Saturday, October 24, 2020

 Soom T - "Vampire of the Empire" (The Arch) X-Ray Productions - new release!!!

Boozoo Bajou - "Treat Me" (Dust My Broom) 

Berlin Boom Orchestra - "Leave No One Behind" (single) - new release!!!

Cody Chesnutt - "Juice in the Dark" (The Headphone Masterpiece)

Berise - "We Di Familia" (single) Shanti Powa Records - new release!!!

Flowdan - "News at 10" (Full Metal Jacket) 

Ill Considered - "Incantation" (3) - new release!!!

Nikitch and Kuna Maze - "JPS" (Debuts) Tru Thoughts Records

Azymuth - "Cat Jump" (Jazz is Dead 4) Linear Labs Records - new release!!!

Red Snapper - "The Rake" (Our Aim is to Satisfy) Warp Records

MachineDrum - "UR2Yung" (A View of U) Ninja Tune Records - new release!!!

Butcher Brown - "1992" (#KingButch) - new release!!!

Hermai - "Relight" (Relight) - new release!!!

Josh Johnson - "False Choice" (Freedom Exercise) - new release!!!

Wailing Souls - "Shark Attack" (Around the World) 

Budos Band - "Haunted Sea" (Long in the Tooth) Daptone Records - new release!!!

Spaza - "We've Got a Lot of Work to Do" (Uprize) - new release!!!

Ticklah v. Axelrod - "Deception" (

Bunny Lee - "One Room Shack" (When Jah Shall Come) Pressure Sounds - new release!!!

Tony Tuff - "A Friend in Need" (Tuff Selection) 

JDilla - (Donuts) Stones Throw Records

Maximum Balloon - "Groove with Me" (Maximum Balloon) 

King Tutt - "You Got Me Hung Up" (Keb Darge)

Recloose - "Permutation" (Cardiology) Planet E Records

Congo Natty - "UK All Stars" (Jungle Revolution) Big Dada Records

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