Tuesday, July 19, 2022


DoomCannon - "Time (feat. Lex Armor)" (Renaissance) Brownswood Recordings

Emanative - "Hum Allah Hum Allah Hum Allah" (The Light Years of the Darkness)

Moses Boyd - "BTB" (Dark Matter)

Kokoroko - "Something's Going On" (single) Brownswood Recordings 

Ezra Collective - "Pure Shade" (We Out Here) Brownswood Recordings

Nubya Garcia - "Once" (We Out Here) Brownswood Recordings

Sons of Kemet - "For the Culture" (Black to the Future) Impulse Records

Melt Yourself Down - "Release!" (Melt Yourself Down) Leaf Records

The Expansions - "Breakthrough" (Murmuration)

Lloyd Miller and Heliocentrics - "Modality" (OST) Now Again Records

Yussef Kammal - "Lowrider" (Black Focus)

Theon Cross - "Radiation" (FYAH)

Joe Armon-Jones - "Go See" (We Out Here) Brownswood Recordings

The Comet is Coming - "Final Eclipse" (Death to the Planet) Leaf Recordings

Shabaka and the Ancestors - "Those Who Must Die" (We are Sent Here by History) Impulse Records

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