Monday, December 13, 2021


Revolutionaries - "Lambs Bread" (Black Ash)

Sly and Robbie - "Stepping Out"

Dennis Brown - "Revolution (dub plate)" (Sly and Robbie: Unmetered Taxi)

Ras Michael - "Bird in the Treetop" (Rastafari Dub) 

Culture - "I'm Not Ashamed" (Two Sevens Clash)

No-Maddz - "Shotta" (Sly and Robbie Present)

Cornell Campbell - "Chatty Chatty Too Much" (Follow Instructions)

Sly and Robbie and the Gang - "Tickle Me Version" (Unmetered Taxi)

Burning Spear - "Black Wadada"(Garvey's Ghost)

Yabby You - "Deliver Me from My Enemies" (Deliver Me...)

Jonny Clark

Sly and Robbie - "Kunte Kinte"

Phonolab feat. Bill Laswell - "Where do Comets Come from?" (Sub Signals v. 2)

Easy Star All Stars - "Exit Music (For a Film)" (Radiodread)

Sweatson Klank - "Mista Linen" (The Off Switch) - new release

RE-201 feat. Doug Wimbish and Delle - "Another One Bites the Dust" (Echo Beach) - new release!!!

the Pop Group - "We are Time" (Y in Dub) Mute Records - new release!!!

Duke Reid - "Psychedelic Reggae" (Run Rhythm Run) Hearbeat Records

L'Entourloop and Puman - "Bulang Beauty" (single) X Ray Productions - new release!!!

Sister Nancy - "Jah Have the Handle" (Darker Roots) Antifaz Records

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