Monday, January 24, 2022

The Dread Zone: January 24, 2022

Theon Cross - "Roots" (Intra-I)

Roosevelt Sykes - "44 Blues" (Classic Blues from Smithsonian Folk)

Dactah Chando Meets RSD - "Diablo Dub" (Guardians of Dub v. 2) - new release!!!

Edrix Puzzle - "Johnny Buck Buck" (Door tot he Cosmos) On the Corner Records

Autarchii - "Black Liberation Cry" (Disrupting the Status Quo) Red A Productions - new release!!!

F.S. Blumm and Nils Framm - "Buddy Hop" (2x1=4)

AFricali - "Afro Electro" (single) Bandcamp

African Head Charge  - "Ready you Ready" (Psychedelic Africa)

The Orb - "Perpetual Dawn" (Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld)

Rawb - "Come Along" (single)

Back to Base - "1" (Five)

Bill Laswell - "Land of Look Behind" (

Organic Grooves - "Gold Weave" (Black Cherry) Aum Fidelity Records

Bonobo - "Otomo" (Fragments) 

Sam Gendel - "Junk Theem" (Bread)

Duke Reid - 'Sweet Lorna" (Run Rhythm Run)

Sons of Kemet - "The Hour of Judgement" (Lest we forget what we came here to do)

Ben Marc - "Mustard" (Glass effect) - new release!!!

The Altons - "Tangled Up in You" (single)

Adrian Younge - "Chicago Wind" (Black Dynamite) Linear Labs Records

Amon Tobin - "Verbal"

Carlos Nino and Friends - "It's all happening" (Flutes, Echoes, It's all Here) International Anthem Records

Moses Boyd - "Parallax" (Time and Space)

The Diabolical Liberties - "Everything is possible until it's not" (Birds of Paradise) On the Corner - new release!!!

Happy Days - "Michael Prophet" (Righteous are the Conquerer) Greensleeves Records

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