Monday, November 8, 2021

The Dread Zone: November 8, 2021

 Matumbi - "Raindrops" 

Wackie's All Stars - "To Africa Dub" (Creation Dub) City Line Records

Biggabush - "Don in Studio One" (Biggabush in Dub) Echo Beach Rcords 

E.Vax - "Kolkata" (E.Vax) Because Records - new release!!!

Rahasan Roland Kirk - "Volunteered Slavery" (Volunteered Slavery) Atlantic

Edrix Puzzle - "Lapetus" (Rise to Eris e.p.) On the Corner Records - new release!!!

Solomon Jabby - "Minor Prophets/Run Come Purify"  (Zion Gates)

Rootsman - "Spirit of the Nile" (Essentials) - new release!!!

Lief - "Wake Up Now" (9 Airs) - new release!!!

Freddie Hubbard - "Polar AC" (Polar AC) CTI Records

Uffe - 'Krasnik Boogie" (Words and Endings) On the Corner Records

Scientist - "Invaders/Landing" (Dub Landing)

The Pop Group - "We are Time" (Y in Dub) Mute Records - new release!!!

King Tubby - "Zion Dub" (Crucial Dub)

Common Saints - "Starchild" (Starchild e.p.) - new release!!!

Soom T - "Original That's Me" (The Arch) X Ray Productions

Bro David - "Feel Free" (Modern Music from Belize) Cultures of Soul Records

Rakoon - "The Flow" (Something Precious) - new release!!!

The Specials - "Rat Race" (The Best of) Disky Records

Sons of Kemet - "In Memory of Samir Awad" (Lest We Forget What We Came Here to Do) 

Rob - "He Shall Live in You" (Make it Fast, Make it Slow) Sound Way Records

The Budos Band - "The Sticks" (The Daptone Super Soul Revue) Daptone Records - new release!!!

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