Thursday, June 3, 2021

The Dread Zone: May 31, 2021

DJ Spooky – “Lingua Ex Machina” (Celestial Mix) Thirsty Ear

Meat Beat Manifesto – “Travelogue” (Celestial Mix) Thirsty Ear

Moses Boyd – “Creepin’ with Max” (Tribute to our Fathers) Bandcamp

Pan Sonic – “Vapina” [background music during back-announce] (Kulma) Mute

Dean Frasier – “Flat Bridge” (single) Tad’s Records – new release!!!

Alborosie and Collie Budzz – “Ginal” (single) – new release!!!

Phonosonics – “Beautiful Things” (single) Independent – new release!!!

Clinton Fearon – “Rich Man Poor Man” 

Sons of Kemet – “Envision Yourself Levitating” (Black to the Future) Impulse Records – new release!!!

Robert Finley – “I Can Feel Your Pain” (Sharecropper’s Son) Easy Eye Sound/Concord Records – new release!!!

Nina Simone – “Sinnerman” (Verve Unmixed 2) Verve Records

Los Retros – “Moon Ride” (Looking Back) Stones Throw Records – new release!!!

Four Tet + Burial – “Wolf Club” [back-announce music] Hyperdub

Pachyman – “Big Energy” (single) ATO Records – new release!!!

Noah House of Dread – “Stand Firm in Dub” 

Master Plan, Inc. – “You” (Master Plan, Inc.) Jazzman Records

Adrian Younge – “Rafelli Chase” (Black Dynamite Soundtrack) Linear Labs Records

Nightports and Betamax – “Sated” (Nightports and Betamax) Leaf Records

Joao Donato – “Nao Negue Seu Coracao” (Jazz is Dead 7) Jazz is Dead – new release!!!

Unkle – “Invasion” (Never Never Land) 

Balkin Taksim – “Zalina” (Disko Telegraf) – new release!!!

Archie Shepp – “Blues for Brother George Jackson” (Attica Blues)

The Expansions – “Dragonfly” (Murmurs)

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