- "Pull Up" (70 BPM) Self Release
Hollie Cook - "Postman"(Twice) Prince Fatty Production
Wailing Souls - "How does it feel"(Firehouse Rock)
- Wackie's - "Lam's International Dub"(African Roots-Act 2)
Rough Sounds- "America Run Hot"(Roots Vibration)
Tambour Battant- "Mad Outta Road ft. Red Fox & George Palmer"(Mad Outta Road) - new release!!!
Papa Levi- "Me No Care"(Birth of Dancehall)
Lee Fields- "Bad Trip"(Problems)
-Chicago Underground Trio- "Quail"(Flamethrower)
Blackalicious- "Make You Feel that Way"(Blazing Arrow)
the Delfonics- "To be your one"(Adrian Young Presents)
Kienr Hebdan & Steve Reid - "Lyman Place"(NYC) Domino Records
Poolside- "Losing Control"(Low Season) - new release!!!
Acid Arab - "Electrique Yarghol" (Jdid) Crammed Discs - new release!!!

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